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12. Abbreviations Used In FBI Reports

AD - Assistant Director
ADIC - Assistant Director in Charge
AGO - Adjutant General's Office
AKA - Also Known As
CID - Criminal Investigation Detachment (Army)
DBA - Doing Business As
DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration
DOB - Date of Birth
EAD - Executive Assistant Director
FNU - First Name Unknown
FOIPA - Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts
FUG - Fugitive
INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service
LDB - Local Draft Board
MSN - Marine Serial Number
NCIC - National Crime Information Center
NSIO - Naval Investigative Service Office (field installations)
NMI - No Middle Initial
NMN - No Middle Name
NSN - Navy Serial Number
OSIAF - Office of Special Investigation (Air Force)
POB - Place of Birth
RUC - Referred upon completion to office of origin
SE - Special Employee (FBI)
SA - Special Agent (FBI)
SAA - Special Agent Accountant (FBI)
SAC - Special Agent in Charge (FBI)
ASAC - Assistant Special Agent in Charge (FBI)
SO - Sheriff's Office
SPOL - State Police
SS - Selective Service
SSAN - Social Security Account Number
UNSUBS - Unknown Subjects
UCR - Uniform Crime Reporting (or Report)
USA - United States Attorney
AUSA - Assistant United States Attorney
USDC - United States District Court

[cited in USAM 1-2.303]

Updated May 14, 2015