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Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Do not post personal information online (name, age, birth date, address, telephone number, or school name). This information can be used by others to find out where you and your family live.

Do not post your picture online – it can be copied or changed or used to find you.

Do not post your plans and activities in a chat room or on your personal website.

Do not communicate with someone who has made you uncomfortable or afraid. Tell your parents or a trusted adult if someone does.

Do not meet with someone you met online without first telling your parents or guardian.

Do not respond to hurtful or inappropriate messages.

Do remember that people can lie online and say they are something they are not. Someone who says they are a 12-year-old girl could really be an older man looking to harm you.

Do save messages that upset you and show them to your parents.

Do share your password with your parents.

Do visit to learn more about Internet safety.

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