News and Press Releases

Press Releases
December 2010

12/01/2010 Wheeling Resident Sentenced to 6-1/2 Years on Drug Charge
12/01/2010 Martinsburg Resident Enters Plea of Guilty to Perjury Charge
12/03/2010 Two Upshur County Residents Arrested on Methamphetamine Charges
12/09/2010 Grand Jury Indicts Four Individuals
12/09/2010 Four Upshur County Residents Sentenced on Methamphetamine Charges
12/14/2010 Five Individuals Sentenced in Federal Court
12/14/2010 Martinsburg Resident Enters Plea of Guilty to Embezzlement
12/14/2010 Mexican National Sentenced for Illegal Re-Entry into the United States
12/14/2010 Another Saunders’ Co-Conspirator Sentenced
12/14/2010 Former Postal Service Employee Enters Plea to Misappropriation of Postal Funds
12/14/2010 Grand Jury Indicts Eleven Individuals
12/16/2010 United States Attorneys’ Offices Contributed to $6.68 Billion In Civil & Criminal Collections in Fiscal Year 2010 Recoveries Largest in History
12/17/2010 Two Individuals Enter Pleas of Guilty
12/17/2010 Bruceton Mills Resident Sentenced for Sexual Abuse of a Ward
12/17/2010 Wheeling Resident Enters Plea of Guilty to Firearms Charge
12/22/2010 East Liverpool Resident Enters Plea to StolenFirearms Charge
12/22/2010 Braxton County Resident Enters Plea to Firearms Charge
12/22/2010 Two Men Convicted after Eight-Day Jury Trial
12/28/2010 United States Attorney Recognizes Brooke County Youth,
and Bethany College Social Work Department