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Information for Victims in Large Cases
The Department of Justice is committed to ensuring that victims of crime are an integral part of the criminal justice process. We generally personally contact each victim of the crimes we prosecute. For our very largest cases, where individual contact is impossible, we create case websites for victims providing information, updates and services. A listing of the current large cases is below. If you believe you are a victim of one of these cases, search for the defendant’s name or another common name associated with the case. The link provided at the case’s name will direct you to that case’s website. You may visit the case website anytime for the most recent case developments.
Case NameFamiliar Names and TermsDistrict or DivisionOverview
United States v. Jeffrey L. ShipleyMail Theft
Postal Service
Mail delay
District of MarylandFrom August 1993 through March 2014, defendant Jeffrey L. Shipley was a postman with the United States Postal Service. On May 29, 2014, Shipley was charged by Information with theft of mail by a Postal Service employee, and with delay and destruction of mail by a Postal Service employee. The Information alleges that Shipley failed to deliver over 20,000 pieces of mail, including mail from the Parkville Branch and Catonsville Carrier Annex. Examples of items alleged to be in his possession include money orders, prescription medications, passports and greetings cards containing checks.
United States v. John Raffle and David ApplegateJohn Raffle
David Applegate
ArthroCare Corp.
Criminal DivisionRaffle and Applegate, two former senior executives of ArthroCare Corp, allegedly engaged in a scheme to defraud the company’s shareholders and members of the investing public by falsely inflating ArthroCare’s earnings by tens of millions of dollars.
U.S. v. Quality Egg, LLC, et al.Wright County Egg, LLC
Peter DeCoster
Austin (Jack) DeCoster
Northern District of Iowa

Quality Egg, LLC (also known as Wright County Egg and Environ), Austin (Jack) DeCoster, and Peter DeCoster pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of introducing adulterated eggs into interstate commerce. The charge resulted from Quality Egg, LLC’s sale of eggs contaminated with Salmonella Enteriditis between about the beginning of 2010 and August 2010.

Quality Egg, LLC also pled guilty to one count of bribing a USDA Inspector and one count of selling mislabeled food with intent to defraud or mislead.

United States v. Robert Allen Stanford et al.Robert Allen Stanford
Stanford International Bank
Stanford Financial Group
Laura Pendergest-Holt
Gilbert Lopez
Mark Kuhrt
Leroy King
Criminal DivisionR. Allen Stanford, the former board of directors’ chairman of Stanford International Bank (SIB), was convicted by a federal jury of orchestrating a 20-year investment fraud scheme in which he misappropriated $7 billion from SIB to finance his personal businesses.
U.S. v. Jeffrey K. SkillingJeffrey Skilling
Kenneth Lay
Criminal DivisionSkilling and other Enron executives engaged in a scheme to deceive the investing public, the SEC and others about the true performance of Enron’s businesses. The scheme was designed to make it appear that Enron was growing at a healthy and predictable rate, that Enron was comprised of a number of successful business units, and that the company had an appropriate cash flow. It had the effect of inflating artificially Enron’s stock price, and artificially stemming the decline of the stock during the first three quarters of 2001. The fraud scheme eventually unraveled and Enron filed for bankruptcy in December 2001, making its stock virtually worthless.
U.S. v. ObozokhaeSmoke Shop and Accessories
Emily Obozokhae
Southern District of TexasFrom February 2005 through October 2007, the defendant operated Smoke Shop and Accessories which conducted money transfer transactions. Counterfeit checks were mailed to individuals who were advised to cash and wire a portion of the proceeds to a third party. The wired monies were then intercepted and used for the defendant’s personal use.
U.S. v. Jeanne MaherStudio Pay
Studio Traffic
Studio Rocks
Northern District of New YorkStudio Traffic was an organization that represented itself to be an investment mechanism whereby members could open an account by depositing money with Studio Traffic and thereafter earn a return on their investment. Rather, Studio Traffic redistributed funds from other members to provide the appearance that profit was being credited to member accounts.
U.S. v. Thomas Anderson Bowdoin, Jr. (a/k/a Andy Bowdoin)AdSurfDaily, Inc.
Andy Bowdoin
District of ColumbiaThe indictment alleges that from in or around August 2006 through in or around August 2008, Bowdoin operated a "Ponzi" scheme through a company
U.S. v. Bernard L.Madoff and Related CasesErnica Cotellessa-Pitz
Frank DePascali, Jr.
David Friehling
Eric Lipkin
Southern District of New YorkCriminal information was filed in Manhattan federal court chargin Bernard L. Madoff with eleven felony charges including securities fraud, investment adviser fraud, mail fraud, wwire fraud, three counts of money laundering.

Updated: June 2014