FOIA Update
Vol. III, No. 2

FOIA/PA Training Needs Survey

Job Title: __________________________________________

Agency: ______________________________________________

Degree of FOIA/PA involvement:

___Full-time   ___Part-time   ___Only Occasional

Have you had FOIA/PA training?

_____ Often   _____Occasionally  _____Never

If so, where? ____________________________________________

Course Title(s): _________________________________________

Which formats have you found to be most helpful?

_____All Day   _____Half Day

_____Workshops   _____On-the-job Training   _____Lectures

_____Seminars  _____Self-teaching Materials   _____(Specify)

What level of training is most needed?

_____Introductory   _____Advanced  _____Updating

In which areas would you like to receive training?

_____Administrative Procedures   _____FOIA/ PA Interface

_____Classification Review   _____Fees: Calculation, Waiver

_____Protection of Business Data   _____Law Enforcement Records

_____Agency Deliberative Records   _____Redaction of Records

_____Interagency Exchange of Records   _____Privacy Act

_____Protection of Personal Privacy   _____Recent Developments

Have you used FOIA Update in training?

_____Often   _____Occasionally   _____Never

If so, how has it been helpful? _________________________

How could it be improved? _______________________________

What other materials have been helpful? _________________________

What other materials would you like to see developed? ___________________________

Name (optional) and additional comments: _____________________________________

The Department of Justice is attempting to ascertain the training needs of federal agency employees who work with the Freedom of Information Act and/or the Privacy Act of 1974. Please feel free to copy the above form and circulate it within your agency to other access professionals. Forms should be returned to the Office of Information and Privacy, Room 6345, Main Justice Building, Washington, D.C. 20530, before April 30. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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