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Criminal Division

The criminal division is led by Criminal Chief Donald Feith and Deputy Criminal Chief Robert Veiga. The chief manages the administration of the division and supervises the investigation and prosecution of white collar offenses and appeals to the court of appeals. The deputy chief supervises the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes, serves as the anti-terrorism coordinator, and coordinates the presentment of cases to the grand jury.   The chief and the deputy chief also prosecute cases.

The criminal division has ten Assistant U.S. Attorneys assigned to cases in the district court and an Assistant U.S. Attorney assigned as the appellate coordinator. The division has two sections - a violent crime section and a white collar crime section - with five lawyers assigned to each. The division includes the Law Enforcement Coordinator, a Victim-Witness Coordinator, and an Intelligence Research Specialist. The lawyers in the division are supported by a Litigation Support Specialist, four paralegal specialists and four legal assistants.

The staff of the criminal division works closely with many federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to coordinate investigations and prosecutions of federal crimes, including financial crimes and fraudulent schemes, crimes involving the distribution of controlled substances, crimes relating to the possession and trafficking of firearms, crimes concerning the possession, manufacturing and distribution of child pornography and the registration of sexual offenders, violent crimes such as robberies, carjacking, kidnaping and gang violence, and crimes involving computer intrusions, identity theft, and credit card counterfeiting and fraud.

The criminal division staff also engage in community outreach and education projects such as Project Safe Neighborhoods and Project Safe Childhood. The staff also has responsibility for administering the victim witness program and compliance with the Victims Rights Act. Finally, staff members participate in various multi-jurisdictional law enforcement efforts such as the Mortgage Fraud Task Force, the Identity Fraud Task Force, and the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Counsel.

Updated April 10, 2015