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Externship (Academic Year) Program

As an active member of the local legal education community, the United States Attorney's Office has worked with both Seattle University and the University of Washington to establish an externship program in conjunction with each of these local law schools. Student externs receive academic credits from their respective law schools based on the (documented) educational experience they gain from their work in the United States Attorney's Office. Per law school accreditation requirements, students who work in, and receive academic credits through, extern programs may not be paid for that externship.

Law students who serve as externs participate in the work of various Assistant U.S. Attorneys in much the same way as do summer clerks, except that externs remain always under the guidance of the Assistant who is the designated Field Supervisor for the respective law school's externship program. The Field Supervisor, in turn, collaborates with the Externship Coordinator at the student's law school to insure that the externship experience in the United States Attorney's Office fully satisfies the educational criteria established by that student's law school.

The United States Attorney's Office hosts externs each academic term, from the University of Washington Law School and from Seattle University Law School.

To Apply for the Externship Program

If you are a Seattle University or University of Washington law student who wishes to apply for the externship program for credit at your law school, contact your respective Externship Coordinator at your law school.

You should also submit an application packet to the United States Attorney's Office containing:

  1. A cover letter describing your interest in an externship with the United States Attorney's Office;
  2. A resume;
  3. Your most recent available academic transcript; and
  4. A writing sample to:

Becca Cohen, Field Supervisor,
UW Externship Program
Ye-Ting Woo, Field Supervisor,
Seattle U. Externship Program

U.S. Attorney's Office
700 Stewart Street, Suite 5220
Seattle, WA 98101

Application deadlines vary for the externship positions, according to the date upon which the academic term begins. Deadlines can be obtained by calling the designated Field Supervisor (listed above) within the U.S. Attorney's Office at 206-553-7970.

Seattle University applicants must apply through the Seattle U. Externship Program and follow the Program's established deadlines and requirements. University of Washington applicants can find more information through listings posted on Simplicity, the U.W. Career Services' website.

Updated February 10, 2015