News and Press Releases

Press Releases
March 2009

3/4/2009 Grafton Resident Enters Plea of Guilty to Child Pornography Charge
3/4/2009 Frederick, Maryland, Resident Sentenced to 15 Years To Felon In Possession Charge
3/4/2009 Martinsburg Resident Sentenced on “Crack” Cocaine Charge
3/4/2009 Hagerstown Resident Sentenced to 5+ Years For Retaliating Against a Witness With Intent to Kill
3/4/2009 Clarksburg Resident Sentenced on Marijuana Violation
3/4/2009 Former Corrections Officer Sentenced on Bribery Charge
3/4/2009 Mexican Citizen Indicted for Unlawfully Entering the United States
3/4/2009 U. S. Attorney Recognizes Elkins Employee
3/4/2009 United States Attorney Collects $16 Million
3/5/2009 Moatsville Resident Sentenced to 10 Years on Possession of Child Pornography Charge
3/6/2009 Weirton Resident Sentenced on Cocaine Charge
3/6/2009 Federal Inmate Sentenced on Assault Charge
3/6/2009 17 Inmates at USP Hazelton Named in 6 Indictments
3/6/2009 Clarksburg Resident Sentenced to 8+ Years On Drug & Firearm Violations
3/6/2009 Clarksburg Resident Indicted on “Crack” Charges
3/6/2009 Two Fairmont Residents Named in “Crack” Cocaine Indictment
3/6/2009 Two Buckhannon Residents Arrested On Methamphetamine Charges
3/6/2009 Glenville Resident Sentenced for Possessing Marijuana and
Cocaine Hydrochloride within 1,000 Feet of Gilmer County High School
3/9/2009 Morgantown Resident Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Defraud the Internal Revenue Service
3/9/2009 Bruceton Mills Resident Sentenced on Embezzlement Charge
3/10/2009 Wheeling Resident Pled to Firearms Violation
3/10/2009 Arizona Resident Sentenced to 30 Years on Three Drug-Related Charges
3/10/2009 Junior Resident Sentenced for Unlawfully Using the Public Telephone System to Distribute Marijuana
3/10/2009 Martinsburg Resident Pled Guilty to Cocaine Charge
3/11/2009 New Jersey Resident Entered Guilty Plea to Firearms Violation
3/11/2009 Morgantown Man Gets 12 Years on Heroin Charge
3/17/2009 Dilliner, Pennsylvania, Resident Sentenced to 10+ Years on Firearms Violations
3/17/2009 Wheeling Resident Sentenced on Firearm Violation
3/18/2009 Eastern Panhandle Resident Charged in “Crack” Indictment
3/18/2009 Elkins Resident Indicted for Identity Theft
3/18/2009 Grafton Resident Sentenced on Child Pornography Charge
3/23/2009 Tunnelton Resident Enters Plea to Drug Charge
3/23/2009 Salem Resident Sentenced on Charge of Distribution of “Crack” Cocaine
3/24/2009 Two Individuals Sentenced on Drug Charges
3/24/2009 “Operation Pill Broker” Targets the Illegal Sale of Prescription Drugs
3/25/2009 Fairmont Resident Sentenced on Heroin Charge
3/25/2009 Inmate Sentenced for Unlawfully Possessing a “Shank” and Possession with Intent to Distribute Marihuana
3/25/2009 Charleston Resident Sentenced on Firearms Charge
3/25/2009 Two Sentenced for Illegally Distributing Prescription Drugs
3/26/2009 Inmate Enters Plea and is Sentenced on Assault Charge
3/26/2009 Two Individuals Arrested on Drug Charges