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Federal Tort Claims Act Amendment (P.L. 89-506)

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Public Law
P.L.89-506 [80 Stat. 306 (1966)]
H.R. 13650 [Read twice and referred June 7, 1966]
H.R. 13650 [Reported by Mr. Ervin, without amendment June 24, 1966]
S. 3162 [Introduced April 1, 1966]
Presidential Statements
Disposition of Claims By or Against the Government, Statement By the President Upon Signing Four Bills Providing For More Fair And Equitable Procedures [Administration of Lyndon B. Johnson, July 19, 1966, p. 957]
House Report No. 1532 [To accompany H.R. 13650, May 16, 1966]
Senate Report No. 1327 [To accompany H.R. 13650, June 24, 1966]
Hearings and Related Documents
Improvement of Procedures in Claims Settlement and Government Litigation, hearing before Subcommittee No. 2 of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, 89th Congress, 2nd Session, on H.R. 13650 ... H.R. 13651 ... H.R. 13652 ... H.R. 14182 ... April 6, 1966
Amending the Federal Tort Claims Act to Authorize Increased Agency Consideration of Tort Claims Against the Government, and for Other Purposes [Congressional Record 12258 June 6, 1966]
Collection of Claims of the United States [Congressional Record 12260 June 6, 1966]
Judgments for Costs Against the United States [Congressional Record 14375 June 27, 1966]
Increased Agency Consideration of Tort Claims Against the Government [Congressional Record 14376 June 27, 1966]
Statute of Limitations for Certain Actions Brought By the Government [Congressional Record 14378 June 27, 1966] en espanol Office of the United States Attorneys
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