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United States v. City of New York
FDNY Employment Discrimination Case

Important Information about the Claims Process


On March 18, 2014, the parties announced that they had reached an agreement in principle to settle the case. If the Court approves the proposed settlement, the City of New York will pay a total of approximately $98 million in back pay and lost fringe benefits to black and Hispanic claimants who already submitted claim forms and were deemed eligible for relief by the Court. (The Court ordered that no new claim forms would be accepted after June 10, 2013.)

In addition to receiving a share of the settlement award, eligible claimants may also receive or have already received additional types of relief, including:

  • Consideration for a job offer to become an FDNY firefighter (must meet all current minimum job qualifications, except the age requirement)
  • Seniority to current FDNY firefighters and those hired as a result of this lawsuit
  • Black applicants may also receive compensatory damages (which are separate from back pay) under certain conditions

All individuals who submitted a claim form should have received a letter in November 2012, stating whether the United States has preliminarily determined that they are eligible for relief. Individuals who submitted a claim form but did not receive a letter in November 2012 should contact the United States.

If you submitted a claim form, you should have already received the court-appointed Special Master's recommendation on your eligibility for relief. If you did not receive the Special Master's recommendation, you may log onto your claimant portal and download a copy of the recommendation at You may also call GCG at (866) 297-7120. If you disagree with the Special Master's recommendation, you were given a limited time to object. Instructions and the deadline for filing your objection were included with the letter sent to you in the same mailing with the Special Master's recommendation.

The Court has finished reviewing the Special Masters' recommendations and issuing eligibility determinations. A copy of the Court's eligibility determination will be mailed to you and will also be posted on your claimant portal at If you need to request an additional copy of the Court's eligibility determination, you may check your claimant portal or contact GCG at (866) 297-7120. If you are a black claimant and you have questions about seeking a claim for compensatory damages, please visit

Important: Update your contact information

If you have already submitted a claim form in this case and your contact information has changed since you submitted the claim form, please provide your updated contact information using GCG's claimant portal. [You will be re-directed to an external site]

Please do not contact the court for information about this case.

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