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News and Press Releases

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January 2014

01/30/2014 Jury finds Moundsville Man Guilty of Drug Trafficking
01/30/2014 Triadelphia Resident Convicted on Obstructing and Resisting Officers Charges
01/30/2014 Three Individuals Indicted on Crack Cocaine Charges
01/29/2014 Two Ohio Residents Convicted for Drug Trafficking in Harrison County
01/29/2014 Moorefield Resident Enters Pleas in Federal Court
01/27/2014 Drug task force formed to serve region
01/22/2014 Wellsburg Man Convicted Of Heroin Distribution
01/22/2014 Five appear in Federal Court on Drug Trafficking Charges
01/22/2014 Four Martinsburg Residents Sentenced on Drug and Firearms Charges
01/16/2014 Four Sentenced for Sale of Heroin in Morgantown
01/14/2014 USP Hazelton Inmates Enter Pleas and are Sentenced
01/14/2014 Five Individuals Enter Pleas in Federal Court
01/13/2014 Steubenville Man Convicted on Cocaine Trafficking Charge
01/13/2014 Nine Individuals Sentenced for Federal Supervised Release Violations
01/09/2014 U.S. Attorney’s Office Collects $3,240,685.55 in Civil and Criminal Actions for U.S. Taxpayers in Fiscal Year 2013
01/09/2014 Triadelphia Resident Sentenced to 27 Months on Federal Firearms Charge
01/08/2014 Five Plead Guilty to Gun Charges stemming from Stonewood Police Break-In
01/08/2014 Former Bank Executive Indicted on Fraud Charges
01/08/2014 Drug Task Force Investigations lead to Federal Indictments
01/08/2014 Former Fairmont State V-P Convicted of Embezzlement, Tax Charges

February 2014

02/27/2014 Wheeling man convicted on Drug and Gun charges
02/27/2014 Martinsburg man receives 87 month sentence for Cocaine Trafficking
02/27/2014 Ten Individuals Sentenced on Methamphetamine Charges
02/26/2014 Four Individuals Appear in Federal Court
02/24/2014 Ohio Resident Sentenced for Environmental Violations
02/20/2014 Barbour County Sheriff admits to fraud, resigns position
02/20/2014 Division of Highways supervisor indicted on False Statement charge
02/14/2014 Four Individuals Sentenced for Federal Supervised Release Violations
02/14/2014 Ten Individuals Convicted On Heroin Trafficking Charges
02/14/2014 Three Individuals Sentenced on Firearms Charges
02/12/2014 Commercial airline pilot charged with travelling to have sex with minor
02/12/2014 Baltimore men face heroin distribution charges in West Virginia
02/10/2014 Fifteen charged in conspiracy to distribute painkillers
02/06/2014 Mountaineer Highway Interdiction Team expands into Harrison County
02/05/2014 Marshall County Drug Task Force announces expansion of enforcement efforts
02/03/2014 Three Martinsburg Residents Arrested Pursuant to Federal Indictments
02/03/2014 Members of Oxycodone Distribution Ring Convicted in Federal Court
02/03/2014 Utah Sex Offender Convicted of Failure to Register

March 2014

03/31/2014 Three convicted for Distribution of Painkillers

Clarksburg Resident Sentenced to More than 10 Years in Prison on Heroin and Firearms Charges

03/31/2014 Martinsburg man sentenced to prison on Cocaine trafficking charge
03/31/201 West Virginia man sentenced to prison for traveling to have sex with minor female
03/31/2014 Members of cocaine trafficking organization indicted on federal charges
03/21/2014 Art exhibit helps sexual assault victims with healing process
03/18/21014 Wheeling man sentenced for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
03/18/2014 Three Individuals Convicted on Drug Charges
03/10/2014 Airline pilot indicted for traveling to have sex with minor
03/07/2014 W.Va. Division of Highways Administrator Indicted on False Statement charge
03/06/2014 Seven Individuals Sentenced for Federal Supervised Release and Probation Violations
April 2014
04/30/2014 Complaints filed, warrants served to stop sales of Synthetic Marijuana
04/23/2014 Ex-NBA player Chris Herren visits Ohio Valley
04/22/2014 Career criminal gets 140 month sentence
04/22/2014 Five convicted on federal drug charges
04/22/2014 Clarksburg man plead guilty to Federal firearms charges
04/21/2014 Career criminal sentenced to 15 years in prison
04/21/2014 Sex offender sentenced to federal prison, Baltimore men guilty of Heroin charges
04/21/2014 Additional Indictments returned by Federal Grand Jury
04/17/2014 Health care providers to pay $1 million for False Claims, Improper Referrals
04/16/2014 Hedgesville sex offender charged with failure to register
04/15/2014 Harrison County men indicted on federal drug charges
04/14/2014 Virginia man charged with misuse of Government credit card
04/09/2014 Steubenville man sentenced to 21 years for Cocaine trafficking
04/08/2014 Six Individuals Sentenced for Federal Supervised Release Violations
04/07/2014 Drug Indictments returned by Federal Grand Jury in Wheeling
04/07/2014 Weirton sex offender charged with Failure to register
04/07/2014 Coal miner charged with Falsifying safety records
04/07/2014 Michigan man sentenced to 10 years in prison in pill conspiracy
04/07/2014 Fairmont residents sentenced on Meth charges
04/07/2014 Three Individuals Convicted on Drug Charges

May 2014

05/29/2014 New York Resident Indicted for Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods
05/27/2014 MHIT “Blitz” leads to results
05/23/2014 Wheeling Park Students named winners of Drug Free Clubs Essay Contest
05/22/2014 MHIT “Blitz” leads to arrests, recovery of drugs
05/15/2014 Fifteen Individuals Sentenced for Federal Supervised Release Violations
05/14/2014 Former Fairmont State official sentenced to prison
05/13/2014 Morgantown resident convicted on Tax Evasion Charge
05/13/2014 Wheeling man sentenced to 101 Months on Drug and Gun charges
05/12/2014 Seven Central West Virginia Men Indicted on Federal Drug Charges
05/12/2014 U. S. Attorney honors Deputy U. S. Marshal
05/12/2014 FBI agents honored at U.S. Attorney Awards
05/12/2014 Elkins teen wins U.S. Attorney Award for Courage
05/08/2014 Upper Ohio Valley Sexual Assault Help Center honored by United States Attorney

June 2014

06/26/2014 Federal Inmate Convicted Of Assault
06/19/2014 Four Ohio Valley residents admit to distribution of painkillers
06/18/2014 Former U.S. Customs & Border Protection supervisor convicted of fraud
06/18/2014 Federal Grand Jury returns indictments
06/18/2014 Wheeling resident sentenced on firearms charge
06/18/2014 Ohio couple plead guilty in extortion case
06/18/2014 Dog fighting operation results in prison for W.Va. man
06/16/2014 Federal Inmate Convicted Of Murder
06/11/2014 Eight individuals sentenced in Federal Court
06/11/2014 Mother, son convicted in connection with W.Va. pain clinic
06/11/2014 Ohio man convicted on Heroin distribution charges
06/10/2014 Former Barbour County Sheriff sentenced to prison
06/10/2014 Ohio man indicted on Heroin distribution charges
06/09/2014 Brooke County men charged with possession of stolen firearms
06/09/2014 Ohio Valley men convicted on prescription drug trafficking charges
06/04/2014 West Virginia pharmacy pays $2 million for improper dispensing of painkillers
06/03/2014 Veteran charged with falsely claiming more than $480,000 in benefits
06/03/2014 Pharmacist charged with illegal distribution of painkillers

July 2014

07/31/2014 Fourteen Indicted in Heroin Trafficking Conspiracy
07/28/2014 West Milford resident convicted on tax charge
07/24/2014 Pittsburgh man sentenced to 140 months
07/24/2014 Eight individuals sentenced in Federal Court
07/24/2014 Eight individuals convicted in Federal Court
07/24/2014 Morgantown residents indicted for theft of government monies
07/02/2014 Three Central West Virginia Men Convicted on Federal Drug and Firearms Charges
07/02/2014 Ten Individuals Sentenced for Federal Supervised Release and Probation Violations
07/02/2014 Ten Individuals Sentenced for Federal Supervised Release Violations

August 2014

08/25/2014 Coal miner sentenced for falsifying records
08/25/2014 Two Wheeling residents convicted on painkiller distribution charges
08/25/2104 Two convicted on Federal drug charges
08/25/2014 Five sentenced in Federal court
08/25/2014 Leader of cocaine trafficking organization pleads guilty to Federal charge
08/14/2014 Airline pilot convicted of traveling to have sex with minor
08/13/2014 California man charged with distribution of painkillers in West Virginia
08/13/2014 Former WVDOH Supervisor convicted of lying to federal agent

September 2014

09/24/2014 Community leaders to create Ohio Valley addiction action plan
09/17/2014 Ranson resident Indicted on Crack Cocaine Charges
09/17/2014 Doctor indicted for illegal distribution of painkillers
09/12/2014 Pharmacist convicted on drug distribution charges
09/09/2014 Federal inmates appear in court
09/09/2014 West Virginia man sentenced to 15 years on firearms charge
09/09/2014 Six individuals convicted in Federal court
09/09/2014 Maryland men convicted on drug charges
09/09/2014 Fairmont man sentenced to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking
09/09/2014 New York man sentenced to 10 years on cocaine charge
09/09/2014 W.Va. man sentenced to 15 years on child pornography charge
09/05/2014 Three Wheeling residents convicted on painkiller distribution charges

October 2014

10/30/2014 Local coaches embrace domestic violence awareness
10/29/2014 Mexican national convicted of illegal reentry
10/28/2014 Ohio man convicted of selling heroin near local playground
10/28/2014 Martinsburg woman convicted of defrauding IRS
10/27/2014 Berkeley County couple charged with tax evasion
10/27/2014 Fairmont man sentenced to 41 months in prison for cocaine distribution
10/27/2014 Clarksburg man sentenced for unlawful possession of firearm
10/23/2014 West Virginia man sentenced for failure to update sex offender registration
10/23/2014 Wheeling man sentenced to 30 months in prison for possessing stolen firearm
10/23/2014 Martinsburg man convicted of cocaine trafficking
10/23/2014 Three sentenced for painkiller distribution
10/22/2014 Two FCI Gilmer inmates convicted of unlawful possession of heroin
10/22/2014 Federal inmate charged with witness tampering
10/22/2014 Morgantown man charged with multiple drug trafficking offenses
10/22/2014 Two Wheeling area men indicted on firearms charges
10/21/2014 Lewis County man sentenced for painkiller distribution
10/21/2014 Former USP Hazelton inmates sentenced for assaulting inmate and correctional officer
10/20/2014 Upshur County man conceals armed robbery suspect, sentenced to four months in prison
10/20/2014 Two FCI Morgantown inmates convicted of possessing contraband
10/20/2014 Two sentenced for drug trafficking
10/20/2014 Two sentenced on theft, fraud charges
10/20/2014 Two Virginia men sentenced on firearms charges
10/20/2014 West Virginia couple guilty of stealing from elderly victim to purchase beach house
10/16/2014 Ohio man and two Wheeling natives charged with cocaine trafficking near local schools
10/15/2014 Georgia man charged with drug trafficking near local schools
10/15/2014 FBI, U.S. Marshals continue search for convicted sex offender
10/15/2014 Former WV Division of Highways supervisor convicted in state court
10/09/2104 Pennsylvania man convicted of selling cocaine in Bridgeport
10/09/2014 Fairmont man convicted for selling cocaine near housing authority apartment building
10/09/2014 Four sentenced for cocaine trafficking
10/09/2014 Clarksburg woman convicted of distributing painkillers near playground
10/08/2014 Ohio man with prior felony drug conviction discovered with firearm in West Virginia, sentenced to 10 years in prison
10/08/2014 Federal inmate sentenced to life in prison for murdering another inmate
10/07/2014 Three Sentenced in Painkiller Distribution Ring
10/06/2014 Four Convicted of Heroin Trafficking
10/06/2014 Martinsburg man sentenced to 151 months in prison for heroin distribution
10/06/2014 Airline pilot convicted of sex offense on the run
10/02/2014 Martinsburg man charged in Heroin death case
10/01/2014 Trans Energy convicted of Clean Water Act Violations

November 2014


December 2014




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