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Civil Rights Enforcement

This office will review every complaint and, where appropriate, pursue the matter or refer it to another agency or entity.  Please keep in mind that this office cannot represent you in any matter and you may need your own attorney.

If you believe that you have a civil rights matter, you may complete the Civil Rights Complaint Form.

You may believe that your rights were violated, but it does not necessarily follow that your civil rights have been violated.  If so, your complaint may be more directly processed if you contact to the most appropriate agency.  Please visit common inquiries and links to the appropriate agency information.

Federal regulations guarantee same-sex spouses and same-sex domestic partners full and equal visitation privileges at all Medicare and Medicaid participating hospitals.  If you have been denied this right, you may lodge a complaint with the New Jersey Department of Health. Learn more about the denial of same-sex visitation rights at hospitals.

Updated March 25, 2015