News and Press Releases

Press Releases
March 2012

03/01/2012 Martinsburg Resident Indicted by Federal Grand Jury Appears in Federal Court
03/01/2012 Five Individuals Were Sentenced During the Month of February
for Federal Supervised Release Violations
03/01/2012 Ohio Valley Drug Task Force seizes $133,000 and 43 pounds of Marijuana;
Pennsylvania man charged with Federal felony
03/05/2012 Clay Resident Enters Plea to Firearms Charge
03/05/2012 Wheeling Resident Sentenced for Attempting to Transfer Obscenity to a Minor
03/05/2012 Another Member of Oxycodone Organization Sentenced in Federal Court
03/07/2012 Grand Jury Indicts Seven Individuals
03/07/2012 Grand Jury Indicts Pennsylvania Resident
03/12/2012 Salem Resident Enters Plea in Federal Court
03/14/2012 Three Individuals Sentenced and One Individual Enters Pleas in Federal Court
03/18/2012 Martinsburg Resident Enters Plea to Heroin Charge
03/21/2012 Grand Jury Indicts Fourteen Individuals
03/23/2012 Grand Jury Indicts Four Individuals
03/23/2012 Two Individuals Convicted on Escape Charge
03/23/2012 Martinsburg Resident Enters Plea to Use of a Minor to Distribute Crack Cocaine
03/23/2012 Two Individuals Enters Pleas in Federal Court

Federal Inmate Enters Plea and is Sentenced in Federal Court

03/23/2012 Maryland Resident Enters Plea to Firearms Charge
03/26/2012 Upshur County Sheriff’s Department and Feds Dismantle Meth Ring
03/28/2012 Buckhannnon Resident Enters Plea to Stolen Firearms Charge
03/28/2012 Martinsburg Resident Arrested on Drug Charges
03/28/2012 Morgantown Resident Enters Plea to Heroin Charge
03/28/2012 Detroit Resident Sentenced on Firearms Charge
03/29/2012 Three Individuals Arrested Pursuant to Federal Indictments
03/29/2012 Morgantown Health Care Providers pay $2.25 Million for False Claims, Substandard Care