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Speeches by Former Assistant and Deputy Assistant Attorneys General

Anne K. Bingaman

Former Assistant Attorney General

September 19, 1996

Competition and Innovation: Bedrock of the American Economy

May 16, 1996

International Cooperation and the Future of the U.S. Antitrust Enforcement

May 14, 1996

Antitrust Enforcement in the Meatpacking Industry

February 28, 1996; Corrected April 25, 1996

Recent Enforcement Actions by the Antitrust Division Against Trade Associations

January 25, 1996

Consolidation and Code Sharing: Antitrust Enforcement in the Airline Industry

November 30, 1995

The Clinton Administration: Trends in Criminal Antitrust Enforcement

November 16, 1995

Antitrust and Banking

October 11, 1995

Antitrust Division Cooperation with State Attorneys General

April 20, 1995

Injecting Competition into Regulated Industries

April 7, 1995

Cooperative Antitrust Enforcement

February 28, 1995

Promoting Competition in Telecommunications

February 23, 1995

Criminal Antitrust Enforcement, a Joint Address by AAG Anne K. Bingaman and DAAG Gary R.Spratling

January 26, 1995

Antitrust Enforcement and American Prosperity

November 17, 1994

Antitrust Policy for the 21st Century

October 27, 1994

International Antitrust: A Report from the Department of Justice

October 7, 1994

Antitrust, Innovation, and Intellectual Property

October 5, 1994

The Importance of Antitrust in Health Care

September 26, 1994

Competition Policy and the Telecommunications Revolution

August 4, 1994

International Antitrust Enforcement Assistance Act

July 29, 1994

Innovation and Antitrust

June 16, 1994

The Role of Antitrust in Intellectual Property

May 16, 1994

U.S. Antitrust Policies in World Trade

April 8, 1994

Report from the Antitrust Division, Spring 1994

March 18, 1994

Antitrust Health Care Issues in the Clinton Administration

March 3, 1994

The Role of Antitrust in International Trade

February 25, 1994

Intellectual Property and Antitrust in the Clinton Administration

February 16, 1994

The Health Care Guidelines and Associations—How Associations Can Work with the Department of Justice

January 10, 1994

Antitrust and Innovation in a High Technology Society

October 21, 1993

Change and Continuity in Antitrust Enforcement

August 10, 1993

Antitrust Enforcement, Some Initial Thoughts and Actions

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