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Antitrust Case Filings

This section contains electronic versions of selected documents filed by the Division since December 1994. Cases are listed alphabetically by the last name of individual defendants, by company name, or by the entity's first name. Amicus curiae briefs are listed by plaintiff's name. For an official signed copy, please contact the Antitrust Documents Group.

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Alphabetical List - A

U.S. v. A&L Mayer Associates, Inc.

U.S. v. A&L Mayer Associates, Inc., A&L Mayer, Inc. & Fibras Saltillo, S.A. de C.V.

U.S. v. A-1 Auto Glass, Inc.

U.S. v. ABB Middle East & Africa Participations AG

U.S. v. AB Electrolux, Electrolux North America, Inc., and General Electric Company

U.S. v. Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. and Bowater Incorporated

U.S. v. Thomas J. Abraham

U.S. v. Danny Abrishamian, aka "Kamran Abrishamian"

U.S. v. Ace Schiffli Emboidery Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Action Embroidery Corp.

U.S. v. ADA Fabricators, Inc.

U.S. v. Rafael Gongora Adame

U.S. v. Ted Adeli, aka "Kamal Adeli"

U.S. v. Adobe Systems, Inc., Apple Inc., Google Inc., Intel Corporation, Intuit, Inc., and Pixar

Advo, Inc. v. Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc.

U.S. v. Aetna and The Prudential Insurance Company

U.S. v. Arvind K. Agarwal

U.S. v. AIG Trading Corp., et al.

U.S. v. Airline Tariff Publishing Company, et al.

U.S. v. Air Van Lines International, Inc., d/b/a AVLC

U.S. v. Aisan Industry Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Ajinomoto Co., Kyowa Hakko Kogyo, Sewon America, Kanji Mimoto, Masaru Yamamota, and Jhom Su Kim

U.S. v. Aktiebolaget Volvo, Volvo Trucks North America, Inc., Renault S.A., Renault V.I. S.A., and Mack Trucks, Inc.

U.S. v. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft and Bernd Romahn

U.S. v. Akzo Nobel Chemicals BV and Erik Anders Broström

U.S. v. Akzo Nobel Chemicals BV and Glucona BV

U.S. v. Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.V.

U.S. v. Alaska Brokerage International, Inc. and David Karsch

U.S. v. Alcan Inc., Alcan Aluminum Corp., Pechiney, S.A., and Pechiney Rolled Products, LLC

U.S. v. Alcoa, ACX Technologies, and Golden Aluminum

U.S. v. Alcoa and Reynolds Metals

U.S. v. Alex Brown & Sons (NASDAQ Market Makers)

U.S. and Alex Brown & Sons, Inc., et al. v. Donald Bleznak, et al.

U.S. v. Anthony Allen, Paul Thompson, Tetsuya Motomura, and Anthony Conti

U.S. v. Alliance Mechanical, LLC and Kendall Pope

U.S. v. Alliance Metals, Inc. and Bradley B. Evans

U.S. v. Alliance National Limited Partnership, et al.

U.S. v. Alliant Techsystems Inc. and Aerojet-General Corporation

U.S. v. Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation, et al.

U.S. v. Allied Freight Forwarding, Inc.

U.S., State of Illinois and State of Missouri v. Allied Waste Industries, Inc. and Browning-Ferris Industries, Inc.

U.S. and State of Texas v. Allied Waste Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. Allied Waste Industries, Inc. and Browning-Ferris Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. Allied Waste Industries, Inc. and Republic Services, Inc.

U.S. v. Allied Waste Industries, Inc. and Superior Services, Inc.

U.S. and State of Texas v. Allied Waste Industries and USA Water Services, Inc.

U.S. v. AlliedSignal, Inc. and Honeywell,Inc.

U.S. v. Bryan Allison, David Brammar and Peter Whittle

U.S. v. All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

U.S. and State of Minnesota v. ALLTEL Corporation and Midwest Wireless Holdings L.L.C.

U.S. v. ALLTEL Corporation and Western Wireless Corporation

U.S. v. Altivity Packaging LLC and Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

U.S. v. Aluminum Company of America and Alumax Inc.

U.S. v. Aluminum Company of America and Reynolds Metals Company

U.S. v. Grant Alvernaz

U.S. v. Amarillo Winnelson Company, Inc.

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. AMC Entertainment Holdings, LLC and Kerasotes Showplace Theatres, LLC

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. AMC Entertainment and Loews Cineplex Entertainment

U.S. v. Amcel Corp., Dispoz-O Plastics, Inc., Lloyd Gordon, and Peter Iacovelli

U.S. v. Amcor Ltd., Rio Tinto Plc. and Alcan Corporation

U.S. v. American Airlines (1999)

U.S. v. American Airlines (2004)

U.S. v. American Alloys, Inc.

U.S. v. American Bar Association

U.S. v. American Bar Association, Massachusetts School of Law

U.S. v. American Composite Timbers, Inc.

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. American Express Company, et al.

American Express Co. v. Italian Colors Restaurant

U.S. v. American Int'l Contractors, Inc.

U.S. v. American National Can Co. and KMK Maschinen AG

American Needle, Inc. v. National Football League

U.S. v. American Radio Systems, Corp., and EZ Communications,Inc.

U.S. and State of New York v. American Radio Systems Corp., The Lincoln Group, and Great Lakes Wireless Talking Machine LLC

U.S. v. American Skiing Company and S-K-I Ltd.

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers v. DMX, Inc.

U.S. v. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

U.S. v. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, et al.

U.S. v. American Stock Exchange, LLC, et al.

U.S. v. John Amitrano

U.S. v. Amos L. Dolby Co.

U.S. v. AMR Corporation, American Airlines, Inc., and AMR Eagle Holding Corporation

U.S. v. Amsted Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. Anchor Industrial Products, Inc.

U.S. v. AnchorShade, Inc.

U.S. v. Elmore Roy Anderson

U.S. v. Gary Anderson

U.S. v. Shogo Ando and Manfred A. Mueller

U.S. v. Michael D. Andreas, Mark E. Whitacre, Terrance S. Wilson and Kazutoshi Yamada

U.S. v. Larry Angel

U.S. v. Loren Angel

U.S. v. Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV and Grupo Modelo S.A.B. de C.V.

U.S. v. Anova Holding AG, et al.

U.S. v. Appalachian Oil Company, Inc.

U.S. v. Alvin Appel

U.S. v. Apple, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Appleton Papers, Jujo Paper, Nippon Paper, Hirinori Ichida, and Jerry Wallace

U.S. v. Archer Daniels Midland Company

U.S. v. Archer Daniels Midland Company and Minnesota Corn Processors, LLC

U.S. v. Architectural Products Co., Inc.; El Paso Steel Doors and Frames, Inc.; Lindsay B. Holt, Sr.; and Humberto Lopez, a.k.a Beto Lopez

U.S. v. Arctic Glacier International Inc.

U.S. and State of Arizona v. Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association and AzHHA Service Corporation

Arkansas Carpenters Health and Welfare Fund, et al. v. Bayer AG, et al.

Armstrong Surgical Center, Inc. v. Armstrong County Memorial Hospital, et al.

U.S. v. Kenneth R. Arnold and Alan Shams

U.S. v. Arteva Specialties, S.a.r.l.

U.S. v. Asiana Airlines, Inc.

U.S. v. Association of Family Practice Residency Directors

U.S. v. Association of Retail Travel Agents

AT&T Corp. and Covad Communications v. FCC

U.S. v. AT&T Corp. and MediaOne Group, Inc.

U.S. v. AT&T Corp. and Tele-Communications, Inc.

U.S. and State of Louisiana v. AT&T Inc. and Centennial Communications

U.S. v. AT&T Inc. and Dobson Communications Corp.

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. AT&T Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Atlas Iron Processors, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Atlantic Richfield Company, Inc., and U.F. Genetics, Inc., a/k/a Sunseeds Genetics, Inc., a/k/a S.S. Genetics Inc.,

U.S. v. Joseph Attarian aka "Joseph Pourattarian"

U.S. v. AU Optronics Corporation, et al.

Auraria Student Housing at the Regency, LLC v. Campus Village Apartments, LLC

U.S. v. Austin Powder Co.

The Authors Guild, Inc., et al. v. Google, Inc.

U.S. v. Autoliv, Inc.

U.S. v. Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

U.S. v. AVAR Construction Systems, Inc. and Rene Friedrich

U.S. v. Aviation Fuel International, Inc. and Sean E. Wagner

U.S. v. David Axelrod and Baiardi Chain Food Corp.

U.S. v. Cynthia K. Ayer

U.S. v. Raymond Azar

Alphabetical List - B

U.S. v. B&H Maintenance & Construction, Inc., Jon Paul Smith a/k/a J.P. Smith and Landon R. Martin

U.S. v. Albert Babajanian

U.S. v. Peter Baci

U.S. v. Howard B. Bahm

U.S. v. Bain Capital, LLC, et al.

U.S. v. John A. Baker

U.S. v. Theresa Jeanne Baker

U.S. v. Baker Hughes Incorporated and BJ Services Company

U.S. v. Glen Bakhshi

U.S. v. Uwe Bangert

U.S. v. Ramin Baratian, aka "Robert Barat"

U.S. v. Barclays PLC

U.S. v. Richard Barko

U.S. v. Andrew Barmakian

U.S. v. Baroid Corp, Baroid Drilling Fluids, DB Stratabit (USA), and Dresser Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. Wesley Barta

U.S. v. Albert Basal

U.S. v. Alfred Basal

U.S. v. BASF Aktiengesellschaft

U.S. v. BAX Global Inc.

U.S. v. Bayer AG (07/14/2004)

U.S. v. Bayer AG (10/13/2004)

U.S. v. Bayer Corporation

U.S. v. Bay Industries Inc.

U.S. v. Bay Metal, Inc.

U.S. v. Bazaarvoice, Inc.

U.S. v. Daniel D. Beaudoin

U.S. v. Beazer PLC

U.S. v. Michael Beberman

U.S. v. James Bechand

In Re: Bell Atlantic Corp.

Bell Atlantic Corp. v. William Twombly, et al.

U.S. v. Bell Atlantic Corp., GTE Corp., and Vodafone AirTouch, Plc

U.S. v. Bemis Company, Inc., Rio Tinto PLC, Alcan Corporation

U.S. v. Salvatore Benigno

Douglas A. Benit v. U.S.

U.S. v. Douglas A. Benit, et al.

U.S. v. Larry E. Bennett

U.S. v. Bennett Environmental, Inc.

U.S. v. Ben's Truck Parts & Equipment, Inc. and Donald L. Solomon

U.S. v. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

U.S. v. Steven L. Berman

U.S. v. Best Tree Service, Inc.

U.S. v. Biglari Holdings, Inc.

U.S. v. Bill Harbert Int'l Construction, Inc. et al

Billing v. Credit First Suisse Boston

U.S. v. Thomas Bishop

U.S. v. Matthew W. Bittenbender

U.S. v. Stephanie D. Blackmon

U.S. v. Blackstone Capital Partners II Merchant Banking Fund L.P., et al.

U.S. and Alex Brown & Sons, Inc., et al. v. Donald Bleznak, et al.

U.S. v. Steve Bloor, aka "Saeed Bloorian"

Blue Cross and Blue Shield United of Wisconsin v. Marshfield Clinic

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Ohio v. U.S.

U.S. and State of Michigan v. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

U.S. and State of Montana v. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, Inc. et al.

U.S. v. Bluefield Regional Medical Center, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Bluestar Metal Recycling Co.

U.S. v. Chuokee Bo

U.S. v. Andrew Bodnar

U.S. v. Haider Bokhari, a/k/a Syed Haider Ali Bokhari; Qasim Bokhari, a/k/a Syed Qasim Ali Bokhari, and a/k/a Kasim Bokhari; Raza Bokhari, a/k/a Syed Raza Ali Bokhari; Shahida Bokhari, a/k/a Shahda Bokhari; and Kelly Bokhari, a/k/a Kelly M. Vida

U.S. v. Raza Bokhari

Boland v. CMLS

U.S. v. Borland International, Inc., and Ashton-Tate Corporation

U.S. v. Victor Boski

U.S. v. Bruce Botchman and White Plains Coat & Apron Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Marc Boudier and Jean Charles Foucault

U.S. v. Ronald Boyarsky

U.S. v. David R. Bradley

U.S. v. Herbert Eyers Bradley

U.S. v. Gerald Brandt

U.S. v. Jason R. Brannon, et al.

U.S. v. Ted Riley Bratton

U.S. v. Bridgestone Corporation (S.D. Tex. 2011)

U.S. v. Bridgestone Corporation (N.D. Ohio 2014)

U.S. v. Steven J. Briggin

U.S. v. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

U.S. v. British Airways PLC

U.S. v. Broadcast Music, Inc.

Broadcast Music, Inc. v. DMX, Inc.

U.S. v. Broadcom Voice & Data, Inc.

U.S. v. Dr. Roland Brönnimann

U.S. v. Diana D. Brooks

U.S. v. F. Scott Brown

Antony Brown, et al. v. Pro Football, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Brown University in Providence, et al.

U.S. v. John H. Browning

U.S. v. Browning-Ferris Industries

United States, Florida, and Maryland v. Browning-Ferris Industries

U.S. v. Brush Fibers, Inc.

U.S. v. Harold H. Buchman

U.S. v. Benjamin C. Buette, Jr.

U.S. v. Builder's Concrete & Supply Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Builder's Concrete & Supply Co., Inc. and Gus B. Nuckols III, a/k/a Butch Nuckols

U.S. v. Joseph E. Burford

U.S. v. Mary Burke

U.S. v. Bryan Lee Burrows

U.S. v. David Butler

Alphabetical List - C

U.S. v. C&S News Agency, Inc.

U.S. v. Guillermo Cabeza, a/k/a Willy Cabeza; George Gonzalez; Rodrigo Hernan Hidalgo; and Luis Juan Soto

U.S. v. Jean Pierre Cagnat

U.S. v. Cajun Chemical, Inc.

U.S. v. Cal Dive International, Inc., Stolt Offshore S.A., Stolt Offshore, Inc. and S&H Diving, LLC

U.S. v. Christian Caleca and Jacques Cognard

U.S. v. Christian Caleca, Misao Hioki, Francesco Scaglia, and Vanni Scodeggio

U.S. v. California Suncare, Inc.

U.S. v. Cameron International Corporation and NATCO Group Inc.

U.S. v. Douglas Lee Campbell

U.S. v. Patrick Campion

Alex Campos, et al. v. Ticketmaster Corporation

U.S. v. Luis M. Candelario and Thomas E. Vander Luitgaren

U.S. v. Canstar Sports USA, Inc.

U.S. v. Capstar Broadcasting Corp. and Triathlon Broadcasting Co.

U.S. v. Carbone of America Industries Corp. and Michel Coniglio

U.S. v. Cargill, Inc. and Akzo Nobel

U.S. v. Cargill, Inc. and Continental Grain Co.

U.S. v. Cargolux Airlines International S.A.

U.S. v. Primitivo Duque Carlos

U.S. v. Dominick P. Carollo, et al.

Carpet Group International, et al. v. Oriental Rug Importers Association, Inc., et al.,

U.S. v. Thomas E. Carr

U.S. v. Cartwright International Van Lines, Inc.

U.S. v. Christopher Cartwright, et al.

U.S. v. Gabriel Casas

U.S. v. John F. Casewell

U.S. v. John P. Cassel

U.S. v. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

U.S. v. CBS Corp. and American Radio Systems Corp.

U.S. v. CBS Corp., Infinity Broadcasting Corp, and Outdoor Systems, Inc.

U.S. v. Cemex and Rinker Group Limited

U.S. v. Cengage Learning Holdings I, L.P., et al.

U.S. v. Alfred P. Censullo

U.S. v. Central Parking Corp. and Allright Holdings

U.S. v. Cerco, Inc.

U.S. v. Cerestar Bioproducts BV and Silvio Kluzer

U.S. v. Certified Slings, Inc.

U.S. v. David A. Chaisson

U.S. v. Chancellor Media Co., Inc. and SFX Broadcasting, Inc.

U.S. v. Chancellor Media Corp. and Kunz & Co.

U.S. v. Chancellor Media Corp., Whiteco Industries, Inc, and Metro Management Associates

U.S. v. Wiley C. Chandler, et al.

U.S. v. Kuo Hsuan "Chuck" Chang

U.S. v. Charles E. Green & Son, Inc.

U.S. v. Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc.

U.S. v. Ana C. Chavez

U.S. v. Cheil Jedang Corporation

U.S. v. Cheil Jedang, Ltd. a/k/a Cheil Foods & Chemicals

U.S. v. Chien Chung Chen a/k/a Andrew Chen

U.S. v. Hsuan Bin Chen

U.S. v. Chung Li Cheng a.k.a. George Cheng

U.S. v. Su Chu Chou Cheng a.k.a Terry Cheng

U.S. v. Wen Jun Cheng, a.k.a. Tony Cheng

U.S. v. John Chessa

U.S. v. Elie Samir Chidiac & Raman International, Inc. d/b/a Raman Corporation

U.S. v. Chi Mei Optoelectronics

U.S. v. China Airlines LTD.

U.S. v. Chinook Group Limited

U.S. v. Chiropractic Associates, Ltd., of South Dakota

U.S. v. Alexander G. Chisholm

U.S. v. Il Young Cho

U.S. v. Chang Suk Chung

U.S. v. Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

U.S. v. Gilbert Chung

U.S. and State of Texas v. Cinemark Holdings, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Cingular Wireless Corporation, SBC Communications Inc., BellSouth Corporation and AT&T Wireless Services, Inc.

In re Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Antitrust Litigation

U.S. v. Citadel, Triathlon, & Capstar Broadcasting

U.S. v. Citicorp

U.S. v. Citicorp, et al.

U.S. v. City of Stilwell, Oklahoma and Stilwell Area Development Authority

U.S. v. Clark Truck Parts, Inc.

U.S. v. Classic Care Network, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Clear Channel Communications and AMFM

U.S. v. CMET, Inc.

U.S. v. Dinorah Cobos, et al.

U.S. v. John Cockerham, et al.

U.S. v. Stephen Cogliano

U.S. v. Bertram J. Cohen

U.S. v. Martin B. Cohen

Cohen & Company v. United States

U.S. v. William A. Collins

Columbia Steel Casting v. Portland General Electric

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. Comcast Corp., et al.

U.S. v. CommScope, Inc. and Andrew Corporation

Community Publishers Inc. v. DR Partners

U.S. v. Compañía Sud Americana De Vapores S.A.

U.S. v. Computer Associates International, Inc. and Legent Corp.

U.S. v. Computer Associates International, Inc. and Platinum Technology International, Inc. (05/25/1999)

U.S. v. Computer Associates International, Inc. and Platinum Technology International, Inc. (09/28/2001)

U.S. v. Compuware Corp. and Viasoft, Inc.

U.S. v. ConAgra Foods Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Concert PLC and MCI Communications

U.S. v. Connors Bros. Income Fund and Bumble Bee Seafoods, LLC

U.S. v. Consolidated Multiple Listing Service, Inc.

U.S. v. Continental AG and Veyance Technologies, Inc.

U.S. v. Continental Automotive Electronics, LLC and Continental Automotive Korea, LTD

U.S. v. James J. Conway

U.S. v. Cookson Group PLC, et al.

U.S. v. Cookson Group PLC, Electrovert LTD., and Electrovert U.S.A. Corp.

U.S. v. Gary D. Cooley

U.S. v. Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A.

U.S. v. Keith E. Corbin

U.S. v. T. Rudd Corwin, et al.

Covad Communications Company v. Bell Atlantic Corpoartion,et al

U.S. v. Steven J. Cox

U.S. v. Crafton's Glass, Inc.

Credit Suisse First Boston v. Billing

U.S. v. Crompton Corporation

U.S. v. Crowe

U.S. v. Crowley Liner Services, Inc.

U.S. v. Crusader Servicing Corporation

CSU, LLC v. Xerox Corp.

U.S. v. Cumulus Media Inc. and Citadel Broadcasting Corporation

U.S. v. Thomas Cunningham

Alphabetical List - D

U.S. v. Daesang Japan, Inc.

U.S. v. Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd.

U.S. v. Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Daily Gazette Company, and MediaNews Group, Inc.

U.S. and Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Dairy Farmers of America, Inc., and Southern Belle Dairy Co., LLC

U.S. v. Dairy Farmers of America, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Danfoss Flensburg GmbH

U.S. v. Data Card Corp.

U.S. v. Kevin A. Davis

U.S. v. Davitt Felder, Inc. and Davitt Felder

U.S. v. Joseph Davoudzadeh

U.S. v. DB Group Services UK Limited

U.S. v. D.C. Guelich Explosive Co.

U.S. v. Dead Sea Bromine Company, Ltd.

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. Dean Foods Company

U.S. v. Christopher J. Deans

U.S. v. Mariusz Debowski

U.S. v. Birj Deckmejian

Dee-K Enterprises, Inc. and Asheboro Elastics Corp. v. Heveafil Sdn. Bhd., et al.

U.S. v. Thomas J. DeGirolamo

U.S. v. Degussa-Hüls AG

U.S. v. Degussa U.K. Holdings Ltd.

U.S. v. Franciscus Johannes de Jong a/k/a Frank de Jong

U.S. v. Thomas Delaney

U.S. v. Delta Dental of Rhode Island

U.S. and Arizona v. Delta Dental Plan of Arizona, Inc.

U.S. v. Robert U. Del Vecchio Sr.

U.S. v. Diana Bakir Demilta

U.S. v. Denny's Pay-Less Grocery, Inc.

U.S. v. DENSO Corporation

U.S. v. Dentsply International, Inc.

Dentsply International, Inc. v. Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. v. Freddy Deoliveira

U.S. v. Wilhelm DerMinassian

U.S. v. Eric Descouraux

U.S. v. Deutsche Bank AG

U.S. v. Deutsche Börse AG and NYSE Euronext

U.S. v. Alan Diamond

U.S. v. Diamond Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd.

U.S. v. John DiCarlo, et al.

U.S. v. Vincent DiCarlo

U.S. v. Barry Diller

U.S. v. David Dilmanian, aka "Farzad Dilmanian"

U.S. v. Douglas Ditmer

U.S. v. D.M.E. Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. DNH International Sarl, Dyno Nobel, Inc., El Paso Corporation, and Coastal Chem, Inc.

U.S. v. James Doherty

U.S. v. Michael L. Domecq

U.S. v. James D. Dondero

U.S. v. John F. Doody

U.S. v. Douglas Explosives

U.S. v. The Dow Chemical Company and Ethyl Corp.


U.S. v. DuCoa, L.P.

U.S. v. Dunlop Oil & Marine Ltd.

U.S. v. Dunn Engineering Associates, PC

U.S. v. Dupont Dow Elastomers L.L.C.

U.S. v. Dyno Nobel Inc.

U.S. v. Dywidag Systems International USA Inc. and Adam S. Allan

Alphabetical List - E

U.S. v. Eagle Eyes Traffic Industrial Co., Ltd., et al.

U.S. v. Earl P.L. Apfelbaum, Inc.

U.S. v. Earthgrains, Specialty Foods, and Metz Holdings

U.S. v. Eastern Mushroom Marketing Cooperative, Inc.

U.S. v. Eastman Chemical Company

U.S. v. Eastman Kodak Co.

eBay Inc. and Inc. v. MercExchange, L.L.C.

U.S. v. eBay, Inc.

U.S. v. Ecast, Inc. and NSM Music Group, Ltd.

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. Echostar Communications Corp., et al.

U.S. v. Ecolab Inc. and Permian Mud Service, Inc.

U.S. v. Eco-Tech, Inc. and Herbert H. Timmerman

U.S. v. EGL, Inc.

U.S. v. E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc.

E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. v. Kolon Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. Paul G. Einstman

U.S. v. Eisai Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Joseph B. Eisenberg

U.S. v. EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd.

U.S. v. El Paso Natural Gas Company

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. Election Systems & Software, Inc.

U.S. v. Electronic Payment Services, Inc.

U.S. v. Elf Atochem S.A.

U.S. v. Yoram Eliyahu

U.S. v. Elkem Metals Company

U.S. v. Elpida Memory, Inc.

U.S. v. Embraco North America, Inc.

U.S. v. Robin D. Emerson

Empagran S.A. v. F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd

Empire State News Corporation, Inc.

U.S. v. Masaru Endo; Shigeo Yasuda; and Akira Hashimoto

U.S. v. Engelhard, Corp. et al.

U.S. v. Irwin Englander a/k/a Buzz

U.S. v. Enova Corp.

U.S. v. Epson Imaging Devices Corporation

U.S. v. Haluk K. Ergulec and The Color Wheel, Inc.

William D. Ertag, M.D., et al., v. Naples Community Hospital, Inc.

U.S. v. ESL Partners, L.P. and ZAM Holdings, L.P.

U.S. v. Espar Inc.

U.S. v. ETI Explosives Technologies International, Inc.

U.S. v. Eurotech Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. EVA Airways Corporation

U.S. v. Ian Jay Evans

U.S. v. Everbrite, Inc.

U.S. v. E.W. Scripps and Media News Group

U.S. v. Executive Relocation International, Inc.

U.S. v. Exelon Corporation [Contempt]

U.S. v. Exelon Corporation and Constellation Energy Group, Inc.

U.S. v. Exelon Corporation and Public Service Enterprise Group Inc.

U.S. v. EZ Communications, Inc. and Evergreen Media Corp.

Alphabetical List - F

U.S. v. F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd.

U.S. v. F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd. and Udo Haas

F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd., et al. v. Empagran S.A., et al.

U.S. v. David M. Farber

U.S. v. Wiliam F. Farley

U.S. v. Frank D. Fauci

Federal Trade Commission v. Actavis, Inc., et al.

Federal Trade Commission v. Phoebe Putney Health System, Inc., et al.

Federal Trade Commission v. Schering-Plough Corporation, et al.

Federal Trade Commission v. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., et al.

U.S. v Federation of Certified Surgeons and Specialists, Inc., and Pershing Yoakley & Associates, P.C.

U.S. v. Federation of Physicians and Dentists, Inc.

U.S. v. Federation of Physicians and Dentists, Lynda Odenkirk, Warren Metherd, Michael Karram, and James Wendel

U.S. v. Gerard J. Federico

U.S. v. Guila Feinberg

U.S. v. Anthony Feldman, et al.

U.S. v. Antonio Felix

U.S. v. Steven Fenzl and Douglas E. Ritter

U.S. v. Fiat S.p.A., et al.

U.S. v. Fields & Company of Amarillo, Inc.

U.S. v. Figgie International Inc. and Harry E. Figgie, Jr.

U.S., et al. v. First Data Corp. and Concord EFS, Inc.

U.S. v. John L. "Pete" Fischer

U.S. v. Robert Fischetti

U.S. v. Flakeboard America Limited, Celulosa Arauco y Constitución, S.A., Inversiones Angelini y Compañia Limitada, and Sierrapine

In re: Flat Glass Antitrust Litigation

U.S. v. Fleet/Norstar Financial Group, Inc.

U.S. v. Flint Energy Services, Inc.

U.S. v. Alvin Florida, Jr.; Robert Alhashash Rasheed; John Lee Berry, III, a/k/a "JB"; Refugio Diaz, a/k/a "Cuco"; Stephan Alexander Florida

Florida Municipal Power Agency v. Florida Power and Light

U.S. v. Florida Rock Industries, Harper Bros., Commercial Testing, and Daniel R. Harper

U.S. v. Florida West International Airways, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Edward T. Fodrey

U.S. v. Foodmaker, Inc.

U.S. v. Lydia Fong

U.S. v. Ali Forouzan

U.S. v. Chad E. Foster

U.S. v. L.B. Foster Company and Portec Rail Products, Inc.

U.S. v. Thomas Franciose

U.S. v. Franklin Electric Co., Inc., et al

U.S. v. Wilson Freire

U.S. v. Allen K. French

U.S. v. Freyssinet International et Cie

U.S. v. Charles J. Friedman and Pamela A. Friedman

U.S. v. FTD Corp., et al.

U.S. v. Fujikura Ltd.

U.S. v. Yoshinobu Fujino

U.S. v. Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Akira Nakao

U.S. v. Kazuaki Fujitani

U.S. v. Fulton-Denver Company

U.S. v. Florence Fung

U.S. v. Junichi Funo

U.S. v. Ryoji Fukudome and Toshihiko Nagashima

U.S. v. Furukawa Electric Company, Ltd.

Alphabetical List - G

U.S. v. John Michael Galloway, Nicholas Diaz, Glenn Guillory, Thomas Joyce, and Charles Rock

U.S. v. Irma Galvez

U.S. v. Gannett Co., Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Gate Engineering Corporation and Albith Colón

U.S. v. William H. Gates III

U.S. v. GCC Alliance Concrete, Inc.

U.S. v. Leslie Gee

U.S. v. Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. and TV Guide, Inc.

U.S. v. General Binding Corp. and Velobind Inc.

U.S. v. General Cinema Corporation

U.S. v. General Dynamics Corporation and Newport News Shipbuilding Inc.

U.S. v. General Dynamics Corporation, et al.

U.S. v. General Electric Company

U.S. v. General Electric Company and Innoserv Technologies, Inc.

U.S. v. General Electric Company and Instrumentarium OYJ

U.S. v. General Electric Company, De Beers Centenary AG, Peter Frenz, and Philippe Liotier

U.S. v. General Electric Company, et al.

General Electric Company v. Thomas J. Zuchowski

U.S. v. General Linen Supply & Laundry Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Geo. Benz & Sons, Inc.

U.S. v. Geologistics International Management (Bermuda) Limited

U.S. v. George's Foods, et al.

U.S. v. Georgia-Pacific Corp.

U.S. v. Georgia-Pacific Corp. and Fort James Corp.

U.S. v. Peter Ghavami (aka Peter Ghavamilahidji), Gary Heinz, and Michael Welty

U.S. v. John Ghianni

U.S. v. Anthony B. Ghio

U.S. v. R. Kevin Gill

U.S. v. Charles J. Gillespie

U.S. v. Gillette Dairy of the Black Hills, Inc.

U.S. v. Joseph J. Giraudo, et al.

U.S. v. Glazier Foods Co.

U.S. v. Frederick Racer Glick

U.S. v. Ivan Glick

U.S. v. Gregory Glova

U.S. v. Arthur Goldberg

U.S. v. Douglas Alan Goldberg

U.S. v. Edward P. Goldblatt

U.S. v. Charles Gonzales

U.S. v. Keith Goodman

U.S. v. Google Inc. and ITA Software, Inc.

U.S. v. Joel Gorkowski

U.S. v. Gosselin World Wide Moving N.V. and Marc Smet

U.S. v. Gosselin World Wide Moving N.V. and The Pasha Group

Gosselin World Wide Moving N.V. and The Pasha Group v. U.S.

U.S. v. Joel M. Gostomelsky

U.S. v. James Govostes

U.S. v. GrafTech International Ltd and Seadrift Coke L.P.

U.S. v. Frank Granizo

In Re Graphite Electrodes Antitrust Litigation

U.S. v. Benjamin K. Graves

U.S. v. Great Lakes Concrete, Inc.

U.S. v. Greater Bridgeport Individual Practice Association, Inc.

U.S. v. Greater Pittsburgh Board of Realtors, et al.

U.S. v. Greater Portland Convention Association, et al.

U.S. v. Judy Green

U.S. v. William Greenspan

U.S. v. Greyhound Lines, Inc.

U.S. v. Robert P. Griffiths

U.S. v. Grinnell Lithographic Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Bernard Grobart and Teneyck, Inc. f/k/a Neill Supply Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Grupo Bimbo, S.A.B. de C.V., BBU, Inc., and Sara Lee Corporation

U.S. v. G.S. Electech, Inc

U.S. v. GTE Corp.

U.S. v. Eugenio A. Guardiola Ramirez

U.S. v. Robert Gugliuzza

U.S. v. Leo E. Gulley

U.S. v. Robert W. Guthrie

Alphabetical List - H

U.S. v. H&R Block, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Haarmann & Reimer Corp. and Hans Hartmann

U.S. v. Farshad Haghi, aka "Fred Haghi"

U.S. v. Halliburton Company and Dresser Industries

U.S. v. Tsuneaki Hanamura

U.S. v. Hankyu Hanshin Express Co. Ltd

U.S. v. Hannstar Display Corporation

U.S. v. Bradley J. Hansen

U.S. v. Gregory Louis Hansen

U.S. v. Gloria F. Harper

U.S. v. R. Clay Harris a/k/a Claybon R. Harris a/k/a Clay Harris

U.S. v. Ron E. Harrison

U.S. v. Harsco Corp., Pandrol Jackson Limited and Pandrol Jackson, Inc.

U.S. v. Robert J. Hart

U.S. v. Makoto Hattori

U.S. v. Andreas Hauri

U.S. v. Robert A. Haversat

Hawaii v. Gannett Pacific Corp., et al.

U.S. v. Darrell Hawkins

U.S. v. Hitoshi Hayashi

U.S. v. Masao Hayashi and Kenya Nonoyama

U.S. v. Tom Alexander William Hayes and Roger Darin

U.S. v. Hayter Oil Company of Greeneville, TN

U.S. v. Healthcare Partners, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Health Choice of Northwest Missouri, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. The Hearst Trust and The Hearst Corporation

U.S. v. James P. Heffernan

U.S. v. Durwanda Elizabeth Morgan Heinrich and Kern Carver Bernard Wilson

U.S. v. Michael W. Heinrich

U.S. v. Vincent J. Heintz, et al.

U.S. v. Ernesto Heinzelmann, et al.

U.S. v. Barry Heisner

U.S. v. John D. Henderson

U.S. v. Heraeus Electro-Nite Co., LLC

U.S. v. James L. Hertz

U.S. v. Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, et al.

U.S. v. Lindell Hilling

U.S. and State of Michigan v. Hillsdale Community Health Center, W.A. Foote Memorial Hospital, D/B/A Allegiance Health, Community Health Center of Branch County, and Promedica Health Systems, Inc.

U.S. v. Hilltop Energy, Inc.

U.S. v. Misao Hioki

U.S. v. Hiplax International Corp.

U.S. v. Hiroya Hirose and Masakazu Iwami

U.S. v. Hitoshi Hirano

U.S. v. Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

U.S. v. Hitachi Displays Ltd.

U.S. v. Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc.

U.S. v. Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

U.S. v. Jau-Yang "J.Y." Ho

U.S. v. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft

U.S. v. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft and Bernd Romahn

U.S. v. Barry Holland

U.S. v. Donald Holland and Larry Sumpter

U.S. v. Home City Ice Company

U.S. v. Harold A. Honickman

U.S. v. Honshu Paper Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Fred Lee Hood

U.S. v. Makoto Horie

U.S. v. Satoru Horisaki

U.S. v. Horizon Lines, LLC

U.S. v. Hospital Association of Greater Des Moines, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Mike Hosseini a.k.a. "Mahmood Hosseinipour"

Houston Industries, Inc. vs. Daniel C. Kaufman, et al.

U.S. v. Stephen E. Hruby

U.S. v. Homy Hong-Ming Hsu aka "Homy Hsu"

U.S. v. Polo Shu-Sheng Hsu

U.S. v. Shiu-Min Hsu

U.S. v. Wen Hung "Amigo" Huang

U.S. v. Hughey, Inc.d/b/a Carmel Concrete Products and Scott D. Hughey

U.S. v. Eric Hulsman

U.S. v. Humana Inc. and Arcadian Management Services, Inc.

U.S. v. Sik Hur aka Daniel Hur

U.S. v. Mahmood Hussain

U.S. v. Ian G. Hutchinson

U.S. v. Theodore B. Hutz

U.S. v. Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

Alphabetical List - I

U.S. v. Ibiden Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Jurgen Ick

U.S. v. Iconix Brand Group, Inc.

U.S. and State of Idaho v. Idaho Orthopedic Society, et al.

U.S. v. Hirohisa Ikeda, Kunio Kanai and Takayasu Miyasaka

U.S. v. Shigehiko Ikenaga

U.S. v. Tatsuo Ikenaga

U.S. v. Norihiro Imai

U.S. v. Saburo Imamiya

Illinois Tool Works, Inc. v. Independent Ink, Inc.

U.S. v. Imetal, DBK Minerals, English China Clays PLC, and English China Clays Inc.

Imetal v. Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers Int'l Union

U.S. v. InBev N.V./S.A., InBev USA LLC, and Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.

U.S. v. Inco Limited and Falconbridge Limited

U.S. v. Industrial Valve Sales & Service, Inc.

U.S. v. Infineon Technologies AG

U.S. v. Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Company, Ingersoll-Rand Company and Flowserve Corporation

U.S. v. Inmobiliaria Samisu, S.A.

U.S. v. Input/Output, Inc. and The Laitram Corp.

U.S. v. Inter-Tel Technologies, Inc.

Intermedia Communications, Inc., v. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.

U.S. v. International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, et al.

U.S. v. International Business Machines Corp.

U.S. v. International Business Machines Corp. and Storage Technology Corp.

U.S. v. International Paper Company and Temple-Inland Inc.

U.S. v. Interstate Bakeries Corp. and Continental Baking

U.S. v. Ira Green Inc.

U.S. v. Irving Materials, Inc., Daniel C. Butler, John Huggins, Fred R. "Pete" Irving, Price Irving

U.S. v. Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd., et al.

U.S. v. Island Periodicals, L.L.C.

U.S. v. Ixtlera de Santa Catarina S.A. de C.V. and MFC [Civil Action]

U.S. v. Ixtlera de Santa Catarina S.A. de C.V. and MFC [Criminal Action]

Alphabetical List - K

In re: K-Dur Antitrust Litigation

U.S. v. "K" Line Logistics, Ltd.

U.S. v. Stan Kahan

U.S. v. Martin Kanefsky

U.S. v. Joo Ahn Kang and Chung Sik Kwak

U.S. v. Steven Kanowitz and Kanowitz Fruit & Produce Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Kazuhiko Kashimoto

U.S. v. Kason Industries, Inc. and Peter A. Katz

U.S. v. Andrew B. Katakis

U.S. v. Andrew B. Katakis, et al.

U.S. v. Ryoji Kawai

U.S. v. Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

U.S. v. Richard I. Keefe

U.S. v. Kenneth Keitt

U.S. v. John Kennedy

U.S. v. Troy Kent

Kentucky Land Title Ass'n v. Kentucky Bar Ass'n

U.S. v. Kentucky Real Estate Commission

U.S. v. Wayne Kepple

U.S. v. Gordon Kerner

U.S. v. Kesco, Inc.

U.S. v. KeySpan Corp.

U.S. v. John Khani, aka "Johangir Khani"

U.S. v. Kevin Khani, aka "Khosrow Khani"

U.S. v. Jerrold Warren Killingsworth

U.S. v. D.S. Kim, et al.

U.S. v. Il Ung Kim, et al.

U.S. v. Sang Hun Kim

U.S. v. Kimberly-Clark Corp. and Scott Paper

U.S. v. Daniel Kimia, aka "Farzin Kimiabakhsh"

U.S. v. David Kimia, aka "Faramarz Kimiabakhsh"

U.S. v. Kintetsu World Express, Inc.

U.S. v. Wolfgang Koch

U.S. v. Krzysztof Koczon

U.S. v. Maurice Kohan, aka "Mooris Kohanbash"

U.S. v. Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Michele Komack, aka Michele Nicosia

U.S. v. Yuji Komatsu, et al.

U.S. v. Hiroyuki Komiya and Hirofumi Nakayama

U.S. v. Korean Air Lines Co. Ltd.

Kotam Electronics, Inc. v. JBL Consumer Products, Inc.

U.S. v. Shinichi Kotani

U.S. v. Donald M. Kotowicz

U.S. v. Robert Kramer

U.S. v. Robert P. Krass

U.S. v. Charles N. Kriss

U.S. v. Jacobus Johan Anton Kroef

U.S. v. James D. Kuhn and Eldon Flyn Simmons

U.S. v. Kühne + Nagel International AG

U.S. v. Tetsuya Kunida

U.S. v. Yoshio Kunugi, et al.

U.S. v. Chen-Lung Kuo

U.S. v. Noburu Kurushima and Yoshihiro Kurachi

U.S. v. Kwik-Chek Food Stores, Inc. and Jarrod "Judd" Thomas

U.S. v. Bock Kwon

Alphabetical List - L

U.S. v. L'Oreal S.A., et al.

U.S. v. Leonard Douglas "Doug" LaDuron; and Mary Jo LaDuron, a/k/a Mary Jo Gault

U.S. v. Lake Country Optometric Society

Lake Region Electric vs. Tahlequah Public Works Authority

U.S. v. Anthony Lampropoulos and Polo Linen Service, Inc.

U.S. v. Lan Cargo S.A. and Aerolinhas Brasileiras S.A.

U.S. v. Frederick Landgraber

U.S. v. Peter Lanigan

U.S. v. Morton M. Lapides

U.S. v. LaRoche Industries Inc.

U.S. v. Eric Larsen

U.S. v. Frank G. Larson

U.S. v. L.B. Foster Company and Portec Rail Products, Inc.

U.S. v. Kenneth Koo Lee

U.S. v. Larry L. Lee

U.S. v. Seung-Kyu Lee, et al.

U.S. v. Sun Woo Lee, et al.

U.S. v. Lee's Ready Mix & Trucking, Inc.

Leegin Creative Leather Products, Inc. v. PSKS, Inc.

U.S. v. Thomas Legault

U.S. v. Lehman Brothers Holdings and L-3 Communications Holdings

U.S. v. Selwyn Lempert

U.S. v. Dominic Leung

U.S. v. Shiu Lung Leung

U.S. v. Harry Levy and Clifton Fruit & Produce, Inc.

Lewis Brothers Bakeries Incorporated and Chicago Baking Company v. Interstate Brands Corporation

U.S. v. LG Chem, Ltd.

U.S. v. LG Display Co., Ltd. and LG Display America, Inc.

U.S. v. Stuart Libertoff and Irving Libertoff, Inc.

U.S. v. Lift Forwarders, Inc.

U.S. v. Lighthouse Diving Center, Inc.

U.S. v. Jan Lillieborg

U.S. v. William Lima

U.S. v. Cheng Yuan Lin, a.k.a. C.Y. Lin

U.S. v. Cheng Yuan Lin, a.k.a. C.Y. Lin, et al.

U.S. v. Chieng-Hon "Frank" Lin, et al.

U.S. v. Wayne Lippman

U.S. v. Craig Lipton

U.S. v. The Liquid Carbonic Corporation, et al.

U.S. v. Danli Liu

U.S. v. Lloyds Banking Group PLC

U.S. v. LM U.S. Corp Acquisition Inc. and Ross Aviation, LLC

U.S. v. Lockheed Martin Corp. and Northrop Grumman Corp.

U.S. v. Loeb & Mayer, Inc.

U.S. v. Kenneth Loeffler

U.S. v. Loewen Group Inc. and Loewen Group Intl.

U.S. v. Charles G. Long and Clearr Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. Long Island Jewish Medical Center and North Shore

U.S. v. Joseph Y. Longmire

U.S. v. Vincent Longobardi

U.S. v. Lonza, AG

U.S. v. Humberto Lopez, aka Beto Lopez

U.S. v. William W. Lord

Lotes Co., Ltd. v. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. et al

U.S. v. LSL Biotechnologies, Inc., Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc., and LSL Plantscience LLC

U.S. v. Lubbock Glass & Mirror Co., and Delbert Sanders

U.S. v. Lucasfilm Ltd.

U.S. v. Ludowici-Celadon Company, et al.

U.S. v. Michael Luftglass

U.S. v. Aaron Lugo

U.S. v. Edward M. Lundberg

U.S. v. Lykes Bros. Steamship Co.

U.S. v. Seth D. Lynn

Alphabetical List - M

U.S. v. M & B Builders, LLC

U.S. v. M. Weingold & Co.; Harry Rock & Associates, Inc. (Formerly Known as Harry Rock & Company); Jack Weingold; and Loren Margolis

U.S. v. MA-RI-AL Corp., d/b/a Beaver Materials, et al.

Mac's Shell Service, Inc., et al. v. Shell Oil Products Co. LLC, et al.

U.S. v. MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings, Inc.

In Re: Petition of Maccaferri Gabions, Inc.

U.S. v. Mahle GMBH, Mahle, Inc., Mabeg. E.V., Metal Leve, S.A., and Metal Leve, Inc.

U.S. v. Maine Lobstermen's Association and Leslie Dyer

U.S. v. Joseph Makhani

U.S. v. Mike Makhani, aka "Kamran Makhani"

U.S. v. Henry Maldonado

U.S. v. Aron Malik

U.S. v. John C. Malone

U.S. v. Mark Albert Maloof

U.S. v. David Manesh, aka "Hamid Pirouzmanesh"

U.S. v. Steve Manesh, aka "Saeed Pirouzmanesh"

U.S. v. The Manitowoc Company, Inc.; Enodis plc; and Enodis Corporation

U.S. v. The Manitowoc Company, Inc.; Grove Investors, Inc.; and National Crane Corp.

U.S. v. Manufacturers Corrugated Box Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Manuli Rubber Industries, S.p.A. and Robert L. Furness

U.S. v. Manulife Financial Corporation

U.S. v. James J. Maples

U.S. v. Michael J. Maples

U.S. v. Frank A. March

U.S. v. David Margen

U.S. v. Yama Marifat

U.S. v. Mark Morrow Stamps, Inc. and Mark Morrow

U.S. v. Todd M. Markey

U.S. v. Howard Marlin

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. Marquee Holdings, Inc. and LCE Holdings, Inc.

U.S. v. Michael Marr, Javier Sanchez, Gregory Casorso, and Victor Marr

U.S. v. Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.; CSR Limited; CSR America, Inc.; and American Aggregates Corporation

U.S. and State of Texas v. Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. and Texas Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. Martinair Holland N.V.

U.S. v. Andrew Martingano and American Pipe Bending and Fabrication Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Gloria Martinez

U.S. v. Massachusetts Allergy Society, Inc.

Massachusetts School of Law at Andover, Inc. v. American Bar Ass'n, et al.

U. S. v. Michael Mastellone

U.S. v. Ronald Douglass Matheny II

U.S. v. Jimmy Albert Matheson

U.S. v. Darlene Mathis-Gardner

U.S. v. The MathWorks, Inc. and Wind River Systems

U.S. v. Jorge L. Matos Burgos

U.S. v. Takayoshi Matsunaga

Matthew Bender & Co. v. West Publishing Corp.

U.S. v. John M. Mavros

U.S. v. Maxzone Vehicle Lighting Corp.

U.S. v. Isadore H. May

U.S. v. Barry Mayer

U.S. v. Maymead, Inc.

U.S. v. Duane Maynard

U.S. v. Stephen E. McAnulty

U.S. v. Bruce McCaffrey

U.S. v. Markus E. McClain

U.S. v. The McClatchy Company and Knight-Ridder, Incorporated

U.S. v. Brian X. McCormack

U.S. v. Gordon McDonald

U.S. v. Gordon D. McDonald, et al.

U.S. v. Kenneth E. McDonald, Jr.

U.S. v. Peter McDonough

Homan McFarling v. Monsanto Co.

U.S. v. MCI Communications Corp. & BT Forty-Eight Company

MCIMetro Access Transmission Services of Virginia, Inc., D/B/A Verizon Access Transmission Services of Virginia v. Mark C. Christie, et al.

U.S. v. Brian McKinzie

Lorrie McMahon, et al. v. Advanced Title Services Company of West Virginia, et al.

U.S. v. Ryan Scott McMonigle

U.S. v. Thomas F. Mechtenberg

U.S. v. Media General, Inc. and LIN Media, LLC.

U.S. v. Medical Mutual of Ohio

U.S. v. Mansour Mehdizadeh a.k.a. Tony Zadeh

Meijer, Inc. v. Ferring B.V., Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Aventis Pharmaceuticals

U.S. v. Pamela Merberg and Jitney, Ltd.

U.S. v. Mercer S.M.E., Inc.

eBay Inc. and Inc. v. MercExchange, L.L.C.

U.S. v. Merck Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Merck KgaA

U.S. v. Mercury PCS II, L.L.C.

U.S. v. Mercy Health Services and Finley Tri-States Health Group, Inc.

U.S. v. Michigan Birch Door Manufacturers, Inc.

U.S. v. Microsemi Corporation

U.S. v. Microsoft Corporation

U.S. v. Mid-America Dairymen, Inc., Southern Foods Group LP, and Milk Products, LLC

U.S. v. Eric Edward Mijares

U.S. v. Daniel Milikowsky, MACC Holding Corp.

U.S. v. Miller Industries, Inc., Miller Industries Towing Equipment, Inc., and Chevron, Inc.

U.S. v. Mine Equipment & Mill Supply, Inc.

U.S. v. Minebea Co., Ltd.

Minn-Chem, Inc. v. Agrium Inc.

U.S. v. Raul Jorge Miranda

U.S. v. Mister A.C. Ltd. and Michael C. Vignola

U.S. v. Mitsuba Corporation

U.S. v. Mitsubishi Corporation

U.S. v. Mitsubishi Electric

U.S. v. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

U.S. v. Mitsubishi Paper Mills, Ltd.

U.S. v. Mittal Steel Company N.V.

U.S. v. Mizell Bros. Co., Inc.

U.S. v. MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. James Momon, Jr.

U.S. v. Agostino J. Monastra

U.S. v. Monosis, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Gunter Monn

U.S. v. Monsanto Company and Delta and Pine Land Company

U.S. v. Norman Montalvo

U.S. v. Lori Montgomery

U.S. v. Moody's Investors Service Inc.

Moore Corp., Ltd. v. Wallace Computer Services, Inc.

U.S. v. Douglas Moore

U.S. v. Robert G. Moore

U.S. v. Sean Moran

U.S. v. Morgan Drive Away, National Trailer Convoy, and Transit Homes

U.S. v. Morgan Stanley

U.S. v. Morganite, Inc. and The Morgan Crucible Company plc

U.S. and State of Florida v. Morton Plant Health System, Inc. and Trustees of Mease Hospital, Inc.

U.S. v. Mitchell E. Mosallem

U.S. v. Mitchell E. Mosallem, John Ghianni, Haluk K. Ergulec, Birj Deckmejian, and The Color Wheel, Inc.

U.S. v. Bobby Keith Moser

U.S. v. Todd M. Mosiman

U.S. v. Motorama Engineering, Inc.

U.S. v. Motorola, Inc. and Nextel Communications, Inc.

Motorola Mobility LLC v. AU Optronics Corp. et al.

U.S. v. Mountain Health Care, P.A.

U.S. v. Mrs. Baird's Bakeries, Inc. and Floyd Carroll Baird

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. Jeff Mulkey, et al.

U.S. v. Multiple Listing Service of Hilton Head Island, Inc.

U.S. v. Municipal Government Investment Associates, Inc.

U.S. v. James E. Murphy

U.S. v. Phillip Dennis Murphy

U.S. v. Vincent L. Murphy

U.S. v. Christopher H. Murray

U.S. v. Donald L. Murray

U.S. v. Thomas W. Murray

Alphabetical List - N

U.S. v. N.S. Meyer, Inc.

U.S. v. Daniel Moshe Naeh

U.S. v. Hirotsugu Nagata

U.S. v. Nagel Motors Inc.

U.S. v. Gikou Nakajima

U.S. v. Leonard Nash and A. Bohrer, Inc.

U.S. v. NAT, L.C. and D.R. Partners d/b/a Donrey Media Group

U.S. v. National Association of Police Equipment Distributors, Inc

U.S. v. National Association of Realtors

U.S. v. National Automobile Dealers Association

National Basketball Association v. Charles L.Williams

U.S. v. National Broadcasting Co.

U.S. v. National CineMedia, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. National Council on Problem Gambling, Inc.

U.S. v. National Electric Sign Assoc., Maurice R. Ely, John K. Lamb, Sidney C. Fraser and Henry K. Lambke

U.S. v. National Industrial Supply, LLC and Victor Boski

U.S. v. National Linen Service Corp.

U.S. v. National Turtle Farmers & Shippers Association

U.S. v. Nautilus Hyosung Holdings, Inc.

U.S. v. Michael Navone

U.S. v. NEC-Business Network Solutions, Inc.

U.S. v. Cornelis R. Nederveen

U.S. v. Nepera, Incorporated

U.S. v. New Oji Paper Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. New York Periodical Distributors, Inc.

U.S. v. The News Corporation Limited, Fox Television Holdings, Inc., and Chris-Craft Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc., Mission Broadcasting, Inc., Communications Corporation of America, and Silver Point Capital Fund, L.P.

U.S. v. NextiraOne, LLC.

U.S. v. NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Cyrus Niknamfard, aka Kouroush Niknamfard

U.S. v. Erik Nilsen

U.S. v. Nippon Carbon Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Nippon Electrode Company, Ltd.

U.S. v. Nippon Express Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Nippon Gohsei and Hiromi Ito

U.S. v. Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd., et al.

U.S. v. Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha

U.S. v. Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Nissin Corporation

U.S. v. Roger Noack

U.S. v. Ian P. Norris

U.S. v. Norsk Hydro USA and Farmland Industries

U.S. v. Richard W. Northcutt

U.S. v. Val M. Northcutt and Francesco Scaglia

U.S. v. Northrop Grumman Corp. and TRW Inc.

U.S. v. Northwest Airlines Corporation and Continental Airlines, Inc.

U.S. v. Northwest Airlines LLC

U.S. v. NSK Ltd.

U.S. v. Gus B. Nuckols III, a/k/a Butch Nuckols

U.S. v. Andrew J. Nusbaum and Joshua R. Nusbaum

U.S. v. Harvey M. Nusbaum and Jack W. Stollof

U.S. v. Nutrite Corp.

NYNEX Corp., et al. v. Discon, Inc.

Alphabetical List - P

Pacific Bell Telephone Company, dba AT&T California, et al. v. linkLine Communications, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Pacific Scientific Co.

U.S. v. Keith H. Packer

U.S. v. Garfield Pallister

U.S. v. Joseph Panaccione, aka Joe Payne

U.S. v. Panalpina Worldwide Transport (Holding) LTD.

U.S. v. Panasonic Corp. (Refrigerant Compressors)

U.S. v. Panasonic Corp. (Auto Parts)

Pandora Media, Inc. v. American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

U.S. v. Young Hwan Park

U.S. v. Young Keun Park

U.S. v. Parker ITR S.R.L.

U.S. v. Lisa Parvin

U.S. v. Patriot Services, Inc.

U.S. v. Patriot Services, Inc. and Stephanie D. Blackmon

U.S. v. Charles Patton

U.S. v. Frank Peake

U.S. v. Pearson plc, et al. (Reed Elsevier/Harcourt)

U.S. v. Pearson plc, et al. (Viacom)

U.S. v. Peck & Hale, L.L.C.

U.S. v. Nicholas A. Penachio and Nick Penachio Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Nicholas A. Penachio, et al.

U.S. v. Penguin Properties, LLC

U.S. v. Pennzoil Company

U.S. v. Mario Perciavalle

U.S. v. Scott Pere

U.S. v. Craig Perez

U.S. v. Danilo Perez

U.S. v. Henri Pessah

U.S. v. Martin Petersen

U.S. v. Nyree Pettaway

U.S. v. Gerald Petty, et al.

Wayne K. Pfaff v. Wells Electronics

U.S. v. Timothy Pfeil

U.S. v. Pfizer, Inc.

U.S. v. Philipp Holzmann Aktiengesellschaft

U.S. v. Darren K. Phillips

U.S. v. PHSG Holdings, Inc.

U.S. v. Ryan J. Piana, et al.

U.S. v. Pilkington plc and Pilkington Holdings, Inc.

U.S. v. Pioneer Aluminum,Inc.

U.S. v. Tyrone Pipkin

U.S. v. Tyrone D. Pipkin

U.S. v. Richard J. Pisciotta, Jr.

U.S. v. Romano Pisciotti

U.S. v. Pittsburgh Rigging Company, Inc.

U.S. v. Playmobil USA, Inc.

U.S. v. Polar Air Cargo LLC

U.S. v. Ponterio & Associates, Inc.

U.S. v. Pool Fish Distributors, Inc.

U.S. v. David Porath and Andrezej Gosek

Portland General Electric Company v. Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc.

U.S. v. William Alan Potts

U.S. v. Timothy Powers

PPL EnergyPlus, LLC v. Solomon

Practice Management Information Corp. v. American Medical Association

U.S. v. Premdor Inc., Premdor U.S. Holdings, Inc., International Paper Company, and Masonite Corporation

U.S. v. Premio, Inc., f/k/a Premio Computer, Inc.

U.S. v. Primestar, Inc., et al

U.S. v. Professional Consultants Insurance Company, Inc.

U.S. v. Pronto Staffing, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Pumps, Valves & Equipment, Inc.

U.S. v. David Purpi

U.S. v. Kyoungwon Pyo

Alphabetical List - R

U.S. v. Rack Shop (DE) Inc.

U.S. v. Randall Lee Rahal

U.S. v. Kenneth L. Rains

U.S. v. Richard Ralston

Bobby J. Rast, et al. v. U.S.

U.S. v. Joseph Rastegar

U.S. v. James Rattoballi

U.S. v. Raycom Media, Inc.

U.S. v. Raytheon Company and Texas Instruments Inc.

U.S. v. Raytheon, General Motors, and HE Holdings

U.S. v. RBS Securities Japan Limited

U.S. v. Darrell Read et al.

Reading International, Inc., et al. v. Oaktree Capital Management, LLC, et al.

U.S. v. Regal Beloit Corporation and A.O. Smith Corporation

U.S. v. Regal Cinemas, Inc. and Consolidated Theatres Holdings, GP

U.S. v. Reilly Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. Patricia A. Remele

U.S. v. Norman T. Remick

U.S. v. Ren-Loi,Inc.

U.S. v. Michael Renquist

U.S. v. Republic Services, Inc.

U.S. v. Republic Services, Inc. and Allied Waste Industries, Inc.

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. Republic Services, Inc. and Allied Waste Industries, Inc.

U.S. and Florida v. Reuter Recycling of Florida, Inc. and Waste Management Inc. of Florida

U.S. v. Mohammed Rezaian

U.S. v. Huber Wally Rhodes, Jr.

U.S. v. Rhône-Poulenc Biochimie S.A.

U.S. v. Reed A. Richard

U.S. v. Richter's Bakery of San Antonio, Inc.

U.S. v. Robert A. Riddell

U.S. v. Richard Rituno and Consumer Displays, Inc.

Ritz Camera & Image, LLC v. SanDisk Corporation

U.S. v. Gavino Rivera-Herrera, et al.

U.S. v. Riverside Seat Company, et al.

U.S. v. Robert Bosch GmbH

U.S. v. Brian L. Roberts

U.S. v. James P. Robinson

U.S. v. Paul Robson, et. al.

U.S. v. Rochester Gas & Electric

U.S. v. Angel L. Rodriguez Vasquez

U.S. v. Bradley Roemer

U.S. v. Mark Roemer

U.S. v. Roland Pugh Construction, Inc.

U.S. v. Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc.

U.S. v. Mija S. Romer and Khem C. Batra

U.S. v. Roquette Freres and Bertrand Dufour

U.S. v. Juventino Rosas

U.S. v. Daniel T. Rose

U.S. v. Robert Rose

U.S. v. Lawrence L. Rosen

U.S. v. Robert D. Rosenberg

U.S. v. Daniel Rosenbledt

U.S. v. Matthew Adam Rothman

U.S. v. Robert E. Rothman

U.S. v. Benjamin Rowner and Jay H. Soled

U.S. v. The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC (4/12/2013)

U.S. v. The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC (5/20/2015)

U.S. v. R.P. Myers, Inc. et al.

U.S. v. Irving A. Rubin and Robert Bonczyk

U.S. v. Rubin/Chambers, Dunhill Insurance Services, Inc. et al.

U.S. v. Frank H. Russo and FHR, Inc.

U.S. v. Yasuo Ryuto, et al.

U.S. v. Ryan's World, Inc.

Alphabetical List - S

U.S. v. Tijani Ahmed Saani

U.S. v. Sabreliner Corp.

U.S. v. Sabry Lee (U.S.A.), Inc.

U.S. v. Scott R. Sacane

U.S. v. Naziemul Safi

U.S. v. Gabriel Sagaz

U.S. v. Michitaka Sakuma

U.S. v. Laith Salma

U.S. v. Salomon Brothers Inc.

U.S. v. David Salomon and M&F Meat Products Co.

U.S. v. Frederick Scott Salyer

U.S. v. Sam Winer Motors,Inc.

U.S. v. Samsung Electronics Company, Limited, and Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

U.S. v. Samsung SDI Company, LTD.

U.S. v. Robert Samuelson

U.S. v. Sanden Corporation

U.S. v. Dennis L. Saner and Harold E. Vogel

U.S. v. Richard J. Sanislo

U.S. v. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Sapa Holding AB and Indalex Holdings Finance, Inc.

U.S. v. Sara Lee Corp.

U.S. v. Sarafan Auto Supply

U.S. v. SAS Cargo Group A/S

U.S. v. Sauger Industries, Inc. and John A. Baker

U.S. v. Stephen Savoy

U.S. v. Theodore Sawchuk

U.S. v. SBC Communications, Inc. and Ameritech Corp.

U.S. v. SBC Communications Inc. and AT&T, Corp.

U.S. v. SBC Communications, Inc. and BellSouth Corporation

SBC Communications v. FCC

U.S. v. Schenker AG

U.S. v. Leonard Schlachter

U.S. v. Alan Schneider, et al.

U.S. v. Leslie Schneiderman

U.S. v. Schutz International, Inc. and Richard F. Machas

U.S. v. Bruce Schwartz

U.S. v. Georges Schwegler

U.S. v. S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc., and Bayer A.G.

U.S. v. Giovanni Scodeggio a/k/a Vanni Scodeggio

U.S. v. Arthur R. Scott, and Evelyn Myers Scott a/k/a/ Evelyn M. Myers

U.S. v. Adrian Scott-Jones

U.S. v. Salvatore Scotto-DiVetta

U.S. v. Scuba Retailers Association

U.S. v. Seafood Incorporated of Henderson, Louisiana

U.S. v. Sea Star Line, LLC

U.S. v. SEC Corporation

U.S. v. Levonda J. Selph

U.S. v. Seminole Fertilizer Corp.

U.S. v. Gabriel Serra

U.S. v. Service Deli, Inc.

U.S. v. SG Interests I, Ltd., et al.

U.S. v. SGL Carbon Aktiengesellschaft and Robert J. Koehler

U.S. v. SGL Carbon Aktiengesellschaft and SGL Carbon LLC

U.S. v. Aref Shahipour a.k.a. Allen Shahipour

U.S. v. Kevin Shahkohi, aka "Kamran Shahkohi"

U.S. v. Sol Shapiro

U.S. v. Sharp Corporation

U.S. v. Edward Shaw

U.S. v. Harvey Shayew

Shell Oil Company v. Dagher

U.S. v. Jeremy R. Sheets

U.S. v. Austin J. "Sonny" Shelton

U.S. v. John Shiells and Miguel De Sanz

U.S. v. Yusuke Shimasaki

U.S. v. Kevin Shin

U.S. v. Showa Corporation

U.S. v. Showa Denko Carbon, Inc.

U.S. v. Dani Siegel; Visart Mounting & Finishing Corp.; and Genetra Affiliates, Inc.

U.S. v. Singapore Airlines Cargo PTE Ltd.

U.S. v. Signature Flight Support

U.S. v. Signature Flight Support, AMR Combs, AMR Corp.

U.S. v. Signature Flight Support and Hawker Beechcraft Services, Inc.

U.S. v. Signature Flight Support Corporation, Ranger Aerospace

U.S. v. Rudolph Silva

U.S. v. Eldon Flyn Simmons

U.S. and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Inc., and Perpetual Corporation

U.S. v. Sioux Sales/Sioux City Night Patrol, Inc.

U.S. v. Bjorn Sjaastad

U.S. v. Ronal G. Skelton

U.S. v. SKW Metals & Alloys, and Charles Zak

U.S. v. Paul L. Sleasman

U.S. v. Keith Slipper

U.S. v. Robert L. Smigel, Therm-All, Inc., Tula D. Thompson, and Supreme Insulation, Inc.

U.S. v. Trevor Smith

U.S. v. Smith International, Inc. and Schlumberger Ltd.

U.S. v. Smithfield Foods, Inc.

U.S. v. Smithfield Foods, Inc. and Premium Standard Farms, LLC

U.S. v. Bernard Mitchell Snead

U.S. v. Société Air France and Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V.

U.S. v. Society Corporation, and Ameritrust Corporation

U.S. v. D. James Sogas

U.S. v. Solvay S.A.

U.S. v. Sakae Someya

U.S. v. Dr. Kuno Sommer

U.S. , New York, and Illinois v. Sony Corp. of America, et al.,

U.S. v. Ransom Soper III

U.S. v. Sotheby's Holdings, Inc.

Southco. Inc. v. Kanebridge Corp.

U.S. v. Southern Container Corp.

U.S. v. Anthony Spadola

U.S. v. Sprint Corp. and Joint Venture Co.

U.S. v. Lawrence B. Stacy

U.S. v. Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and Potash Company of America

U.S. v. Standard Parking Corporation, et al.

U.S. v. Patrick Stainton

U.S. v. Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Troy F. Stanley, Sr.

U.S. v. Star Atlantic Waste Holdings, L.P., et al.

Statoil ASA v. HeereMac v.o.f., et al.

U.S. v. Steele-Nickles & Associates, Inc.

U.S. v. Robert W. Stein

U.S. v. Mel Steinberg, Inc.

U.S. v. Steinhardt Management Co., Inc. and Caxton Corp.

U.S. v. Reinhard Steinmetz

U.S., Missouri and Nebraska v. Stericycle, Inc., ATMW Acquisition Corp., Medserve, Inc., and Avista Capital Partners, L.P. Inc.

U.S. and State of New York v. Stericycle, Inc., SAMW Acquisition Corp., and Healthcare Waste Solutions, Inc.

U.S. v. Kent Robert Stewart a/k/a Kent Stewart

U.S. v. Lee Stewart

U.S. v. G. Frank Stinnett

In Re: Stock Exchanges Options Trading Antitrust Litigation

U.S. v. Norman Stoerr

Stolt-Nielsen, et al. v. U.S.

U.S. v. Stolt-Nielsen S.A., et al.

U.S. v. Stora Enso North America Corp.

U.S. v. Streu Construction Company

U.S. v. Streu Construction Company, Vinton Contruction Company, Ernest J. Streu, a.k.a. "E.J.", John Streu, James J. Maples, and Michael J. Maples

U.S. v. Ernest J. Streu a/k/a "E. J. Streu"

U.S. v. John Streu

U.S. v. Hugo Strotmann

U.S. v. Sturgis Iron & Metal Co., Inc.

U.S. v. Toshio Sudo

U.S. v. Suiza Foods Corp. and Broughton Foods Co.

U.S. v. SunGard Data Systems, Inc. and Comdisco, Inc.

U.S. v. Sunrise Carpet Industries, Inc.

Surgical Care Center of Hammond v. Hospital Service District No. 1 of Tangipahoa Parish

U.S. v. Dieter Suter

U.S. v. Leslie S. Sutorius

U.S. v. Yuji Suzuki

U.S. v. Kenneth A. Swanger

U.S. v. Jack W. Swann, et al.

U.S. v. Syndial S.p.A.

U.S. v. Syngenta AG, Astrazeneca PLC, Koninklijke Cooperatie Cosun U.A., and Advanta B.V.

SystemCare v. Wang Laboratories

Alphabetical List - T

U.S. v. Hisamitsu Takada

U.S. v. Takata Corporation

U.S. v. Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd.

U.S. v. Kosei Tamura

U.S. v. Tamon Tanabe

U.S. v. Susumu Tanaka

U.S. v. Hiroshige Tanioka

U.S. v. Koichi Tano

U.S. v. Target Graphics

U.S. v. A. Alfred Taubman and Anthony J. Tennant

U.S. v. Kenneth E. Taylor, John Kevin Taylor and KK Glass, Inc.

U.S. v. Robert B. Taylor

U.S. v. Taylor & Murphy Construction Co., Inc.

Taylors, Ltd. v. Martin News Agency, Inc., C&S News Agency, Inc., and Rack Shop (DE), Inc.

U.S. v. TD Materials, Inc.

U.S. v. Firooz Tehranchipour, aka "Chris Tehranchipour"

U.S. v. Zul Tejpar

U.S. v. Tele-Communications Inc. and Liberty Media

U.S. v. Norio Teranishi and Hisashi Nakanishi

U.S. v. Anthony Tesvich

U.S. v. Melissa Deaton Tesvich

Texaco, Inc. v. Dagher

U.S. v. Texas Commerce Bancshares, Inc. and Texas Commerce Bank-Beaumont, N.A.

U.S. v. Texas Commerce Bancshares, Inc. and Texas Commerce Bank-Midland, N.A.

U.S. v. Texas Television, Inc., Gulf Coast Broadcasting Company, and K-Six Television, Inc.

U.S. v. Therm-All, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Gerald Thermos

U.S. v. The Thomson Corporation, et al.

U.S. v. The Thomson Corporation and Reuters Group PLC

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. The Thomson Corp. and West Publishing Co.

U.S. v. Bobby Threlkeld, Jr.

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. and Live Nation, Inc.

U.S. v. Tidewater, Inc. and Zapata Gulf Marine Corporation

U.S. v. Tiernay Metals

U.S. v. Time Warner, et. al

U.S. v. Titan Wheel International Inc.

U.S. v. Toho Carbon Fibers, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Tokai Rika Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Tom Paige Catering Co., Inc. and Valley Foods, Inc.

U.S. v. Topa Equities, Ltd.

U.S. v. Ward L. Torrans

U.S. v. Wendel P. Torres

U.S. v. Kevin Tosh

U.S. v. David Topkins

U.S. v. Takashi Toyokuni, et al.

U.S. v. Toyo Tanso USA Inc.and Takeshi Takagi

U.S. v. Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Toyoda Gosei, Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. T.RAD Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. Christopher Tranchina

U.S. v. Trelleborg Industrie S.A.S.

U.S. v. Santi Trimarchi

U.S. v. John F. Triplett

U.S. v. Tri-State Ready Mix, Inc.

U.S. v. True Temper Corporation, et al.

U.S. v. TRW Deutschland Holding GMBH

U.S. and State of New York v. Twin America, LLC, et al.

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. Tyson Foods, Inc. and The Hillshire Brands Company

Alphabetical List - V

U.S. and Colorado v. Vail Resorts, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Alfredo Valdes

U.S. v. Valentec International Corp., LLC

U.S. v. Valeo Japan Co., Ltd.

U.S. v. ValueAct Capital Partners, L.P.

U.S. v. Steven Keith VandeBrake a/k/a Steve VandeBrake

U.S. v. Marcel L. van Eekhout

U.S. v. Vantec Corporation

U.S. v. Hendrikus van Westenbrugge

U.S. v. John R. Vanzetti

U.S. v. Varian Associates, Inc. and Richardson Electronics, Ltd.

U.S. v. VAW Carbon GmbH

U.S. v. Andrew J. Vena

U.S. v. VeriFone Systems Inc., et al.

U.S. and New York v. Verizon Communications Inc., et al.

U.S. and Plaintiff States v. Verizon Communications Inc. and Alltel Corp.

U.S. v. Verizon Communications Inc. and MCI, Inc.

U.S. and Vermont v. Verizon Communications Inc. and Rural Cellular Corp.

Verizon v. Trinko

U.S. v. Verso Paper Corp. and NewPage Holdings Inc.

U.S. v. Joseph Vesce

U.S. v. Video Network Communications, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Village Voice Media, LLC and NT Media, LLC

U.S. v. Vinton Construction Company

U.S. v. Virginia Harbor Services, Inc. formerly doing business as Trelleborg Engineered Products, Inc.

In Re Visa Check/MasterMoney Antitrust Litigation

U.S. v. VISA U.S.A., VISA International Corp., and MasterCard International Inc.

U.S. v. Vision Service Plan

U.S. v. Walter J. Vivenzio

U.S. v. Harold E. Vogel

Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. v. Reeder-Simco GMC, Inc.

U.S. v. George A. Von Glahn

U.S. v. VS Holding Co., f/k/a Alliance Concrete, Inc.

U.S. v. Vulcan Materials Company and Florida Rock Industries Inc.

Alphabetical List - W

U.S. v. Akira Wada

U.S. v. Leonard Wadler

U.S. v. Sean E. Wagner

U.S. v. Benjamin Walker, Jr.

U.S. v. Carlton Gary Walker

U.S. v. Gary Walker

U.S. v. Littleton Edwards Walker

U.S. v. Scott "Max" Anthony Walker and Ryan Scott McMonigle

U.S. v. The Walt Disney Company

U.S. v. Jon S. Wamser

U.S. v. Garry Wan

U.S. v. Hsin-Tsung Wang, aka H.T. Wang

U.S. v. Washington Gas Energy Systems, Inc.

U.S. v. Washington Mills Company, Inc.

U.S. v. Waste Industries USA, Inc.

U.S. and Florida v. Waste Management, Inc. and Allied Waste Industries, Inc.

U.S. and New Jersey v. Waste Management, Inc. and Allied Waste Industries, Inc.

U.S. v. Waste Management, Inc. and Deffenbaugh Disposal, Inc.

U.S., New York, Pennsylvania and Florida v. Waste Management, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Waste Management of Georgia, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Hiroshi Watanabe

U.S. v. The Watchmakers of Switzerland Information Center, Inc., et al.

U.S. v. Waterblock Roofing and Sheetmetal, Inc.

U.S. v. Frederick L. Watson, Jr.

U.S. v. David Wedean

U.S. v. Martin Weinberger

U.S. v. Morris Weinberger

U.S. v. Aaron S. Weiner

U.S. v. Abraham Weiss

U.S. v. Leonard N. Weiss

U.S. v. Wells Dairy, Inc.

U.S. v. Christopher P. West

U.S. v. Johnny A. West

U.S. v. Westbury Press, Inc.

U.S. v. Western Electric Company, Inc., et al. and Bell Atlantic Corporation, et al.

U.S. v. Westinghouse Electric Corporation and Infinity Broadcasting Corporation

U.S. v. Donald J. Westmaas

Weyerhaeuser Company v. Ross-Simmons Hardwood Lumber Company, Inc.

U.S. v. Barrett C. White

White & Case LLP and Nossaman LLP, et al. v. U.S.

U.S. v. Dan F. Whitt

U.S. v. David L. Whitt

U.S. v. Peter Whittle, David Brammar, Bryan Allison, and Jacques Cognard

U.S. v. The Wickliffe Services Company, Inc. and Jerry R. Wickliffe

U.S. v. Paul M. Wilkinson

U.S. v. William Barrett Numismatic Limited

U.S. v. Robert L. Williams, Lloyd Whann, and M.M. Parrish Construction Co.

U.S. v. Robert Williams

Willis-Knighton Medical Center v. City of Bossier

U.S. v. Casey Wilmot

U.S. v. Kern Carver Bernard Wilson

U.S. v. Windshield Sales & Service, Inc., Windshield Sales & Service of Dallas, Inc., and Mesquite Auto Glass, Inc.

U.S. v. Amy Winikoff, Winko New Jersey Inc., and Republic Container Corp.

U.S. v. Maurice Wolf

U.S. v. Joseph Wolfson, et al.

U.S. v. Woman's Hospital Foundation and Woman's Physician Health Org.

U.S. v. Hilton Wong

U.S. v. Jaime Wong

U.S. v. Jorge Wong

U.S. v. James M. Woodason

U.S. v. Woodson & Associates, Inc.

U.S. v. WorldCom, Inc. and Intermedia Communications, Inc.

U.S. v. WorldCom and Sprint Corp.

U.S. v. Matthew Worthing

U.S. v. Alexander W. Wright

U.S. v. Wrisco Industries and Agostino James Monastra

U.S. v. Jui Hung "Sam" Wu

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