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The United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania was created in 1801 when Pennsylvania, one of the original thirteen judicial districts, was divided into the Eastern and Western Districts. The Middle District was carved from these districts in May 1901.

On March 11, 1801, James Hamilton was commissioned as the district's first United States Attorney. Since that time, there have been several United States Attorneys in this district which have had notable subsequent careers. These include William A. Stone, who won election to the United States Congress in 1890 and later became Governor of Pennsylvania; Harry Alvan Hall, who had previously served in the Pennsylvania Senate; and the Honorable Dick Thornburgh, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan as the Attorney General of the United States, and who served as Governor of Pennsylvania for two consecutive terms.

The United States Attorney's Office in Pittsburgh currently consists of more than 100 employees, including more than 50 lawyers - in addition to the United States Attorney and First Assistant United States Attorney - who are called Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs). The principal office is located in downtown Pittsburgh and branch offices are located in Erie and Johnstown.

The United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania has three major divisions - Criminal, Civil, and Appellate - and a non-lawyer Administrative Division.

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Western District of Pennsylvania U.S. Attorney's

James Hamilton           March 11, 1801
Andrew Stewart           April 20, 1818
Alexander Brackenridge           March 3, 1821
George W. Buchanan           October 22, 1830
Benjamin Patton, Jr.           October 22, 1832
John P. Anderson           June 12, 1839
Cornelius Darragh           March 25, 1841
William O'Hara Robinson           March 29, 1844
John L. Dawson           July 22, 1845
J. Bowman Sweitzer           August 27, 1850
Charles Shaler           April 19, 1853
Richard Biddle Roberts           April 21, 1857
Robert B. Carnahan           April 12, 1861
Henry B. Swope           January 24, 1870
David Reed           March 24, 1874
Henry H. McCormick           June 29, 1876
William A. Stone           July 6, 1880
George A. Allen           December 4, 1886
Walter Lyon           June 21, 1889
Stephen C. McCandless           April 26, 1893
Harry Alvan Hall           June 8, 1893
Daniel B. Heiner           September 14, 1897
James S. Young           February 10, 1902
John W. Dunkle           March 17, 1905
John H. Jordan           April 15, 1909
Edwin Lowry Humes           September 10, 1913
R. Lindsay Crawford           September 2, 1918
Edwin Lowry Humes           August 20, 1919
Robert J. Dodds           June 1, 1920
D. J. Driscoll           August 19, 1920
Walter Lyon           March 11, 1921
John D. Meyer           July 18, 1925
Louis Edward Graham           October 31, 1929
Horatio S. Dumbauld           August 17, 1933
Charles F. Uhl           May 12, 1941
Owen McIntosh Burns           May 16, 1947
Edward C. Boyle           November 3, 1949
John W. McIlvaine           July 16, 1953
D. Malcolm Anderson, Jr.           August 19, 1955
Hubert I. Teitelbaum           March 17, 1958
Joseph S. Ammerman           June 5, 1961
Gustave Diamond           February 2, 1963
Richard L. Thornburgh           June 4, 1969
Blair A. Griffith           July 7, 1975
Robert J. Cindrich           September 29, 1978
J. Alan Johnson           July 31, 1981
Charles D. Sheehy           January 15, 1989
Thomas W. Corbett, Jr.           November 30, 1989
Frederick W. Thieman           August 16, 1993
Linda L. Kelly           August 1, 1997
Harry Litman           October 22, 1998
Linda L. Kelly           April 28, 2001
Mary Beth Buchanan           September 18, 2001
Robert S. Cessar           November 17, 2009
David J. Hickton           August 12, 2010

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