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Each day over 200 employees in this office come to work for the citizens of the Northern District of Georgia. Each of us considers public service a privilege. We seek daily to fulfill the public's trust in us and the public's expectation we will protect them. Meeting this expectation is challenging in a district of over six million people with a geographic scope that runs from the mountains in the north, to the Atlanta suburbs in the south, from the border of Alabama in the west, to the two Carolinas in the east. While these are the district's geographic boundaries, our work really extends well beyond them when we coordinate with other law enforcement agencies to combat the threat to international and domestic terrorism and when we work with agencies and intelligence sources literally around the world to identify those who bring the scourge of drugs to our country and our state.

We also work hard to restore and maintain public confidence in governments, and in corporate America, by investigating and prosecuting those who abuse the public and private sector positions entrusted to them. While addressing crimes like these that impact all of us, we also attend earnestly to crimes that, even though they may have fewer victims, also cause serious harm. Indeed, we day to day aggressively investigate violent crimes, and those who illegally possess and use firearms. And our duties do not end there. We are charged with firmly but reasonably defending federal agencies and officials against civil claims and we aggressively pursue, both criminally and civilly, those who damage the government and others through fraud and abuse. We collect restitution for victims, collect the just debts of the United States and its agencies, and use the federal forfeiture laws to disrupt and deter criminal activity and dismantle criminal enterprises.

With your help, we will remain strong and safe. We are effective in what we do when we have your support, cooperation, and encouragement in identifying and prosecuting those who would commit crimes against us and our nation. This web page is intended to strengthen our partnership with you by letting you know what we do and who you may contact if you need our help, or you need to let us know about something that may be happening in your community. We hope what you find here will show you how national and local, federal and state, government and citizens are working together to make our district, our state, and our country a safe place to raise our children and a place where businesses and public officials act with integrity and in the interest of America and its people.






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