Training and Technical Assistance


The Department of Justice (DOJ) provides training and technical assistance (TTA) to further practical and specialized knowledge to implement and enhance justice system efforts. DOJ supports training and technical assistance that is both specifically geared toward tribes and across broader topic areas.

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Topical TTA Resources and Eligibility

DOJ provides subject matter-based training and technical assistance across topic areas that include:

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DOJ Tribal Training and Technical Assistance Providers

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Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Law Enforcement

Tribal Courts

Tribal Civil and Criminal Legal Assistance

Corrections, Alternatives to Incarceration, and Reentry

Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Justice

Victim Services

Intergovernmental Collaboration

Information Sharing

Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act

Domestic and Sexual Violence Crimes

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Grants and Financial Training

In addition to subject matter-based TTA resources and tools to assist tribes with programmatic issues related to project implementation, DOJ offers grant management-related training and technical assistance regarding the grant application process, grant management, and financial management.

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TTA Events

Crime Prevention Strategies

Event Date(s):

October 23, 2014


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

Event Title:

Crime Prevention Strategies




Participants may include federal, state, local, and tribal personnel from: law enforcement, corrections, probation & parole, prosecution, courts, victim services, and community service professionals.

Type of Event:

Open - Registration Required

Host Agency(s):

The US Department of Justice

Event Details:

The October 23rd Crime Prevention Strategies Webinar will discuss the crime triangle and the criteria necessary for crime to occur (Desire, Ability, Opportunity).  The webinar will focus on ways in which crime can be reduced by eliminating the opportunity for potential targets to become crime victims.  Best practices in using environmental design to enhance crime prevention efforts will be highlighted.  Participants will learn about the benefits of community involvement, as well as establishing partnerships in order to maximize crime prevention successes. Following the overview, attendees will have an opportunity for a live question and answer session to learn more about implementing similar programs in their community. 

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:


Funding Agency(s):

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services


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