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Proposed Consent Decrees
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This page contains links to consent decrees that the Division has recently lodged in the federal district courts and on which the Division is currently accepting public comment. In each case, a notice was published in the Federal Register and a link to that notice is also provided. The notice includes a brief description of the settlement, the procedure for submitting public comments, and the date the comment period closes.

If the consent decree was negotiated prior to filing the lawsuit, a copy of the complaint — filed contemporaneously with the consent decree — is also provided. Some cases have more than one consent decree posted. Typically, this reflects cases in which the Division has negotiated separate consent decrees with different defendants, or groups of defendants. Each consent decree is posted separately.

CaseComment Period
U.S. v. Sainz, et al. To Be Scheduled
U.S. v. Washakie Renewable Energy LLC No Comment Period
U.S. v. Richard Middleton, et al 03/31/15 - 04/30/15
U.S. v. MTU America 03/30/15 - 04/29/15
Herberg v. EPA 03/30/15 - 04/29/15
U.S., et al. v. Continental Carbon Company 03/27/15 - 04/27/15
U.S. v. The Atlas-Lederer Company, et al. 03/25/15 - 04/24/15
U.S., et al. v. Exide Technologies (d/b/a Exide Technologies, Inc.) 03/20/15 - 04/20/15
U.S. v. Pharmacia Corp., et al 03/17/15 - 04/16/15
U.S. v. Total Petroleum Puerto Rico Corp. 03/16/15 - 04/15/15
U.S. v. Richard A. Mancino, et al. 03/12/15 - 04/13/15
U.S. v. Hill Brothers Chemical Company 03/12/15 - 04/13/15
U.S. v. Abeldgaard, et al. 03/10/15 - 04/09/15
U.S. v. Boulos Family Properties, LLC, et al. 03/05/15 - 04/06/15
U.S. v. Newmont USA Limited 03/04/15 - 04/03/15
U.S. v. Barrick Goldstrike Mines 03/04/15 - 04/03/15
U.S. v. Basic Recycling, Inc. 03/03/15 - 04/02/15

Technical questions about this webpage may be directed to  Any comments on proposed consent decrees should be submitted in accordance with the instructions provided in the pertinent Federal Register notice; they are not received at this email account.

If you have a disability and the format of a document provided interferes with your ability to access the information contained within, please email We will provide the information to you in an alternative format.

Legal documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and may be viewed using a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Last Updated: March 2015