News and Press Releases

Press Releases
May 2011

05/02/2011 Wheeling Resident Entered Guilty Pleas on Child Pornography Charges
05/05/2011 Seven Individuals Named in Two Methamphetamine Indictments
05/05/2011 Honduras Citizen Indicted by a Federal Grand Jury
05/05/2011 Clarksville, Pennsylvania, Resident Indicted for Conspiracy to Commit Bank Robberies and Bank Robbery Charge
05/05/2011 Hazelton Inmate Indicted on Contraband Charge
05/05/2011 Two Enter Guilty Pleas to Firearm and Drug Charges
05/05/2011 Illegal Alien Convicted and Sentenced for Illegal Reentry into the United States
05/05/2011 Two Sentenced on Methamphetamine Charges
05/13/2011 Moorefield Physician Sentenced for Illegally Dispensing Hydromorphone
05/13/2011 Petersburg Resident Sentenced to 20 Years on Methamphetamine Charge
05/13/2011 Falling Waters Resident Sentenced on Domestic Violence Charge
05/13/2011 Two Sentenced for Illegally Re-Entering the United States
05/13/2011 Twelve Sentenced on Drug Charges
05/13/2011 Martinsburg Physician Sentenced on Health Care Fraud Charges
05/13/2011 Falling Waters Resident Sentenced to 5 Years for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
05/13/2011 Brooklyn, New York, Resident Sentenced 17 ½ Years on Heroin Charges
05/18/2011 Three Kanawha County Residents Sentenced For Distributing Oxycodone
05/18/2011 Inwood Man Indicted for Failure to Register As a Sex Offender
05/18/2011 El Salvador Citizen Indicted for Illegal Re-Entry
05/18/2011 Oakland, Maryland, Resident Indicted on Embezzlement and Tax Evasion Charges

Charles Town Resident Entered Guilty Plea to Drug Charge- Traded Firearm Involved in Accidental Shooting

05/18/2011 Kearneysville Resident Entered Guilty Plea to Firearm Charge
05/18/2011 Morgantown Resident Indicted on Tax Charges
05/18/2011 Jackson, Michigan, Resident Entered Guilty Plea in West Virginia for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
05/18/2011 Braxton County Resident Sentenced on Firearm Charge
Braxton County Resident Entered Guilty Plea to Firearm Charge
05/20/2011 Morgantown Resident Sentenced for Failure to Update Sex Offender Registration
05/25/2011 Charles Town Resident Entered Guilty Plea to Cocaine Charge
05/25/2011 Four Entered Guilty Pleas in Federal Court
05/25/2011 FCI Gilmer Resident Sentenced for Resisting and Impeding a Correctional Officer
05/25/2011 Pittsburgh Resident Sentenced on Heroin Charge
05/25/2011 Fairmont Resident Sentenced on Escape Charge