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Foreign Claims Settlement Commission Libya Claims Program

For more information on the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission Libya Claims Program, please visit Please note that the filing deadline for all claims was July 7, 2010, and that claimants must have met U.S. nationality requirements and have been physically injured in the incident. If you have questions please call the Commission at (202) 616-6975, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (EST).


Category E - Claim for Physical Injury or Wrongful Death (not previously filed in U.S. court): (1) the wrongful death or injury resulted from one of the Covered Incidents listed below; (2) the claimant was not a plaintiff in the Pending Litigation; and (3) the claimant’s decedent was killed or the claimant was physically injured in the incident which has been alleged to form the basis of the claim.

In order to be eligible for compensation under category E, the claimant must have been injured or killed in one of the below identified incidents:

  1. May 30, 1972 attack at Lod Airport in Israel.
  2. December 17, 1983 vehicle bomb explosion near Harrods Department Store in Knightsbridge, London, England.
  3. November 30, 1984 (approximate) kidnapping and subsequent death of U.S. citizen.
  4. March 25, 1985 (approximate) kidnapping and subsequent death of U.S. citizen.
  5. November 23, 1985 hijacking of Egypt Air flight 648.
  6. December 27, 1985 attack at the Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome, Italy.
  7. December 27, 1985 attack at the Schwechat Airport in Vienna, Austria.
  8. April 5, 1986 bombing of the La Belle Discotheque in Berlin, Germany.
  9. September 5, 1986 hijacking of Pan Am flight 73.
  10. Detention beginning February 10, 1987 of the passengers and crew of the private yacht “Carin II.”
  11. December 21, 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103.
  12. September 19, 1989 bombing of UTA flight 772.
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