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Victim-Witness: Victim Services

Below are some the services which are available to federal crime victims through the U.S. Attorney's Office Victim-Witness Assistance Program:

1. General information regarding the criminal justice system;
2. Notice of the status of the prosecution;
3. Notice of case events; 
4. Referrals to crisis intervention, counseling and other victim assistance services; 
5. Information regarding the state crime victim compensation program;
6. Court accompaniment;
7. Information about submitting victim impact statements and claims for restitution;
8. Information about making verbal victim impact statements at the time of sentencing;
9. Employer intercession, when appropriate and needed;
10. Creditor intercession, when appropriate and needed;
11. Secure waiting area while at court proceedings;
12. Information and/or assistance with respect to transportation, lodging, parking, child care and translator services when court attendance is required.









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