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Administrative, Technical and Paralegal Employment
Yosemite National Park, a view of El Capitan.  Courtesy of Jeff Bank (DOJ/ENRD/EO)
These types of positions are listed here:

Administration and Management: Information Technology Specialists, Budget Analysts, Management Analysts, and others contribute to the overall management of the organization.

Paralegal Specialists: Paralegals perform a wide array of tasks including administrative case preparation, cite checking, legal research, drafting memoranda, compiling legislative histories, and ensuring conformance to applicable court rules.

Legal Assistants: Legal Assistants provide assistance to Division attorneys by performing a wide range of administrative legal support tasks on ENRD litigation.

"Over the last five years I have worked as both an honors paralegal and subsequently as an Honor Grad attorney in ENRD's Environmental Enforcement Section. I cannot imagine a better place to work as a legal professional. In just the last year I have had the opportunity to work on cases involving the Gulf Oil Spill, the sewer system of a major US city, emissions from a large Gulf Coast Refinery, and the failure of an interstate oil pipeline. In each case, I was able to help bring about direct benefit to the environment and the affected communities. ENRD is staffed by a group of skilled professionals who truly care about the Agency's mission and who work every day to improve the lives people around the country."

Brandon Robers, Honor Paralegal & Honor Graduate Attorney, Environmental Enforcement Section

Closing Job Summary Agency Location Salary
4/10/2015 Supervisory Management & Program Analyst
This position is located in the Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD), Executive Office (EO), Office of Administrative Services (OAS). OAS provides administrative support services, including analytical planning and assessment activities, to over 600 Division employees in the areas of space planning, facilities, property management, field office management, physical security, personnel security, records management, transit subsidy, and parking. OAS also has responsibility for oversight of the Division's Service Center Contract which provides staff with mail, copy, supply, and file room services.

Your resume must demonstrate your ability to perform the following competencies:

• Administration and Management
•Managing Employees
•Organizational Awareness
•Contracting Procedures
•Written Communication

Vacancy Ann. #:ENRD-15-032-MP
Who May Apply:Status Candidates
Pay Plan:GS-0343-14
Appointment Term:Permanent
Job Status:Full-Time
Opening Date:3/26/2015
Salary:$107,325.00 to $139,523.00 / Per Year
Offices, Boards and Divisions US-DC-Washington $107,325.00
4/3/2015 Legal Administrative Specialist
This position is located in the Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD), Appellate Section, in Washington, DC. The Appellate Section is responsible for handling cases in the federal courts of appeals involving ENRD, for preparing appeal recommendations, and for preparing drafts for the Office of the Solicitor General of petitions and briefs in all ENRD cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

This vacancy is also being announced concurrently with Announcement# ENRD-15-029-MP for employees with Federal status and applicants eligible for special appointment authorities under merit promotion procedures. Please review that announcement to determine if you are eligible to apply under those procedures. NOTE: Applicants must apply separately for each announcement.

Vacancy Ann. #:ENRD-15-029-DEU
Who May Apply:Public
Pay Plan:GS-0901-09
Appointment Term:Permanent
Job Status:Full-Time
Opening Date:3/23/2015
Salary:$52,688.00 to $68,465.00 / Per Year
Offices, Boards and Divisions US-DC-Washington $52,688.00

Last Updated: March 2015