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Monitors, Receivers, Claims Administrators

In connection with its criminal and civil enforcement efforts, the United States Attorney's Office occasionally selects, or participates in the selection of, monitors, receivers, special masters, claims administrators, and similar appointments.  In some instances, depending on the circumstances and exigencies of the case, the United States Attorney's Office will solicit applications for such positions. Cases (if any) in which we are currently soliciting applications are listed below.


United States v. General Motors Company (“GM”)

The United States Attorney’s Office invites applications from qualified persons to serve as the Independent Monitor under the terms of the September 16, 2015, Deferred Prosecution Agreement between the Office and GM. The duties and responsibilities of the Independent Monitor are set forth in the Deferred Prosecution Agreement, which is an exhibit to the GM Civil Forfeiture Complaint and Exhibits, available on the Victim & Witness Services pages of our web site. Interested persons should complete a Monitor Application and email it to by October 4, 2015.

Updated September 18, 2015