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Open Data at the Department of Justice

Department of Justice Open Data Inventory Program
About the DOJ Open Data Program

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is pleased to release a new version of its high-value data inventory as of Nov. 30, 2013. The Inventory  identifies a large set of raw data and other information we believe will be of interest to the public.  This publication meets the requirements of the White House Memoranda M-13-13, Open Data Policy - Managing Information as an Asset (May 9, 2013) and DOJ’s commitment in its Digital Strategy plan.  The inventory includes information previously published on, through DOJ open API’s and through other web-based data outlets.

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DOJ Interim Open Data Identification and Release Process

The DOJ Data Inventory has been scored in accordance with our Interim Open Data Identification & Release Process, which will serve as the Department’s guidance for identifying inventorying DOJ data sets until a formal data transparency policy is released, tentatively planned for 2014. The interim process addresses protections for security, privacy, confidentiality, and other traditional concerns that may warrant redaction of some information in our datasets. Identification of a data set within the DOJ Data Inventory does not mean that DOJ will release the entire data set without appropriate redactions.  The DOJ Data Inventory will be updated regularly as the Department continues its data inventory and review activities and builds its data release management capabilities.

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DOJ Data Catalog Feedback

Do you have a question about the DOJ Data Catalog?  Is the dataset you’re looking for not currently available?  Perhaps you just have a great idea?  We’d love to hear about it.  Please provide comments and suggestions by email to to let us know how we can improve our services.

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