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In Re: Stock Exchanges Options Trading Antitrust Litigation

Robert Strougo, Esq., individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, LSP Partners L.P., Alan Boryk, Edward Meisel, Bruce McCall, Jeffrey Broderick, Adam Edelstein, Barry Pinkowitz, Rachel Chuang, Alan Nussbaum, George Kinney, Ronald K. Drucker, Robert Dunn, Wilson N. Krahnke, Marc Seidband, John P. Abbamondi, Richard T. Devincent, I. Scott Edelstein, Lonnie B. Reiver, Ronnie S. Yarboraough, Jason Silver
American Stock Exchange, Inc., a New York not for profit corp., Chicago Board Options Exchange, Inc., a Delaware not for profit corp. Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Inc., a Delaware not for profit corp., Pacific Exchange, Inc., a California corporation., New York Stock Exchange, Inc., a New York not-for-profit corp., Wolverine Trading, L.P., Susquehanna Investment Group Inc., John Does 1-100, Spear, Leeds & Kellogg, L.P., a New York limited parternship., Amex, CBOE, PHX, PCX, M.J.T. Securites LLC, Cole, Roesler Trading, L.P., Assets Mondial, LLC., Kodiak Capital Management, LLC., Chin Options LLC., Oppenheimer, Noonan, Weiss, L.P., Arbitrade LLC., Timber Hill L.L.C., Professional Edge Fund, L.P. Tague Securites Corp., Lakota Trading Inc., Refco Securities, Inc., Bridgeport Securities Group Co., Johnson Trading Corp., Group One Trading L.P., Beartooth Trading Inc., Cranmer & Cranmer, Inc. Goin & Co., L.L.C., Ags Specialist Partners, Letco, Bearhunter LLC., Kalb, Voorshi & Co., LLC. Highland Securities Co., Ghm, Inc., D.A. Davidson & Co., Inc., Charlton, Inc., Hull Trading Co. L.L.C., Binary Traders, Inc.

Brief Amicus Curiae of The United States Urging Reversal In Support of Appellants (July 20, 2001)

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