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MARCH 10, 1994



Segment 3 - March 10, 1994, Maui, Hawaii - Video Tape

CHAUDRET:           It has to be sent.  Each, each Working Party minutes has to be sent.

WILSON:             (ui) if we need to be (ui).

YAMAMOTO:           (ui).

MIMOTO:             (ui).
WILSON:             I have this (ui) this, this (ui).

MIMOTO:             With, uh, name of the participants for the meeting...

CHAUDRET:           Yeah.

MIMOTO:             would be recorded...

CHAUDRET:           Yeah.

MIMOTO:             too?
CHAUDRET:           Yeah.

MIMOTO:             So uh, if we use this, uh, plenary meeting as a cover, then our name is
                    on the, uh, minutes of the meeting. 

CHAUDRET:           As it is here.

MIMOTO:             Yes.

WILSON:             (ui)

MIMOTO:             Many commercial people and some technical people.

WILSON:             Right.

MIMOTO:             And we have to really discuss the real matter.

WILSON:             Yeah.  Absolutely.

MIMOTO:             On maybe next day we will have a price talk?

WILSON:             That's right.

CHAUDRET:           Yeah.

MIMOTO:             Uh, but our name will-will be on.

WHITACRE:           It'll be on you-It'll be on you...

MIMOTO:             This is, uh, purpose of The Association or...

WILSON:             Right.

MIMOTO:             This is uh...

WHITACRE:           Be on (ui).

MIMOTO:             This just a waste.

CHAUDRET:           (ui)

WHITACRE:           (ui)

MIMOTO:             (ui)

CHAUDRET:           At least we meet, there is, we meet officially.  We set, we agree.  And
                    then we recognize that we met officially.  That's it or to discuss these,
                    uh, specific, uh, topics.

MIMOTO:             Not entirely.

CHAUDRET:           Otherwise, if you have an inquiry of the, I don't know the, uh, EC (ui)... 

     (Several talk at once - ui).

CHAUDRET:           how to justify in, uh, in Brussels?

WILSON:             No (ui) first.  No, it's not fair.

CHAUDRET:           Or Paris or, we can meet anywhere, it can be...

WHITACRE:           It'd be unusual.

WILSON:             It'd be unusual, but I...


WHITACRE:           I think the direction of The Association is good.  I'm really concerned
                    about the names, how they'd be on the...

MIMOTO:             Yeah.

WHITACRE:           agenda.

MIMOTO:             Yeah.

WILSON:             What you're doing, uh, early terms is you're setting up a brand new
                    Association.  That's what you're doing.  So it's a perfect cover.  Now,
                    2 years down the road or a y-year down the road or 9 months down
                    the road, you'll admit you don't want it, but that kinda cover.  But right
                    now, it's perfect cover.  It's perfect.

YAMAMOTO:           Yes.