Victim & Witness Services

The Office’s Victim and Witness Coordinator provides important services to victims and witnesses of federal crimes, including providing information about compensation for expenses and court-ordered restitution. 

SDNY Victim and Witness Coordinator
United States Attorney's Office
One St. Andrew's Plaza
New York, New York 10007

Victim Services
The Office is committed to protecting the rights of crime victims.  If you are a victim of a crime being prosecuted by our Office, our Victim and Witness Unit can make sure that you are notified of important stages of the case and can help refer you to other agencies that provide important services, including compensation and counseling. Learn about your rights as a victim

Case Updates
In general, the Government attempts to identify each victim in a given case, and to provide those victims with the information relevant to the case through the Department of Justice’s Victim Notification System. In cases where, due to the number of victims involved, or for other reasons, such notification is impracticable, the Government may use other methods to communicate with victims, including posting relevant information online.  Click on the links below for more detailed information about specific cases:

Additional Resources

Witness Services
If you have been notified that you are required to appear as a witness for the Government in a case or other legal proceeding being handled by this Office, the Victim/Witness Unit will make arrangements for your travel and lodging, which we will prepay. If you are coming from outside the local court area, you should not make travel arrangements yourself.

If you believe a Department of Justice employee failed to provide crime victim rights, you may submit a complaint form.


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Victim Witness Assistance

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