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May 27, 2005

                                          AND EXECUTIVE OFFICERS

FROM:            Debra M. Tomchek
                         Director, Human Resources
                         Justice Management Division

SUBJECT:      Certificates for Retiring Employees

Periodically, the Personnel Staff is contacted with requests from supervisors for certificates for retiring employees. For your convenience and to allow managers the greatest degree of flexibility in honoring the accomplishments of retiring employees, your staff may make arrangements for certificates through two sources.

The Multimedia Section (MS) of the Justice Management Divisionís Facilities and Administrative Services Staff will provide unframed or framed retirement certificates for $20 and $35, respectively. Due to handling, framing is limited to Department Components within the Washington Metropolitan Area. Customized items may cost more depending upon the type of frame requested. MS also handles unframed and framed Office of Personnel Management (OPM) certificates for $15 and $45. Reimbursement is done by using form DOJ-430, DOJ-216, or DOJ-2. In addition, MS has available for purchase various plaques and DOJ seals suitable for signing. For more information, contact MS staff on (202) 514-4567. In formation on the MS is also accessible through the Departmentís intranet site.

Certificates are also available for purchase on a semiannual basis by ďridingĒ the OPM order of government retirement certificates through the Government Printing Office (GPO). The cost of certificates varies slightly from year-to-year. Personalization and framing is not provided as part of the purchase; only the certificates. GPO purchases must be coordinated through the Departmentís Printing Procurement Unit or through your Componentís printing procurement officer. For more information about ďridingĒ the OPM order, please see the attached. Information is also accessible on OPMís website.

If you have additional questions about Departmentís awards and recognition program, please contact Glenn Kivlen, Programs and External Relations, Human Resources, Justice Management Division on (202) 616-5180 or by email at

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