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Apple, Inc., Hachette Book Group, Inc., HarperCollins Publishers L.L.C., Verlagsgruppe Georg Von Holtzbrinck GmbH, Holtzbrinck Publishers, LLC d/b/a Macmillan, the Penguin Group, a Division of Pearson PLC, Penguin Group (USA), Inc., and Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Comments ATC-0801 to ATC-0851

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ATC-0801   Resnick, Laura
ATC-0802   Murphy, Liz (The Learned Owl Book Shop)
ATC-0803   Mulvihill, Pete (Green Apple Books And Music)
ATC-0804   Modesitt, Leland
ATC-0805   Marshall, John (Episcopal Bookstore)
ATC-0806   Magistro, Nicole (The Bookworm)
ATC-0807   Lipskar, Simon (Writers House)
ATC-0808   Lenaz, Gerald (The Cloak & Dagger)
ATC-0809   Landon, Hut (Northern California Independent Booksellers Association)
ATC-0810   Heaton, Judy & Jerry (The Bookworm)
ATC-0811   Day, Christie Olson (Gallery Bookshop)
ATC-0812   Zack, Andrew H. (The Zack Company, Inc.)
ATC-0813   Spence Susan (McLean & Eakin Booksellers) [Text version]
ATC-0814   Gantos, Jack
ATC-0815   Hayes, Trina
ATC-0816   Mayrberger, Sheri
ATC-0817   Sanback, Carolyn
ATC-0818   Taylor, Susannah
ATC-0819   Gibbons, Ann [Text version]
ATC-0820   Brower, Jean, et al. (Blackwood & Brouwer Booksellers Ltd)
ATC-0821   Vunk, Patricia (The Dolphin Bookshop)
ATC-0822   Zimiles, Jonah (Words Maplewood's Bookstore)
ATC-0823   Wilmer, Susie E (Book Shop of Fort Collins, Inc.)
ATC-0824   Steffes, Pat
ATC-0825   Sommerfeld, Richard (Book Shop of Fort Collins, Inc.)
ATC-0826   Shultz, Leslie Griesbach
ATC-0827   Robinson, Chuck (Village Books)
ATC-0828   Ritchie, Thomas E.
ATC-0829   Rebillot, Merrie-Lee
ATC-0830   Pines, Lynn M. (McLean and Eakin Booksellers)
ATC-0831   Pagnamenta, Zoe (The Zoe Pagnamenta Agency)
ATC-0832   Osborne, Mary Pope
ATC-0833   Newman, Mary Anne
ATC-0834   Morrow, Chris (Northshire Bookstore)
ATC-0835   Moir, Dr. Michael and Mrs.
ATC-0836   McAndrews, Marie J
ATC-0837   Long, Susannah (Diesel Bookstore)
ATC-0838   Levitt, Sarah (The Zoe Pagnamenta Agency)
ATC-0839   Langs, Karen
ATC-0840   Kolakolki, Mark E.
ATC-0841   Jonnes, Jill
ATC-0842   Hugo, John M (HugoBookstores)
ATC-0843   Buskirk, Nancy
ATC-0844   Burkhardt, Don and Bernadette
ATC-0845   National Association of College Stores
ATC-0846   Harris, Sloan (International Creative Management)
ATC-0847   Mayersohn, Jeffrey (Harvard Book Store)
ATC-0848   Strebel, Joseph
ATC-0849   Windwalker, Stephen (Kindle Nation Daily)
ATC-0850   Schmoll, Frederick (Ramer, Moore, Schmoll & Martin representing McLean & Eakin Booksellers)
ATC-0851   Nettell, Andy (Back of Beyond Books)

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