ATTACHMENT D -- Summary of Principal Changes in Freedom of Information Act made by 1974 Amendments

Changes Place in Amended Act
1. Publication or alternative requirement concerning indexes of (a)(2) materials 552(a)(2)
2. Administrative time limits and extensions, and contents of denial letters 552(a)(6)
3. Uniform agency fees for search and duplication 552(a)(4)(A)
4. Disciplinary proceedings for arbitrary or capricious denials 552(a)(4)(F)
5. In camera inspection by court of requested documents 552(a)(4)(B)
6. Shortened time to answer complaint in court 552(a)(4)(C)
7. Attorney fees award for requesters who prevail 552(a)(4)(E)
8. Revision of exemption 1 for defense and foreign policy records classified under Executive Order 552(b)(1)
9. Revision of exemption 7 for investigatory law enforcement records 552(b)(7)
10. Availability of "reasonably segregable portion" of record 552(b) (at end of subsection)
11. Annual reports to Congress 552(d)

(In addition, the 1974 Amendments make a number of other changes in the Act which, for the purposes of most agencies, are believed to be generally less significant.)

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