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Executive Office for Immigration Review

ACIJ Assignments — January 2015

Rico J. Bartolomei
401 West "A" Street, Suite 800,
San Diego, CA 92101
San Diego, East Mesa, Imperial, Eloy, Florence, Phoenix, Tucson Fong
John W. Davis
621 17th Street,
Room 300
Denver, CO 80293
Bloomington, Cleveland, Denver, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Omaha, Salt Lake City, El Paso, El Paso SPC Maggard
Jill H. Dufresne
5107 Leesburg Pike,
Suite 2500
Falls Church, VA 20530
(703) 305-1247
Batavia, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Hartford Nadkarni
Thomas Y.K. Fong
606 S. Olive St., 15th Fl
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 894-2811
Adelanto, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Saipan Bartolomei
MaryBeth Keller
5107 Leesburg Pike,
Suite 2500
Falls Church, VA 20530
(703) 305-1247
Conduct and Professionalism;
Labor Management Issues
Print Maggard
120 Montgomery Str,
Suite 800
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 705-4415
Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma Davis
Deepali (Dee) Nadkarni
5107 Leesburg Pike,
Suite 2500
Falls Church, VA 20530
(703) 305-1247
Dallas, Houston, Houston SPC, San Antonio, Pearsall, Harlingen, Port Isabel Dufresne
Christopher A. Santoro
5107 Leesburg Pike,
Suite 2500
Falls Church, VA 20530
(703) 305-1247
Arlington, Baltimore, HQIC, Philadelphia, York, Charlotte, Memphis, New Orleans, Oakdale Keller
Elisa M. Sukkar
One Riverview Square
333 S. Miami Ave.,Ste 700
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 789-4221
Atlanta, Krome, Lumpkin (Stewart), Miami, Orlando, San Juan Weisel
Jack H. Weil
5107 Leesburg Pike,
Suite 2500
Falls Church, VA 20530
(703) 305-1247
Vulnerable Populations Santoro
Robert D. Weisel
26 Federal Plaza,
12th Fl, Rm 1237
New York, NY 10278
(917) 454-1040
Elizabeth, Fishkill, Newark, New York, Ulster, Varick Sukkar

*To file a complaint regarding an immigration judge's conduct, please click here.

Adelanto Fong Bartolomei
Arlington Santoro Keller
Atlanta Sukkar Weisel
Baltimore Santoro Keller
Batavia Dufresne Nadkarni
Bloomington Davis Maggard
Boston Dufresne Nadkarni
Buffalo Dufresne Nadkarni
Charlotte Santoro Keller
Chicago Dufresne Nadkarni
Cleveland Davis Maggard
Dallas Nadkarni Dufresne
Denver Davis Maggard
Detroit Dufresne Nadkarni
East Mesa Bartolomei Fong
El Paso Davis Maggard
El Paso SPC Davis Maggard
Elizabeth Weisel Sukkar
Eloy Bartolomei Fong
Fishkill Weisel Sukkar
Florence Bartolomei Fong
Harlingen Nadkarni Dufresne
Hartford Dufresne Nadkarni
Honolulu Fong Bartolomei
Houston Nadkarni Dufresne
Houston SPC Nadkarni Dufresne
HQIC / Falls Church Santoro Keller
Imperial Bartolomei Fong
Kansas City Davis Maggard
Krome Sukkar Weilsel
Las Vegas Davis Maggard
Los Angeles Fong Bartolomei
Memphis Santoro Keller
Miami Sukkar Weisel
New Orleans Santoro Keller
New York Weisel Sukkar
Newark Weisel Sukkar
Oakdale Santoro Keller
Omaha Davis Maggard
Orlando Sukkar Weisel
Pearsall Nadkarni Dufresne
Philadelphia Santoro Keller
Phoenix Bartolomei Fong
Port Isabel Nadkarni Dufresne
Portland Maggard Davis
Saipan Fong Bartolomei
Salt Lake City Davis Maggard
San Antonio Nadkarni Dufresne
San Diego Bartolomei Fong
San Francisco Maggard Davis
San Juan Sukkar Weisel
Seattle Maggard Davis
Stewart Sukkar Weisel
Tacoma Maggard Davis
Tucson  Bartolomei Fong
Ulster Weisel Sukkar
Varick Weisel Sukkar
York Santoro Keller

Updated January 2015

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