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United States v. City of New York
FDNY Employment Discrimination Case

Important Update!

The parties (the United States, the Vulcan Society and several class representatives, and the City of New York) have reached an agreement in principle to settle this case.

Under the agreement in principle, the City will pay a total of approximately $98 million to African-American and Hispanic victims of discrimination who filed claim forms and who have already been found eligible for relief by the Court.

For more information about the agreement in principle, please see the press release and Frequently Asked Questions.

Claimants who have been found eligible for relief by the Court may obtain more information about how the proposed settlement affects their claims for relief at, which will have updated information about the settlement in the coming days and weeks.

This website will also be updated as additional details about the proposed settlement become available.

Claims process update

If you submitted a claim form, see the Claims Process page for more information.

Update your contact information

If you have already submitted a claim form in this case and your contact information has changed since you submitted the claim form, please provide your updated contact information here.

Current Status & Important Dates

(see Case Timeline and Court Decisions page for more info)

March 18, 2014
The parties announced that they had reached an agreement in principle to settle this case.
February 18, 2014
Deadline for eligible black claimants to submit compensatory damages claim forms (optional)
September 4, 2013
Deadline for eligible claimants to respond to the City's discovery requests.
August 9, 2013
Court issued final set of determinations regarding claimants' eligibility for relief.
June 28, 2013
Special Masters issued final set of Reports and Recommendations regarding claimants' eligibility for relief.
June 6, 2013
The Court entered a Modified Remedial Order in accordance with the Second Circuit's May 14 opinion.
May 14, 2013
The Second Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling overturning the intentional discrimination finding and sending the intentional discrimination claim to a new district court judge for trial. The Second Circuit also upheld most of the remedies ordered by Judge Garaufis, including a Court Monitor to oversee the FDNY's hiring, and held that Judge Garaufis would maintain jurisdiction over financial and other remedies.


Please do not contact the court for information about this case.

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