John W. Smith    1821-1829
John Slidell    1829-1833
Henry Carlton    1833-1836
P. K. Lawrence    1836-1837
Thomas Slidell    1837-1838
Benjamin F. Linton    1838-1841
Balie Peyton    1841-1845
Solomon W. Downs    1845-1846
Thomas I. Durant    1846-1850
Logan Hunton    1850-1853
E. Warren Moise    1853-1855
Thomas S. McCay    1855-1856
Franklin H. Clack    1856-1857
Thomas J. Semmes    1857-1859
Henry C. Miller    1859-1863
Rufus Waples    1863-1870
James R. Beckwith    1870-1878
Albert H. Leonard    1878-1885
Charles Parlange    1885-1889
William Grant    1889-1892
Ferdinand B. Earhart    1892-1896
J. Ward Gurley, Jr.    1896-1900
William W. Howe    1900-1907
Rufus E. Foster    1907-1909
Carlton R. Beattie    1909-1913
Walter Guion    1913-1917
Joseph W. Montgomery    1917-1919
Henry Mooney    1919-1921
Louis H. Burns    1921-1925
Wayne G. Borah    1925-1928
Edmond E. Talbot    1928-1933
William H. Norman    1933
Rene A. Viosca    1933-1934
Warren Doyle    1934-1937
Hebert W. Christenberry    1937-1941
Robert Winestein    1941-1947
J. Skelly Wright    1947-1949
John M. McKay    1949-1950
George R. Blue    1950-1953
M. Hepburn Many    1953-1957
Kathleen Ruddell    1957-1961
Louis C. LaCour    1961-1969
Gerald J. Gallinghouse    1969-1978
John P. Volz    1978-1991
Harry A. Rosenberg    1991-1993
Robert J. Boitmann    1993-1994
Eddie J. Jordan, Jr.    1994-2001
Jim Letten    2001-2012
Dana J. Boente    2012-2013
Kenneth Allen Polite, Jr.    2013-Present
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Disaster Fraud Hotline

If you believe you have been a victim of fraud from a person or an organization soliciting relief funds on behalf of storm victims or have knowledge of waste, abuse, or allegations of mismanagement involving disaster relief operations, contact the National Center for Disaster Fraud toll free at: (866) 720-5721. You can also fax information to: (225) 334-4707 or e-mail it to: disaster@leo.gov

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Stay Connected: Visit us on Twitter

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