List of Currently Disciplined Practitioners

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January 30, 2023

Recent updates to the list: Kobbie John Konteh, Terence Taniform
Newest changes are also indicated by highlighted blue text that is annotated with the word (NEW).

*These practitioners were expelled from practice prior to January 13, 2012. The term expelled has been replaced by the term disbarred, which has the same meaning and effect. See 77 Fed. Reg. 2,011, 2,013 (Jan. 13, 2012).

For more information about a practitioner's disciplinary history, click on the date highlighted in gold.

To determine whether a practitioner has been previously disciplined, click on this link for the List of Previously Disciplined Practitioners.

For more information about the Executive Office for Immigration Review's Attorney Discipline Program, click on these links:

Rules for Professional Conduct (2000), (PDF)
Amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct (2008), (PDF)
Professional Conduct for Immigration Practitioners - Factsheet (PDF)
Issam A. AbbasMichigan4/15/15 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years4/15/15 (PDF) No
Ande AbrahaNew Jersey/New York2/12/08 (PDF) Disbarred*2/12/08 (PDF) No
Philip Dennis AbramowitzLos Angeles, CA------------Disbarred*9/26/07 (PDF) No
Gary S. AbramsDallas, TX6/6/12 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years6/6/12 (PDF) No
Richard AcevedoSan Antonio, TX10/8/02 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/8/02 (PDF) No
Ryan AdairColorado4/9/14 (PDF) Disbarred4/9/14 (PDF) No
George R. AdamsMaryland/District of Columbia10/27/20 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension10/27/20 (PDF) No
David AgatsteinMaryland4/19/12 (PDF) Disbarred4/19/12 (PDF) No
Taiwo A. AgbajeMaryland5/6/16 (PDF) Disbarred5/6/16 (PDF) No
Anthony D. AgpaoaSan Francisco, CA3/20/13 (PDF) Disbarred3/20/13 (PDF) No
Danilo T. AguilarSaipan12/19/11 (PDF) Disbarred12/19/11 (PDF) No
Marisa AguilarIndiana6/9/15 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/9/15 (PDF) No
Manny AgujaIllinois9/15/11 (PDF) Disbarred*9/15/11 (PDF) No
Anna G. AitaMaryland5/9/18 (PDF) Disbarred5/9/18 (PDF) No
Alexander O. AkpodieteFlorida9/3/08 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months9/3/08 (PDF) No
Mohamed AlamgirDistrict of Columbia------------Disbarred*7/9/04 (PDF) No
Richard R. AlamiaTexas9/9/19 (PDF) Suspended - 30 days9/9/19 (PDF) No
Cynthia Nalleli AlanisTexas5/18/21 (PDF) Disbarred5/18/21 (PDF) No
Roel AlanisTexas12/9/21 (PDF) Disbarred12/9/21 (PDF) No
James H. AlcalaUtah9/4/12 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/4/12 (PDF) No
Francisco Javier AldanaCalifornia8/16/22 (PDF) Suspended7/23/22 (PDF) No
Brad AlexanderFlorida5/7/15 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year5/7/15 (PDF) No
Stephen J. AlexanderLos Angeles, CA9/16/05 (PDF) Disbarred*9/16/05 (PDF) No
Gabrielle AlexisFlorida10/20/10 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/20/10 (PDF) No
Wazir-Ali Al-HaqqLos Angeles, CA7/27/17 (PDF) Suspended – 24 months7/27/17 (PDF) No
Anthony J. AllegrinoNew York1/10/08 (PDF) Disbarred*1/10/08 (PDF) No
Michael C. AllenKansas3/11/09 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension3/11/09 (PDF) No
Paul Shearman AllenDistrict of Columbia11/19/12 (PDF) Disbarred11/19/12 (PDF) No
Mark H. AllenbaughDistrict of Columbia/Ohio8/24/16 (PDF) Suspended – 2 years8/24/16 (PDF) No
Mohammed Noure AloOhio8/18/14 (PDF) Disbarred8/18/14 (PDF) No
Rita Horwitz AltmanFlorida/New York8/31/20 (PDF) Suspended – 3 years6/6/20 (PDF) No
Ricardo R. Amador, IIHouston, TX12/22/08 (PDF) Suspended - 90 days12/22/08 (PDF) No
Jude AmbeMaryland/New York11/26/19 (PDF) Disbarred11/26/19 (PDF) No
Josephine N. AnassiHouston, TX4/6/16 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year4/6/16 (PDF) No
Grosvenor AnschellWashington11/30/00 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years11/30/00 (PDF) No
Alex G. AntzoulatosNew York10/13/21 (PDF) ------------
Thomas ArcherNew York7/8/10 (PDF) Disbarred*7/8/10 (PDF) No
Derrick G. ArjuneNew York8/11/05 (PDF) Disbarred*8/11/05 (PDF) No
Daniel J. Arkell-RocaKansas1/4/17 (PDF) Disbarred1/4/17 (PDF) No
Alain ArmandFlorida12/14/07 (PDF) Suspended - 121 days12/14/07 (PDF) No
Belinda J. ArmijoWashington1/8/13 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension1/8/13 (PDF) No
Darryl Russel ArmstrongMaryland2/1/22 (PDF) Disbarred2/1/22 (PDF) No
J. Jack ArtzLos Angeles, CA9/16/09 (PDF) Suspended - 14 months9/16/09 (PDF) No
Lilian AsanteOhio10/29/09 (PDF) Disbarred*10/29/09 (PDF) No
Johnny S. AscanoLos Angeles, CA12/23/14 (PDF) Disbarred12/23/14 (PDF) No
Chris AsherDistrict of Columbia/ Maryland7/30/01 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years7/30/01 (PDF) No
Haig P. AshikianLos Angeles, CA4/30/14 (PDF) Disbarred4/30/14 (PDF) No
Moises Alcides AvilesLos Angeles, CA8/20/20 (PDF) Suspended – 30 days8/20/20 (PDF) No
Frank A.K. AwuahDistrict of Columbia/ Maryland10/1/01 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension10/1/01 (PDF) No
Mikre-Michael AyeleVirginia7/12/06 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year and 1 day7/12/06 (PDF) No
Mahdis AzimiIllinois7/1/22 (PDF) Suspended6/9/22 (PDF) No
Hani Alex AzzamMichigan3/26/08 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension3/26/08 (PDF) No
Conrad Gregory BadarMassachusetts/California4/12/22 (PDF) Suspended - 3 months4/12/22 (PDF) Yes - 9/2/22
Ellis Charles BaggsVirginia4/13/20 (PDF) Disbarred4/13/20 (PDF) No
Mina BahgatVirginia/Maryland10/7/09 (PDF) Disbarred*10/7/09 (PDF) No
Stephen J. BairdNorth Dakota9/8/22 (PDF) Disbarred9/8/22 (PDF) No
Jordan N. BakerVirginia11/16/04 (PDF) Disbarred*12/7/04 (PDF) No
Troy A. BakerNevada9/3/08 (PDF) Disbarred*9/3/08 (PDF) No
Albert BaldeoNew York9/30/14 (PDF) Disbarred9/30/14 (PDF) No
Patricia BallnerNew York7/6/16 (PDF) Disbarred7/6/16 (PDF) No
Vanessa BandrichNew York1/14/15 (PDF) Disbarred1/14/15 (PDF) No
Juan Jose BarbaCalifornia9/30/20 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years9/30/20 (PDF) No
Ingrid BarclayNew York8/19/14 (PDF) Suspended – 3 years8/19/14 (PDF) No
James D. BardingMissouri2/10/16 (PDF) Disbarred2/10/16 (PDF) No
Frank F. BarillaLos Angeles, CA9/9/14 (PDF) Suspended – 30 days9/9/14 (PDF) No
Bradford J. BarneysDistrict of Columbia2/24/11 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years2/24/11 (PDF) No
Kaaren L. BarrWashington/Idaho6/6/12 (PDF) Disbarred6/6/12 (PDF) No
Michael T. BarrettOregon10/4/01 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension10/4/01 (PDF) No
Sharon BartuWashington6/15/01 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months6/15/01 (PDF) No
Gail Norman BattenTexas7/17/15 (PDF) Disbarred7/17/15 (PDF) No
Mario Antonio BautistaSan Francisco, CA12/2/05 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension12/2/05 (PDF) No
Hasti Fakhrai-Bayrooti aka Haley BayrootiLos Angeles, CA9/2/15 (PDF) Disbarred9/2/15 (PDF) No
Patrick D. BeasleyColorado4/14/11 (PDF) Disbarred*4/14/11 (PDF) No
Mitchil O. BechetNew York12/21/00 (PDF) Suspended - 7 years12/21/00 (PDF) No
Ronald E. BehlingLos Angeles, CA4/23/13 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years4/23/13 (PDF) No
Allan H. BellMissouri5/6/19 (PDF) ------------
Kenneth BendelSan Francisco, CA10/18/17 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension10/18/17 (PDF) No
Rachel Bengtson-LangMinnesota12/13/17 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension12/13/17 (PDF) No
Robert E. BennettIllinois12/2/10 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months12/2/10 (PDF) No
David J. BergerFlorida10/9/15 (PDF) Disbarred10/9/15 (PDF) No
Chaim Howard BerglasNew York5/11/05 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year5/11/05 (PDF) No
Joseph A. BernalLos Angeles, CA3/1/12 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years3/1/12 (PDF) No
Marie BernalColorado9/25/19 (PDF) Suspended - 3 months9/25/19 (PDF) No
David Jay BernsteinFlorida/New Jersey/New York9/12/19 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year9/12/19 (PDF) No
Kathleen L. BilbeLouisiana------------Suspended - 5 years6/2/98 (PDF) No
Cyrus BischoffFlorida8/2/17 (PDF) Disbarred6/10/19 (PDF) No
Roy L. BischoffUtah/Nevada6/27/05 (PDF) Disbarred*6/27/05 (PDF) No
Ann BittermanFlorida3/18/05 (PDF) Suspended - 91 days3/18/05 (PDF) No
Tricia-Ann Abigail BlairFlorida6/24/08 (PDF) Disbarred*6/24/08 (PDF) No
Cary G. BlakeFlorida4/3/17 (PDF) Disbarred5/25/18 (PDF) No
Richard BobusSan Francisco, CA3/27/17 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year12/15/17 (PDF) No
Chandra M. BogollagamaVirginia7/24/08 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension11/5/09 (PDF) No
Jeffrey David BohnCalifornia5/19/20 (PDF) Disbarred5/19/20 (PDF) No
Alma R. BonillaCalifornia/Kentucky------------Disbarred9/14/16 (PDF) No
Cheryl Boone-DelgadoSan Antonio, TX7/11/16 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year7/11/16 (PDF) No
Ben B. Boothe, Jr.Dallas, TX4/17/09 (PDF) Suspended - 78 months4/17/09 (PDF) No
Ira Sylvester BrackensSan Francisco, CA7/24/03 (PDF) Suspended - 18 months7/24/03 (PDF) No
Davis BrancoNew York3/8/22 (PDF) Disbarred3/8/22 (PDF) No
Michael Jonathan BraunschweigFlorida9/11/19 (PDF) Disbarred9/11/19 (PDF) No
David L. BrehmerMinnesota3/8/01 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension3/8/01 (PDF) No
Marcia Jean BrinkleyTexas/San Diego, CA2/17/05 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years2/17/05 (PDF) No
Sarah BrinsonNorth Carolina9/30/19 (PDF) Disbarred9/30/19 (PDF) No
Jody BrionAlaska1/5/10 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year1/5/10 (PDF) No
Brenda C. BrisbonMaryland5/12/05 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/12/05 (PDF) No
Tanya Y. BrockingtonGeorgia3/23/15 (PDF) Disbarred3/23/15 (PDF) No
David Eric BrockwayLos Angeles, CA11/17/06 (PDF) Disbarred*11/17/06 (PDF) No
Diana BronsteinNew York5/13/14 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years6/1/12 (PDF) No
Yehlen D. Brooks aka Mary Yehlen BrooksCalifornia/Kansas5/8/15 (PDF) Disbarred5/8/15 (PDF) No
Deloris A. BrownDistrict of Columbia5/7/01 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/7/01 (PDF) No
Beth Ann BroylesIllinois11/19/09 (PDF) Disbarred*11/19/09 (PDF) No
Tori S. BryantArizona5/25/22 (PDF) Disbarred5/25/22 (PDF) No
Walter P. BubnaOhio2/12/08 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months2/12/08 (PDF) No
John T. BujakIdaho12/8/16 (PDF) Disbarred12/8/16 (PDF) No
Dennis Detmer BurchardSan Diego, CA4/8/03 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months4/8/03 (PDF) No
Bruce C. BurgeSan Francisco, CA------------Suspended - 6 months10/23/03 (PDF) No
David Keith BurgessSan Francisco, CA11/7/02 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years11/7/02 (PDF) No
Susan N. BurgessTexas/New York6/10/14 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/10/14 (PDF) No
Nathaniel Bundy BurkeFlorida7/9/18 (PDF) Disbarred7/9/18 (PDF) No
Martha L. BurnsMinnesota12/7/01 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months12/7/01 (PDF) No
Walter BurrierConnecticut/ Los Angeles, CA5/13/05 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year5/13/05 (PDF) No
William BurtonMaryland/District of Columbia/Virginia7/9/18 (PDF) Disbarred1/22/21 (PDF) No
Charles T. BusseMichigan12/21/16 (PDF) Disbarred12/21/16 (PDF) No
Monica Lisa CaballeroSan Antonio, TX11/14/08 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year11/14/08 (PDF) No
Alfonso S. CabralColorado4/21/11 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years4/21/11 (PDF) No
Carlos H. CaceresMaryland12/13/06 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension12/13/06 (PDF) No
Karen CacoFlorida2/25/14 (PDF) Disbarred2/25/14 (PDF) No
Weldon Stephen CaldbeckPennsylvania7/21/20 (PDF) Disbarred7/21/20 (PDF) No
Libio CalejoFlorida8/5/13 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year8/5/13 (PDF) No
Alvaro De La CalleNorth Carolina7/11/17 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years7/11/17 (PDF) No
Vincent J. CammaranoMassachusetts7/24/15 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension7/24/15 (PDF) No
Robert G. CampbellSan Francisco, CA10/15/14 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years10/15/14 (PDF) No
Alexander Cane'New York------------Disbarred4/2/22 (PDF) No
Marivel Cantu-MadrilArizona2/6/17 (PDF) Disbarred10/24/19 (PDF) No
Noel Peter Mpaka CanuteNew York------------Indefinite Suspension7/14/10 (PDF) No
Rufino Marc CardosoLos Angeles, CA11/6/12 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension11/6/12 (PDF) No
Charles Alphonso CarpenterTennessee12/21/21 (PDF) Disbarred12/21/21 (PDF) No
William Shaw CarpenterIowa2/8/08 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension2/8/08 (PDF) No
Nancy CarperIllinois6/21/06 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years6/21/06 (PDF) No
Michael M. CarrascoNew Mexico2/19/15 (PDF) Disbarred2/19/15 (PDF) No
Joseph M. CarreiroMassachusetts8/1/08 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years8/1/08 (PDF) No
Daniel W. CarriganColorado4/23/14 (PDF) Suspended – 3 years4/23/14 (PDF) No
Benjamin L. CarterWashington6/26/12 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years6/26/12 (PDF) No
John M. CarterIowa/Nebraska4/11/13 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years4/11/13 (PDF) No
Jennifer Casanova-RoersMinnesota10/24/17 (PDF) Suspended – 60 days10/24/17 (PDF) No
Carlos E. CastanedaSan Diego, CA4/13/10 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months4/13/10 (PDF) No
Brian C. CasterlineMichigan12/22/08 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years and 11 months12/22/08 (PDF) No
Gabriel CastilloSan Francisco, CA11/22/16 (PDF) Disbarred3/22/19 (PDF) No
Jose L. Del CastilloConnecticut6/24/08 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year6/24/08 (PDF) No
Dazmi H. CastrejonNebraska8/31/20 (PDF) ------------
Joel H. CavadelPennsylvania------------Suspended - 9 months11/14/05 (PDF) No
Hector A. Cavazos, JrSan Francisco, CA7/17/15 (PDF) Suspended - 18 months7/17/15 (PDF) No
Juan ChaconSacramento, CA11/20/06 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year11/20/06 (PDF) No
Alexander Ying-Chi ChanWashington/ New Jersey1/21/20 (PDF) Disbarred1/21/20 (PDF) No
Victoria ChanLos Angeles, CA1/17/18 (PDF) Disbarred1/17/18 (PDF) No
Carol ChandlerNew Jersey10/22/12 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year & 1 day10/22/12 (PDF) No
Gregory ChandlerSan Francisco, CA2/19/09 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years and 3 months2/19/11 (PDF) No
Sandy Yeh ChangDistrict of Columbia/
5/18/21 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/18/21 (PDF) No
Alexander ChanthunyaMaryland------------Indefinite Suspension5/6/16 (PDF) No
Reinelda E. Urena de ChecoNew York6/16/14 (PDF) Disbarred6/16/14 (PDF) No
Manlin CheeNorth Carolina3/18/05 (PDF) Disbarred*3/18/05 (PDF) No
Jean Bernard CheryFlorida5/18/21 (PDF) Disbarred5/18/21 (PDF) No
Li Nan ChiangIllinois6/25/09 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/25/09 (PDF) No
Eugene E. ChmuraNew York7/25/12 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension7/25/12 (PDF) No
Michael ChoiPennsylvania1/24/12 (PDF) Disbarred1/24/12 (PDF) No
Nathan W. ChoiHawaii Washington3/28/22 (PDF) Disbarred3/28/22 (PDF) No
Samir Zia ChowhanIllinois/Indiana1/9/12 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year1/9/12 (PDF) No
James D. ChristoNew York6/26/09 (PDF) Disbarred*6/26/09 (PDF) No
Cyril O. ChukwurahHouston, TX2/14/12 (PDF) Disbarred2/14/12 (PDF) No
Mark Wilfred CiaravellaFlorida12/7/22 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension1/5/23 (PDF) No
Ryan Patrick ClaridgeArizona3/1/22 (PDF) Suspended - 60 days3/1/22 (PDF) No
Carroll A. ClarkArizona------------Suspended - 6 months and 1 day11/5/04 (PDF) No
David Shawn ClarkNorth Carolina4/10/13 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years4/10/13 (PDF) No
Andrea ClarkePennsylvania2/9/21 (PDF) Disbarred2/9/21 (PDF) No
P. Lee ClayWest Virginia9/13/06 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/13/06 (PDF) No
Matthew B. Cleary IIIFlorida6/16/16 (PDF) Disbarred6/16/16 (PDF) No
Marsden CoatesMaryland1/24/05 (PDF) Disbarred*1/24/05 (PDF) No
William Wyman CobbConnecticut, Vermont, New York1/5/23 (PDF) Suspended11/3/22 (PDF) No
Stephen John CoghlanCalifornia6/7/21 (PDF) Suspended - 60 days3/22/21 (PDF) No
Emily E. CohenColorado4/23/14 (PDF) Disbarred4/23/14 (PDF) No
Marshall Lawrence CohenFlorida/Georgia11/8/05 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years4/25/05 (PDF) No
Simeon Olumide CokerTexas/New York2/19/19 (PDF) Suspended - 36 months2/19/19 (PDF) Yes - 3/28/22
Ronald D. ColemanVirginia/Texas9/14/16 (PDF) Disbarred9/14/16 (PDF) No
Salvador CollazoNew York6/9/10 (PDF) Disbarred6/9/10 (PDF) No
Kemakolan ComasNew York3/1/05 (PDF) Disbarred*3/1/05 (PDF) No
Richard Paul CondonFlorida7/19/06 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years7/19/06 (PDF) No
Douglas H. CoonerAlabama2/4/14 (PDF) Disbarred2/4/14 (PDF) No
Nathan D. CooperMissouri9/26/07 (PDF) Disbarred*9/26/07 (PDF) No
Ronald CordonFlorida6/24/21 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year6/24/21 (PDF) No
Antonio CortezEl Paso, TX11/4/04 (PDF) Suspended - 12 months11/4/04 (PDF) No
Nancy E. CoulterColorado12/5/12 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension12/5/12 (PDF) No
Robert A. CoxMissouri10/30/06 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years10/30/06 (PDF) No
Kevin Edward CreedConnecticut6/23/20 (PDF) Disbarred6/23/20 (PDF) No
Guy Vincent CroteauIllinois4/14/11 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years4/14/11 (PDF) No
Angel O. CruzDallas, TX2/29/08 (PDF) Suspended - 3 months2/29/08 (PDF) No
Baird CuberNew York6/27/05 (PDF) Disbarred*6/27/05 (PDF) No
Patricia M. CullenLos Angeles, CA5/13/14 (PDF) Disbarred5/13/14 (PDF) No
Paul Howard CurtisLos Angeles, CA7/16/03 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months7/16/03 (PDF) No
Marijan CvjeticaninNew York11/2/15 (PDF) Disbarred11/2/15 (PDF) No
Lester Walter CzapelskiNew Jersey2/18/04 (PDF) Disbarred*2/18/04 (PDF) No
Kimberly S. DaiseFlorida8/7/12 (PDF) Disbarred8/7/12 (PDF) No
Namir M. DamanMichigan12/22/08 (PDF) Disbarred*12/22/08 (PDF) No
Damon D'AmbrosioRhode Island1/10/12 (PDF) ------------
Edward DaneriSan Antonio, TX4/30/03 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years4/30/03 (PDF) No
Royal Daniel, IIIColorado7/6/07 (PDF) Disbarred*7/6/07 (PDF)
Sergei DanilovDistrict of Columbia/Maryland9/13/06 (PDF) Disbarred*9/13/06 (PDF) No
Reginald Egan DarbonneFlorida12/1/00 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years12/1/00 (PDF) No
Loren C. DatlofNevada9/22/17 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year9/22/17 (PDF) No
Earl S. DavidNew York------------Disbarred8/1/12 (PDF) No
Michael R.J. DavisMaryland8/4/09 (PDF) Disbarred*8/4/09 (PDF) No
Charles C. DayFlorida11/29/06 (PDF) Disbarred*11/29/06 (PDF) No
David P. DeCostaArizona5/5/11 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year5/5/11 (PDF) No
Alma C. DefilloSouth Carolina/Florida10/21/15 (PDF) Disbarred10/21/15 (PDF) No
Robert DekelaitaIllinois8/3/16 (PDF) Disbarred8/3/16 (PDF) No
Ronald C. DenisFlorida10/7/16 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension10/7/16 (PDF) No
Christina S. DenisonWashington9/2/10 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year9/2/10 (PDF) No
Howard D. DeutschNew York5/30/01 (PDF) ------------
Kiran Moolchand DewanMaryland9/2/14 (PDF) Disbarred9/2/14 (PDF) No
Paul E. DeWittColorado7/24/15 (PDF) Disbarred7/24/15 (PDF) No
Maritza DiazNew York4/14/11 (PDF) Disbarred*4/14/11 (PDF) No
William M. DickersonPennsylvania5/30/12 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/30/12 (PDF) No
Drew S. DiehlOhio8/12/05 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years8/12/05 (PDF) No
James S. DildayMassachusetts9/25/12 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year9/25/12 (PDF) No
Marilyn D. DimasMaryland1/5/15 (PDF) Disbarred1/5/15 (PDF) No
James DimitriouMichigan12/1/15 (PDF) Suspended – 2 years12/1/15 (PDF) No
Brian G. DiPietroMichigan3/21/14 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years3/21/14 (PDF) No
Parmesh DixitGeorgia7/13/11 (PDF) Disbarred*7/13/11 (PDF) No
David Benjamin DoTexas11/18/20 (PDF) Disbarred11/18/20 (PDF) No
Raymond Eliot DobbinsFlorida------------Suspended - 18 months10/1/07 (PDF) No
James C. DragonMassachusetts1/30/03 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension10/29/03 (PDF) No
Melvin G. DukeNew York/New Jersey1/8/08 (PDF) Disbarred*1/8/08 (PDF) No
Andreea DumitruNew York2/19/19 (PDF) Disbarred6/4/19 (PDF) No
Sunila D. DuttNew Jersey8/22/18 (PDF) Disbarred8/22/18 (PDF) No
John K. DvorakMassachusetts------------Suspended - 3 years3/16/12 (PDF) No
Andrean Rose EatonFlorida9/7/22 (PDF) Suspended9/7/22 (PDF) No
Allen EbertDistrict of Columbia7/12/06 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years7/12/06 (PDF) No
Grisel S. EchavarriaWisconsin3/28/05 (PDF) Disbarred*3/28/05 (PDF) No
Scott J. EckersleyMissouri/Utah3/21/19 (PDF) Disbarred3/21/19 (PDF) No
Anslem A. EfeColorado------------Indefinite Suspension11/13/13 (PDF) No
Aloysius O. EjimakorMaryland------------Suspended - 9 months1/8/04 (PDF) No
Kallman S. ElinoffColorado9/12/19 (PDF) Suspended- 60 days9/12/10 (PDF) No
Richard M. ElinskiLos Angeles, CA9/14/07 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/14/07 (PDF) No
Allan M. ElsterFlorida12/1/00 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years12/1/00 (PDF) No
Julius M. EngelSan Francisco, CA------------Disbarred8/31/20 (PDF) No
Credo EnriquezWashington10/21/19 (PDF) Disbarred10/21/19 (PDF) No
Myava R. EscamillaLos Angeles, CA7/11/16 (PDF) Disbarred7/11/16 (PDF) No
Samuel R. EscamillaColorado1/5/15 (PDF) Suspended - 3 months1/5/15 (PDF) No
Jose A. EspinosaMassachusetts12/5/12 (PDF) Suspended - 8 years12/5/12 (PDF) No
Rafael Juan EspinozaNew York1/19/22 (PDF) ------------
Paul A. EsquivelSan Antonio, TX10/21/15 (PDF) Disbarred10/21/15 (PDF) No
Garbis Dickran N. EtmekjianCalifornia1/25/22 (PDF) Disbarred1/25/22 (PDF) No
Arthur R. EuresteTexas12/9/21 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years12/9/21 (PDF) No
George M. EvansFlorida1/30/12 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years1/30/12 (PDF) No
Eduardo ExpositoFlorida10/4/12 (PDF) Disbarred10/4/12 (PDF) No
Jude Chukwuma EzealaMaryland4/17/17 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension4/17/17 (PDF) No
Olayemi Isaac FalusiMaryland9/27/18 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/27/18 (PDF) No
Ronald FantaNew York12/2/05 (PDF) Disbarred*12/2/05 (PDF) No
Frank M. FernandezHawaii5/11/11 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years5/11/11 (PDF) No
Jacqueline M. FernandezFlorida11/20/08 (PDF) Suspended - 18 months11/20/08 (PDF) No
William A. FernandezNew York/Connecticut9/30/15 (PDF) Suspended - 5 months9/30/15 (PDF) No
Eric Victor FieldColorado7/8/19 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year and 1 day7/8/19 (PDF) No
Ronald G. FinchArizona/California10/6/11 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year10/6/11 (PDF) No
Denis P. FlemingMassachusetts11/1/16 (PDF) ------------
Esmeralda FlemingOhio8/26/21 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension8/26/21 (PDF) No
Virginia R. FlingNew York6/27/12 (PDF) Suspended - 90 days6/27/12 (PDF) No
Luis Alberto FloresNew York6/12/06 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/12/06 (PDF) No
Timothy D. FlowersTennessee8/11/10 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year8/11/10 (PDF) No
Grace S. FoltzPennsylvania10/20/10 (PDF) Disbarred*10/20/10 (PDF) No
Kenneth Nkeng FomenkyTexas2/28/22 (PDF) Suspended – 24 months2/28/22 (PDF) No
Shawn J. FosterUtah11/18/21 (PDF) Disbarred11/18/21 (PDF) No
Paul S. FrancoKansas------------Suspended - 6 months9/19/12 (PDF) No
Jose R. Franco-RiveraPuerto Rico1/12/22 (PDF) suspended - 7 months1/12/22 (PDF) No
Irwin Jay FredmanMaryland/District of Columbia1/11/06 (PDF) Disbarred*1/11/06 (PDF) No
Paul Ira FreedmanNew York9/18/01 (PDF) Disbarred*9/18/01 (PDF) No
Maxime A. FriasVirginia4/14/09 (PDF) Disbarred*4/14/09 (PDF) No
Joseph A. FruMinnesota5/8/13 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/8/13 (PDF) No
Matthew S. FurnessWashington2/3/22 (PDF) Suspended – 12 months2/3/22 (PDF) No
Miguel GaddaSan Francisco, CA10/2/01 (PDF) Disbarred*7/8/03 (PDF) No
Virginia GagoNew York2/2/06 (PDF) Disbarred*2/2/06 (PDF) No
Edward P. GallagherMaryland3/3/05 (PDF) Disbarred*3/3/05 (PDF) No
Mark S. GallegosFlorida11/2/17 (PDF) Suspended – 91 days11/2/17 (PDF) No
Allan G. GallimorePennsylvania12/9/08 (PDF) Disbarred4/3/18 (PDF) No
Jorge H. GalvezUtah1/30/06 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension1/30/06 (PDF) No
Maximiliano S. GarciaArizona/California10/7/05 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/7/05 (PDF) No
Miguel Angel Garcia, Jr.Georgia------------Disbarred2/10/21 (PDF) No
Ruben John GarciaSan Antonio, TX6/15/01 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years6/15/01 (PDF) No
Grace Ingrid GardinerKentucky/Tennessee/Minnesota11/15/21 (PDF) Suspended - 4 months8/30/21 (PDF) No
William R. GardnerSan Francisco, CA3/8/01 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months10/19/00 (PDF) No
Benito A. GarzaHarlingen, TX3/18/14 (PDF) Disbarred3/18/14 (PDF) No
Richard F. GarzaDallas, TX3/7/06 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years3/7/06 (PDF) No
Roberto E. De La GarzaSan Antonio, TX7/28/09 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years7/28/09 (PDF) No
Susanna G. GarzaNorth Carolina5/29/09 (PDF) Disbarred*5/29/09 (PDF) No
Dounnisei K. GbalazehLouisiana/Pennsylvania5/13/14 (PDF) Disbarred5/13/21 (PDF) No
John Wolfgang GehartCalifornia------------Suspended – 60 Days5/14/22 (PDF) Yes – 08/23/22
Sharron S.K. Williams GelobterCalifornia5/6/19 (PDF) Suspended - 60 days5/6/19 (PDF) No
Jahangir GhobadiVirginia8/6/19 (PDF) Disbarred8/6/19 (PDF) No
Kevin M. GibbonsArizona6/27/11 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/27/11 (PDF) No
Scott M. GibsonNew York4/28/14 (PDF) Disbarred4/28/14 (PDF) No
Kenny Norman GiffardCalifornia11/7/22 (PDF) Suspended11/7/22 (PDF) No
Kelly E. GilesLos Angeles, CA1/8/13 (PDF) Disbarred1/18/13 (PDF) No
Kenneth M. GilesNew York6/4/14 (PDF) Disbarred6/4/14 (PDF) No
John G. GissbergWashington3/2/10 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months3/2/10 (PDF) No
Vannia GlasinovicCalifornia3/3/22 (PDF) Suspended - 30 days------------Yes - 5/19/22
Alan S. GlueckFlorida10/9/08 (PDF) Disbarred*10/9/08 (PDF) No
Roberta A. GoldenMassachusetts1/14/09 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year1/14/09 (PDF) No
Alexander GoldmanIllinois11/22/05 (PDF) Disbarred*11/22/05 (PDF) No
Sheldon I. GoldsteinArizona/Texas4/23/19 (PDF) Disbarred4/23/19 (PDF) No
Wendy B. GolenbockMassachusetts4/17/02 (PDF) Suspended - 8 years4/17/02 (PDF) No
Satish K. GoliNew York9/24/09 (PDF) Disbarred*9/24/09 (PDF) No
Ernest GomezColorado10/21/19 (PDF) Disbarred10/21/19 (PDF) No
Marianne GonkoArizona2/2/22 (PDF) Suspended - 30 days2/22/22 (PDF) No
Ismael GonzalezNew York9/17/15 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year9/17/15 (PDF) No
Juan Jose GonzalezLos Angeles, CA11/13/13 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years11/13/13 (PDF) No
Juan P. GonzalezHouston, TX9/2/15 (PDF) Disbarred9/2/15 (PDF) No
Manuel Angel GonzalezSan Diego, CA6/15/11 (PDF) Suspended - 60 days6/15/11 (PDF) No
Manuel Angel GonzalezSan Diego, CA7/24/13 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension7/24/13 (PDF) No
Osvaldo J. GonzalezNew York5/30/19 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years5/30/19 (PDF) No
Jeffrey Gonzalez-PerezVirginia8/4/04 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years8/4/04 (PDF) No
Andrea Goode-JamesMassachusetts5/12/09 (PDF) Suspended - 8 years5/12/09 (PDF) No
Simpson GoodmanGeorgia10/19/17 (PDF) Disbarred10/19/17 (PDF) No
Cynthia M. GordonUtah11/12/21 (PDF) Disbarred11/12/21 (PDF) No
Peter S. GordonNew York5/8/15 (PDF) Suspended - 2 months5/8/15 (PDF) No
Douglas Andrew GrannanPennsylvania/New Jersey------------Disbarred1/22/20 (PDF) No
Nicholas C. GrapsasWisconsin9/15/00 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months9/15/00 (PDF) No
Jeffery William GreenIllinois3/2/10 (PDF) Disbarred*3/2/10 (PDF) No
Christopher E. GreeneNorth Carolina2/14/17 (PDF) Disbarred2/14/17 (PDF) No
Charles A. GrutmanNew York6/6/02 (PDF) Suspended - 7 years6/6/02 (PDF) No
Martin R. GuajardoSan Francisco, CA3/5/08 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year3/5/08 (PDF) No
T. Anthony GuajardoArizona12/21/16 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension12/21/16 (PDF) No
Kamah Menseleh Gueh-ThoronkaMaryland/Massachusetts7/26/21 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension7/26/21 (PDF) Yes - 1/5/22
Jose M. GuerreroSan Antonio, TX12/8/16 (PDF) Disbarred12/8/16 (PDF) No
Steven A. GuilinSan Diego, CA------------Suspended - 10 months12/11/13 (PDF) No
Rosalynn D. GuillenWashington10/29/01 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/29/01 (PDF) No
Viney K. GuptaCalifornia/Texas11/18/19 (PDF) Disbarred11/29/22 (PDF) No
Stephen GutierrezFlorida7/7/20 (PDF) Disbarred5/18/21 (PDF) No
Paul S. HaarDistrict of Columbia4/12/22 (PDF) Suspended - 7 months3/26/22 (PDF) No
Richard G.HackwellUtah4/16/08 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years4/16/08 (PDF) No
Roydera D. HackworthNorth Carolina4/30/14 (PDF) Suspended - 4 years4/30/14 (PDF) No
Michael M. Hadeed, Jr.Virginia3/11/09 (PDF) Disbarred*3/11/09 (PDF) No
Diego HandelFlorida4/25/19 (PDF) Disbarred4/25/19 (PDF) No
Cheryl HandyIllinois1/24/05 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year1/24/05 (PDF) No
Hanna Z. HannaNew York4/30/03 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years4/30/03 (PDF) No
Sean HanoverVirginia12/10/18 (PDF) Disbarred12/10/18 (PDF) No
Alfred L. HansenLouisiana/San Francisco, CA1/10/05 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years1/10/05 (PDF) No
Valerie F. HanserdMassachusetts4/14/10 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year and 1 day4/14/10 (PDF) No
Kweku HansonConnecticut6/8/07 (PDF) ------------
Linda HantenDistrict of Columbia1/17/18 (PDF) Disbarred1/17/18 (PDF) No
Courtney B. HarmonMassachusetts8/22/12 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year & 1 day8/22/12 (PDF) No
Alan J. HarrisNew York2/21/06 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension2/21/06 (PDF) No
Donald R. HarrisDistrict of Columbia3/14/22 (PDF) Disbarred3/14/22 (PDF) No
Jamila HarrisonGeorgia12/22/08 (PDF) Disbarred*12/22/08 (PDF) No
Wayne R. HartkeVirginia6/30/15 (PDF) Suspended – 3 years11/2/17 (PDF) No
Joshua Todd Hill HausermanFlorida5/17/22 (PDF) Suspended5/17/22 (PDF) No
Carl Roland HayesFlorida10/14/21 (PDF) Suspended – 6 months10/14/21 (PDF) No
Thomas HayesTexas3/2/21 (PDF) Disbarred3/2/21 (PDF) No
Sharon HealeyCalifornia8/29/22 (PDF) Suspended------------Yes - 11/15/22
Ross D. HechtMaryland3/19/14 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension3/19/14 (PDF) No
Raymond HellwigLos Angeles, CA3/12/14 (PDF) Disbarred3/12/14 (PDF) No
Alejandro "Alex" HernandezSan Antonio, TX2/24/15 (PDF) Disbarred2/24/15 (PDF) No
Fernando HernandezFlorida11/5/12 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years11/5/12 (PDF) No
Marie Gerard HernandezTexas/Florida11/9/22 (PDF) Suspended11/9/22 (PDF) No
Michael J. HernandezCalifornia/Florida5/24/11 (PDF) Suspended - 91 days5/24/11 (PDF) No
Kevin D. HeupelColorado8/31/16 (PDF) Disbarred11/21/17 (PDF) No
Jonathan HidalgoLos Angeles, CA11/20/17 (PDF) Disbarred11/20/17 (PDF) No
Ronald HigginsHarlingen, TX11/20/14 (PDF) Disbarred11/20/14 (PDF) No
Bita L. HoffmanSan Diego, CA4/11/07 (PDF) Disbarred*4/11/07 (PDF) No
James D. HollisterSan Francisco, CA9/5/08 (PDF) Suspended - 30 months9/5/08 (PDF) No
Daynel L. HookerColorado12/1/11 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months12/1/11 (PDF) No
Errol I. HorwitzLos Angeles, CA5/7/12 (PDF) Disbarred5/7/12 (PDF) No
Henry H. HoweNorth Dakota4/23/14 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months & 1 day4/23/14 (PDF) No
Shawn Kelvin HuIllinois12/15/15 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year12/15/15 (PDF) No
Yinkang Hu aka Kelvin Y. HuIllinois11/25/13 (PDF) Disbarred11/25/13 (PDF) No
Yali HuangHouston, TX9/14/07 (PDF) Disbarred*9/14/07 (PDF) No
Howard HudsonOregon4/14/14 (PDF) Suspended – 6 months4/14/14 (PDF) No
Miguel A. HullMaryland/District of Columbia
6/4/20 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/4/20 (PDF) No
Matthew E. HultKansas8/1/17 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension8/1/17 (PDF) No
Patrick C. HydeColorado4/18/19 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months4/18/19 (PDF) No
David G. IgnacioNew York6/12/12 (PDF) Disbarred6/12/12 (PDF) No
Afton Jane IzenTexas2/19/19 (PDF) Suspended- 6 months2/19/19 (PDF) No
Michael L. JacobWashington8/30/16 (PDF) Disbarred10/1/18 (PDF) No
Freddy JacobsNew York12/18/13 (PDF) Disbarred12/18/13 (PDF) No
Raj D. JadejaNew Jersey------------Disbarred8/15/17 (PDF) No
Karen JaffeNew York11/17/09 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension11/17/09 (PDF) No
David A. JakemanWashington5/18/21 (PDF) Disbarred4/23/21 (PDF) No
Judd Barton JamesFlorida6/21/12 (PDF) Disbarred6/21/12 (PDF) No
Larry P. JamesSan Francisco, CA5/3/11 (PDF) Suspended - 90 days5/3/11 (PDF) No
Richard Allen JamesDistrict of Columbia/ Maryland6/15/01 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years6/15/01 (PDF) No
Carolyn Sue JanzenSan Diego, CA10/21/08 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/21/08 (PDF) No
Marcus A. JarvisMinnesota9/8/22 (PDF) Suspended9/8/22 (PDF) Yes - 1/5/22
Carlos Jean-JosephFlorida12/1/14 (PDF) Disbarred12/1/14 (PDF) No
William T. Jebb, IINew York4/9/08 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months4/9/08 (PDF) No
J. Blayne JenningsFlorida2/20/15 (PDF) Suspended - 91 days2/20/15 (PDF) No
Daniel P. JensenArizona1/10/12 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months & 1 day1/10/12 (PDF) No
Michael Alan JimenezNew York6/1/22 (PDF) Suspended1/18/23 (PDF) No
Kehinde Oluwaranti JobiNew York11/4/09 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension11/4/09 (PDF) No
Michael JoffeNew York4/18/18 (PDF) Suspended 4/18/18 (PDF) No
Larry JohnsonNew York5/19/06 (PDF) Suspended - 7 years5/19/06 (PDF) No
Laurence F. JohnsonMaryland9/13/17 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/13/17 (PDF) No
S. Austin JohnsonUtah10/6/15 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years10/6/15 (PDF) No
Walter T. Johnson, Jr.North Carolina3/19/04 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year3/19/04 (PDF) No
Alake Johnson-FordDistrict of Columbia9/15/00 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years9/15/00 (PDF) No
Eric A. JonesWashington7/30/13 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months7/30/13 (PDF) No
John E. JonesSan Francisco, CA8/9/13 (PDF) Suspended – 5 years8/9/13 (PDF) No
Margot S. JonesPennsylvania6/27/06 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years6/27/06 (PDF) No
Sarah J.M. JonesSan Francisco, CA7/13/11 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension8/25/11 (PDF) No
Thomas Christopher JonesIllinois10/6/04 (PDF) Suspended - 30 months10/6/04 (PDF) No
Willie JonesFlorida5/5/11 (PDF) Disbarred5/5/11 (PDF) No
Keith G. JordanSan Francisco, CA7/20/07 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months7/20/07 (PDF) No
Christian R. JuarezSan Diego, CA3/24/17 (PDF) Disbarred3/24/17 (PDF) No
Anita C. Justin see Anita C. Kanu below------------------------
Eduardo F. Justo De PomarDistrict of Columbia/ Virginia7/19/22 (PDF) Suspended5/28/22 (PDF) No – 1/19/23
Siamack KalantarLos Angeles, CA10/4/12 (PDF) Disbarred10/4/12 (PDF) No
Lijyasu KandekoreFlorida11/30/00 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/20/01 (PDF) No
Randhir S. KangSan Francisco, CA1/27/06 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension1/27/06 (PDF) No
Anita C. Kanu aka Anita C. JustinLos Angeles, CA/Arizona10/28/10 (PDF) Disbarred*10/28/10 (PDF) No
Ravindra Singh KanwalColorado------------Disbarred4/22/16 (PDF) No
Eric J. KapoorMaryland9/26/06 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/26/06 (PDF) No
Bent KarlsenNevada2/19/09 (PDF) Disbarred*2/19/09 (PDF) No
Harlan KarpOhio2/21/19 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months2/21/19 (PDF) No
Deborah J. KartjeChicago, IL/Northern IN12/4/00 (PDF) Disbarred*12/4/00 (PDF) No
Richard A. KasselNew York9/11/15 (PDF) Disbarred9/11/15 (PDF) No
William P. KaszynskiMinnesota3/8/01 (PDF) Disbarred*3/8/01 (PDF) No
David Joshua KaufmanCalifornia12/9/22 (PDF) Suspended12/9/22 (PDF) No
David KaufmanFlorida2/9/21 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months2/9/21 (PDF) No
John W. KearnsIllinois4/6/07 (PDF) Disbarred*4/6/07 (PDF) No
Frederick D. KellyHouston, TX9/22/17 (PDF) Suspended – 6 months9/22/17 (PDF) No
Rosalind KellyDallas, TX10/19/17 (PDF) Suspended – 12 months9/11/18 (PDF) Yes – 5/17/2022
Morris B. KemperSan Francisco, CA5/7/01 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year5/7/01 (PDF) No
Nathan Bret KennedyColorado7/21/22 (PDF) Suspended7/21/22 (PDF) No
Thomas Edward KentLos Angeles, CA12/15/14 (PDF) Disbarred12/15/14 (PDF) No
Bilal Ahmed KhaleeqDallas, TX
Omaha, NE
9/11/18 (PDF) Disbarred9/11/18 (PDF) No
Kishan KhannaColorado5/19/06 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months5/19/06 (PDF) No
Eugene Dukjoon KimLos Angeles, CA3/19/14 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year3/19/14 (PDF) No
Nosuk Pak KimVirginia9/8/22 (PDF) Disbarred9/8/22 (PDF) No
Jacqueline Marie KinsellaFlorida5/9/18 (PDF) Suspended – 3 year12/20/18 (PDF) No
Joseph KizitoGeorgia/Massachusetts4/15/15 (PDF) Disbarred4/15/15 (PDF) No
Claude Henry KleefieldNew York12/2/05 (PDF) Suspended - 3 months12/2/05 (PDF) No
Alan Edward KoczelaVirginia8/10/00 (PDF) Disbarred*8/10/00 (PDF) No
Irina KoganNew York1/7/21 (PDF) Disbarred1/7/21 (PDF) No
Daniela KoimanCalifornia9/11/19 (PDF) Suspended – 6 months9/9/20 (PDF) No
Kobbie John Konteh(NEW)Washington 1/23/23 (PDF) ------------
Samuel G. KooritzkyVirginia4/8/03 (PDF) Disbarred*4/8/03 (PDF) No
Daniel E. KorenbergLos Angeles, CA10/25/07 (PDF) Disbarred*10/25/07 (PDF) No
Robert L. KovenMaryland5/7/01 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/7/01 (PDF) No
Kelly Michael KowisHouston, TX9/14/16 (PDF) Disbarred9/14/16 (PDF) No
John J. KozlowskiSan Francisco, CA10/29/01 (PDF) Suspended - 90 days10/29/01 (PDF) No
Dorothea P. KraegerArizona6/2/05 (PDF) Suspended – 4 years6/2/05 (PDF) No
Jeffrey L. KrainNew Jersey4/23/14 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months3/11/14 (PDF) No
Sheldon H. KronegoldNew York4/15/08 (PDF) Suspended - 7 years4/15/08 (PDF) No
Sandra E. Suarez KrugerIowa5/8/18 (PDF) Disbarred10/16/18 (PDF) No
Julie KrullLouisiana2/11/16 (PDF) Disbarred2/11/16 (PDF) No
Loreto KuderaNew York5/11/17 (PDF) Disbarred5/11/17 (PDF) No
Robert M. KuhnreichNew York8/11/05 (PDF) Disbarred*8/11/05 (PDF) No
Krishan Kumar see Paul White below------------------------
Paul White aka Krishan KumarWashington2/11/05 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years2/11/05 (PDF) No
Jessica M. KuneviciusColorado4/17/17 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension4/17/17 (PDF) No
Teodoro Torres LaguatanCalifornia8/29/22 (PDF) Suspended8/29/22 (PDF) No
Hak Tung Lam aka Ke Dong LinNew York1/4/12 (PDF) Disbarred1/4/12 (PDF) No
Bradley LambWisconsin/Minnesota5/13/14 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/13/14 (PDF) No
Jennifer V. LandeoMaryland3/31/16 (PDF) Disbarred3/31/16 (PDF) No
Beresford A. Landers, Jr.Florida9/8/22 (PDF) Suspended9/8/22 (PDF) No
Steele LanphierCalifornia7/5/22 (PDF) Suspended7/5/22 (PDF) No
Alexander L. LapinskiNorth Carolina4/16/12 (PDF) Disbarred4/16/12 (PDF) No
Maude Laroche-St. FleurMassachusetts9/29/22 (PDF) Suspended1/9/23 (PDF) No
Leah LarsenNew York12/22/08 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years and 6 months12/22/08 (PDF) No
Mayra I. LaureanoLos Angeles, CA6/23/14 (PDF) Disbarred6/23/14 (PDF) No
Charles P. LeBeauSan Diego, CA10/19/06 (PDF) Disbarred*10/19/06 (PDF) No
Dong-Won LeeNew York7/29/22 (PDF) Disbarred7/29/22 (PDF) No
Justin Moongyu LeeLos Angeles, CA5/14/15 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/14/15 (PDF) No
Keon Joong LeeCalifornia5/8/18 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months5/8/18 (PDF) No
Melissa S. LeeSan Francisco, CA8/4/11 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years8/4/11 (PDF) No
Michael-Hyun W. LeeNew York10/17/19 (PDF) Disbarred10/17/19 (PDF) No
Sai Hyun LeeGeorgia5/12/10 (PDF) Disbarred*5/12/10 (PDF) No
Steven Y. LeeDistrict of Columbia/ Virginia11/22/04 (PDF) Disbarred*12/7/04 (PDF) No
Richard G.LehrMichigan12/19/06 (PDF) Suspended - 180 days7/22/06 (PDF) No
David Phillip LeonKansas7/21/22 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension7/21/22 (PDF) No
Gregory W. LePageSan Antonio, TX8/11/11 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years8/11/11 (PDF) No
Eric LevineMassachusetts10/25/05 (PDF) Suspended - 4 years10/25/05 (PDF) No
Michael S. LevinePennsylvania/Florida7/27/06 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year and 1 day7/27/06 (PDF) No
William F. LevingsNevada/Colorado6/30/17 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year & 1 day6/30/17 (PDF) No
Feng LiNew York6/25/15 (PDF) Disbarred6/25/15 (PDF) No
Ming Gang LiCalifornia4/4/19 (PDF) Disbarred4/4/19 (PDF) No
Tian LiMichigan7/16/09 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years7/16/09 (PDF) No
Ken Zhiyi LiangLos Angeles, CA11/2/15 (PDF) Disbarred11/2/15 (PDF) No
Ronald Christopher A. LimFlorida8/1/22 (PDF) Suspended8/1/22 (PDF) No
John C. LinNew York7/9/13 (PDF) Disbarred7/9/13 (PDF) No
Ke Dong Lin see Hak Tung Lam above------------------------
Noel L. LippmanMichigan2/29/08 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year2/29/08 (PDF) No
Feng Ling LiuNew York1/14/15 (PDF) Disbarred1/14/15 (PDF) No
Martin C. LiuNew Jersey, New York------------Public Censure3/15/22 (PDF)
Daniel LivingstonLos Angeles, CA11/20/17 (PDF) ------------
Miroslaw Thomas LobaszFlorida6/24/08 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years6/24/08 (PDF) No
J. Thomas LoganLos Angeles, CA------------Suspended - 60 days12/1/04 (PDF) No
Javier LoperaFlorida11/4/04 (PDF) Disbarred*12/7/04 (PDF) No
Guillermo Napoleon LopezFlorida10/7/09 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/7/09 (PDF) No
James C. LopezSan Francisco, CA12/5/12 (PDF) Disbarred12/5/12 (PDF) No
Maria Teresa LopezFlorida3/16/10 (PDF) Disbarred*3/16/10 (PDF) No
Keith B. LoseyFlorida4/30/13 (PDF) Disbarred4/30/13 (PDF) No
Raul H. LoyaDallas, TX5/11/16 (PDF) Disbarred5/11/16 (PDF) No
Jesse MaanaoOregon 7/19/22 (PDF) Suspension7/1/22 (PDF) No
Christopher R. MacaraegSan Diego, CA------------Disbarred12/27/16 (PDF) No
Steven P. MacGilvrayNorth Carolina3/5/19 (PDF) Disbarred9/11/19 (PDF) No
Roberto Abel MacielCalifornia11/18/20 (PDF) ------------
Pascual MadrigalSan Antonio, TX11/30/17 (PDF) Disbarred7/18/19 (PDF) No
Richard MadrilArizona/New Mexico1/23/20 (PDF) Disbarred1/18/22 (PDF) No
Sergio MaganaWisconsin12/19/17 (PDF) Disbarred12/19/17 (PDF) No
Rita MahdessianLos Angeles, CA1/9/12 (PDF) Suspended - 8 months1/9/12 (PDF) No
Willie J. MahoneMaryland4/28/17 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension4/28/17 (PDF) No
Theodore A. MahrWashington1/27/10 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years1/27/10 (PDF) No
Mark E. MaierMaryland12/4/00 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension12/4/00 (PDF) No
Ernesto MaldonadoDallas, TX9/14/16 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/14/16 (PDF) No
Francisco MaldonadoTexas10/19/18 (PDF) Disbarred10/19/18 (PDF) No
Ramsey F. MalkawiMichigan2/14/12 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years2/14/12 (PDF) No
Claro L. MamarilLos Angeles, CA------------Disbarred*3/15/06 (PDF) No
Denise A. ManiscalcoVirginia9/1/04 (PDF) Suspended - 32 months and 3 days10/19/04 (PDF) No
Theophilus F. MarangaNew York7/25/17 (PDF) Suspended – 2 years7/25/17 (PDF) No
Charles R. MarcusNew Mexico4/9/08 (PDF) Disbarred*4/9/08 (PDF) No
George C. Maroun, Jr.Massachusetts10/16/22 (PDF) Suspended10/6/22 (PDF) No
Allen C. MarraNew York/ New Jersey7/18/05 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension7/18/05 (PDF) No
Samuel C. MarshWashington/California9/18/17 (PDF) Disbarred5/10/19 (PDF) No
Hiram Michael MartinCalifornia/District of Columbia
6/2/20 (PDF) Disbarred6/2/20 (PDF) No
Alicia R. MartinezSan Antonio, TX5/13/14 (PDF) Disbarred5/13/14 (PDF) No
Jason A. MartinezArkansas9/25/03 (PDF) Disbarred*9/25/03 (PDF) No
Victor Stephen MartinezLos Angeles, CA10/9/02 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months10/9/02 (PDF) No
Ralph Martinez-AgamenonLos Angeles, CA7/27/17 (PDF) Disbarred7/27/17 (PDF) No
Samuel A. MasdonAlabama3/14/22 (PDF) Suspended -45 days3/14/22 (PDF) No
Samuel Lee Masdon, IIIAlabama------------Indefinite Suspension6/18/22 (PDF) No
Lauren MasonLos Angeles, CA------------Suspended - 120 days1/31/08 (PDF) No
Timothy P. MasonLos Angeles, CA7/20/04 (PDF) ------------
Japheth Nthautha MatemuNew York8/11/21 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months6/24/21 (PDF) No
Kent D. MawhinneyConnecticut2/28/20 (PDF) ------------
Lily MazaheryWashington, DC12/8/11 (PDF) Disbarred12/8/11 (PDF) No
Victor Mba-JonasMaryland4/25/08 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension4/25/08 (PDF) No
Carla Ruth McBeathNew Jersey/California3/18/16 (PDF) Disbarred3/18/16 (PDF) No
Jason C. McBrideOregon7/25/12 (PDF) Disbarred7/25/13 (PDF) No
Timothy L. McCandlessLos Angeles, CA10/6/04 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months10/6/04 (PDF) No
Mackson P. McDowallNew York3/8/01 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years3/8/01 (PDF) No
Patrick John McGrealIllinois9/26/06 (PDF) Disbarred*9/26/06 (PDF) No
Terrence McGuireLos Angeles, CA9/1/05 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years9/1/05 (PDF) No
William M. McKeeVirginia4/28/14 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months4/28/14 (PDF) No
Michele McMahonMissouri1/8/13 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension1/8/13 (PDF) No
Robert J. McQuadeMichigan1/18/08 (PDF) Suspended - 180 days1/18/08 (PDF) No
Karen K. MeadeOhio3/9/11 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension3/9/11 (PDF) No
Adenet MedacierFlorida2/11/09 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years2/11/09 (PDF) No
Alan M. MedofFlorida2/14/12 (PDF) Suspended - 60 days2/14/12 (PDF) No
Michael J. MeenanNew York3/23/15 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months3/31/15 (PDF) No
Mahendra R. MehtaIllinois3/29/11 (PDF) Disbarred*3/29/11 (PDF) No
Howard Teng-Hao MeiMaryland9/9/09 (PDF) Disbarred*9/9/09 (PDF) No
James Mark MeizlikCalifornia10/17/19 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year10/17/19 (PDF) No
Ephraim Tahir R. MellaPennsylvania4/19/21 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year and 1 day5/27/21 (PDF) No
Alexander MelnikovMichigan11/22/16 (PDF) Suspended – 180 days11/22/16 (PDF) No
Armando J. MendezSan Francisco, CA7/24/03 (PDF) Suspended - 90 days7/24/03 (PDF) No
David MendezFlorida12/21/21 (PDF) Disbarred12/21/21 (PDF) No
Richard C. MendezIowa/Nebraska/California------------Disbarred12/22/15 (PDF) No
John MendozaTexas2/9/21 (PDF) Suspended – 30 days2/9/21 (PDF) No
Juan Carlos Mercado, Jr.Florida1/12/21 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months11/13/21 (PDF) No
Melina MerinoMassachusetts2/22/13 (PDF) Suspended – 18 months2/22/13 (PDF) No
Lisa MetellusFlorida2/19/09 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years2/19/09 (PDF) No
John Owen Meyers, IIILos Angeles, CA10/29/01 (PDF) Suspended - 20 months10/29/01 (PDF) No
Milton L. MeyersNew York7/15/13 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years7/15/13 (PDF) No
Ron MeyersMassachusetts------------Suspended – 2 months10/22/16 (PDF) No
Andre MichniakPennsylvania------------Disbarred2/6/18 (PDF) No
Jasmin V. MillerAlabama/Florida------------Suspended - 18 months10/2/15 (PDF) No
Karen Barbara MillerCalifornia1/19/22 (PDF) ------------
Kurt A. MillerLos Angeles, CA4/2/09 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years4/2/09 (PDF) No
Francis A. MinorVirginia4/15/13 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year4/15/13 (PDF) No
Maqsood MirMaryland9/16/05 (PDF) Disbarred*9/16/05 (PDF) No
Enrique MirandaFlorida5/4/21 (PDF) Suspended------------No
Victoria R. MirandaArizona7/31/12 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years7/31/12 (PDF) No
Wayne M. MitchellMaryland12/2/05 (PDF) Disbarred*12/2/05 (PDF) No
Egon MittelmannCalifornia------------Disbarred10/30/21 (PDF) No
Carolyn E. MiyashitaNorth Carolina/San Francisco, CA8/10/00 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years8/10/00 (PDF) No
Margarita MkrtchyanLos Angeles, CA3/31/16 (PDF) Disbarred3/31/16 (PDF) No
Michelle R. MladekNew Mexico10/21/16 (PDF) Disbarred4/20/17 (PDF) No
Edward Emad MoawadMaryland/Virginia/District of Columbia10/4/21 (PDF) Disbarred10/4/21 (PDF) No
Robert A. MogleFlorida1/22/15 (PDF) Disbarred1/22/15 (PDF) No
Emil J. MolinArizona3/11/09 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension3/11/09 (PDF) No
Juan Antonio MolinaSan Diego, California6/8/07 (PDF) Disbarred*6/8/07 (PDF) No
Gaetanella Molinini-RiveraNew York12/2/05 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years12/2/05 (PDF) No
Shakaira MollockMaryland2/10/17 (PDF) Disbarred2/10/17 (PDF) No
Evenette MondesirFlorida10/20/10 (PDF) Disbarred10/20/10 (PDF) No
Amy L. MonkmanSan Antonio, TX9/16/15 (PDF) Disbarred9/16/15 (PDF) No
Manuel O. MontelongoNevada1/27/10 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years1/27/10 (PDF) No
Vicenta E. MontoyaNevada4/11/13 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension4/11/13 (PDF) No
Michael G. MooreMassachusetts9/25/03 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years9/25/03 (PDF) No
Richard W. Moore, Jr.Baltimore, MD7/11/16 (PDF) Disbarred5/24/18 (PDF) No
Richard W. Moore, Sr.Baltimore, MD7/2/18 (PDF) Disbarred7/2/18 (PDF) No
Carlos E. MoralesFlorida5/19/06 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years5/19/06 (PDF) No
Rogelio MoralesCalifornia4/2/19 (PDF) ------------No
Roger Daniel MoralesColorado4/4/19 (PDF) Suspended – 6 months4/4/19 (PDF) No
Carlos MorenoNew York8/1/17 (PDF) Suspended - 4 years8/1/17 (PDF) No
David Fernando MorenoMaryland3/5/21 (PDF) Suspended – 60 days1/4/21 (PDF) Yes – 06/24/21
Marco A. MorenoIndiana10/19/22 (PDF) ------------
Gordon Blaine MorganHouston, Texas11/6/12 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years11/6/12 (PDF) No
Rebecca A. MorielloNorth Carolina------------Suspended11/15/22 (PDF) Yes - 1/5/22
Daniel Patrick MorrisseyMassachusetts/Connecticut9/30/22 (PDF) Suspended9/30/22 (PDF) No
Samson MparagandaMassachusetts9/28/11 (PDF) Suspended - 8 years9/28/11 (PDF) No
Robert Paul MuenchrathMinnesota9/28/00 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/28/00 (PDF) No
Matthew MullerSan Francisco, CA6/1/17 (PDF) Disbarred6/1/17 (PDF) No
Earl D. MunroeMassachusetts12/7/10 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years and 6 months12/7/10 (PDF) No
Paul Andrew MurphyVirginia11/17/22 (PDF) Indefinitely Suspended9/20/22 (PDF) No
Bibi MusafiriNew York11/2/17 (PDF) Suspended – 6 months11/2/17 (PDF) No
Joseph Francis MutoNew York5/3/02 (PDF) Suspended - 7 years1/28/03 (PDF) No
Timothy D. MyersLos Angeles, CA8/24/16 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension8/24/16 (PDF) No
Sheen Myong NaCalifornia9/25/19 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years9/25/19 (PDF) No
Barry Roy NagerFlorida6/2/09 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years6/2/09 (PDF) No
Rajshree R. NaikMichigan3/6/12 (PDF) Disbarred3/6/12 (PDF) No
Cheryl NanceWashington9/27/10 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/27/10 (PDF) No
Toritsefe NannaNew York8/4/04 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension8/4/04 (PDF) No
Fuad B. NasrallahMichigan/Ohio1/25/01 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension1/25/01 (PDF) No
Nazanin NasriVirginia6/24/08 (PDF) Disbarred*6/24/08 (PDF) No
Megan NatkowNew Jersey11/18/20 (PDF) Suspended – 6 months11/18/20 (PDF) No
Benjamin NdiNew York/Maryland------------Disbarred7/24/18 (PDF) No
Robert C. Neeley, Jr.Virginia5/17/22 (PDF) Suspended4/20/22 (PDF) Yes - 11/18/22
Paul NgobeniConnecticut2/24/06 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension2/24/06 (PDF) No
Ngoyi Paul NgoyiDallas, TX8/21/08 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years8/21/08 (PDF) No
Paul Cong NguyenLos Angeles, CA9/22/14 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years9/22/14 (PDF) No
Jason Alexander NielsonMinnesota8/15/22 (PDF) Suspended8/15/22 (PDF)
Dana K. NottinghamColorado8/18/14 (PDF) Suspended – 6 months8/18/14 (PDF) No
Phil C. NugentLouisiana3/7/18 (PDF) Suspended - 18 months3/7/18 (PDF) No
David Smith NunesFlorida5/22/07 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years5/22/07 (PDF) No
Thomas N. NuttleIndiana10/25/11 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension10/25/11 (PDF) No
Uchechi Okechukwu Nwakanma aka Prince NwakanmaHouston, TX12/1/15 (PDF) Disbarred8/31/17 (PDF) No
Patrick Chinedu NwaneriMinnesota/Texas10/26/22 (PDF) Suspended9/7/22 (PDF) Yes - 1/18/23
Martin E. NwizuboWashington6/30/17 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/30/17 (PDF) No
Anita Chinatu Ogbuji see Anita C. Kanu above------------------------
Chinyere Alex OgokeIllinois8/20/20 (PDF) Disbarred8/11/21 (PDF) No
Thomas James O'GradyFlorida4/17/02 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years4/17/02 (PDF) No
Chung Suk OhVirginia7/7/21 (PDF) Disbarred7/7/21 (PDF) No
Shant OhanianCalifornia8/24/18 (PDF) Disbarred8/24/18 (PDF) No
Ann Elizabeth OhlrichTexas10/7/19 (PDF) Disbarred10/7/19 (PDF) No
Michael Imevbore OjoHouston, TX12/2/05 (PDF) Suspended - 12 months12/2/05 (PDF) No
Ginikanwa Chinaemerem OkediMaryland1/11/21 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension1/11/21 (PDF) No
Chukwu Uwakwe OkoHouston, TX10/23/12 (PDF) Suspended - 4 years10/23/12 (PDF) No
Dennis F. OlsenWashington2/21/06 (PDF) Suspended - 6 years2/21/06 (PDF) No
Samuel N. OmwengaDistrict of Columbia/ Maryland12/16/10 (PDF) Disbarred12/16/10 (PDF) No
Justin Jin-Lin OngHouston, TX1/25/01 (PDF) Disbarred*1/25/01 (PDF) No
Oleg OrdinartsevWashington6/27/05 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years6/27/05 (PDF) No
Omer OrsFlorida12/21/20 (PDF) Disbarred3/24/21 (PDF) No
Jorge A. OrtizVirginia11/25/19 (PDF) Disbarred11/25/19 (PDF) No
Salvador OrtizLos Angeles, CA11/20/17 (PDF) Disbarred11/20/17 (PDF) No
Osamwonyi E. OsagiedeNew Hampshire4/17/09 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension4/17/09 (PDF) No
Douglas D. OsterlohWashington11/24/04 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years11/24/04 (PDF) No
Janice Payte OviattHouston, TX4/17/17 (PDF) Disbarred4/17/17 (PDF) No
Michael OzulumbaMassachusetts7/20/07 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years7/20/07 (PDF) No
Lauro Nick Pacheco, Jr.San Diego, CA11/22/17 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension11/22/17 (PDF) No
Aroon Roy PadhariaDistrict of Columbia/Maryland2/25/13 (PDF) Suspended9/19/20 (PDF) No
Sheri B. PaigeConnecticut11/4/04 (PDF) Disbarred*11/4/04 (PDF) No
Anthony James PalikCalifornia10/7/19 (PDF) Disbarred6/12/21 (PDF) No
Satwant Singh PandherWashington7/6/07 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years7/6/07 (PDF) No
Eugene PaolinoLos Angeles, CA8/19/08 (PDF) Disbarred*8/19/08 (PDF) No
Eduardo Alberto ParedesCalifornia1/19/22 (PDF) ------------
Keh Soo ParkVirginia3/29/11 (PDF) Disbarred*3/29/11 (PDF) No
Mihae ParkCalifornia8/6/19 (PDF) Disbarred3/4/20 (PDF) No
Peter Suk ParkLos Angeles, CA2/11/16 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year2/11/16 (PDF) No
Yohan ParkNew York2/19/09 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years2/19/09 (PDF) No
David E. ParkerNew York6/15/09 (PDF) Suspended - 7 years6/15/09 (PDF) No
Shannon DeWayne PattersonGeorgia6/29/18 (PDF) Disbarred6/29/18 (PDF) No
Joel PaulIndiana1/16/18 (PDF) Disbarred1/16/18 (PDF) No
Trevor M. PayneColorado4/23/14 (PDF) Suspended - 60 days4/23/14 (PDF) No
Leslie L. PaytonVirgin Islands11/26/13 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension11/26/13 (PDF) No
Maria Lara PeetFlorida2/16/06 (PDF) Disbarred*2/16/06 (PDF) No
Ana Lisa Garza PenaMinnesota7/1/20 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension7/1/20 (PDF) No
Guillermo PenaFlorida5/10/07 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years5/10/07 (PDF) No
Otto Ivan PenaLos Angeles, CA4/14/11 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years4/14/11 (PDF) No
Alfred Perez, Jr.Los Angeles, CA7/20/04 (PDF) Disbarred*7/20/04 (PDF) No
Horace Hugo PerezDistrict of Columbia/Virginia9/15/03 (PDF) Suspended - 60 days9/15/03 (PDF) No
Linda Irene PerezSan Antonio, TX3/28/05 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years3/28/05 (PDF) No
Philip Joseph PerezTennessee1/14/22 (PDF) Suspended1/14/22 (PDF) No
Refugio PerezTexas6/27/19 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months6/27/19 (PDF) No
Fernando E. Perez-PenaWashington7/24/08 (PDF) Disbarred*7/24/08 (PDF) No
Lawrence M. PerlmutterMassachusetts11/22/11 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension11/22/11 (PDF) No
Wilfredo PesanteNorth Carolina/District of Columbia/New York4/9/14 (PDF) Disbarred4/9/14 (PDF) No
Shange H. PetriniSan Francisco, CA4/8/13 (PDF) Disbarred4/8/13 (PDF) No
Jack Barry PhillipsNew Jersey1/14/09 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years1/14/09 (PDF) No
James S. Phillips, Jr.Kansas10/22/04 (PDF) Disbarred10/22/04 (PDF) No
Jed M.D. PhilwinNew York7/11/13 (PDF) Disbarred7/11/13 (PDF) No
Gino P. PietroLos Angeles, CA3/25/15 (PDF) Disbarred3/25/15 (PDF) No
J. Marcos Perales PinaNew Mexico/ Texas7/29/19 (PDF) Disbarred2/27/20 (PDF) No
Joan Othelia PinnockNew Jersey10/29/19 (PDF) Suspended - 3 months10/29/19 (PDF) No
Kenneth Ulysses PinosFlorida12/21/22 (PDF) Disbarred12/21/22 (PDF) No
Carllene PlacideWashington8/2/17 (PDF) Disbarred6/20/18 (PDF) No
Natalia V. PoliakovaFlorida4/17/09 (PDF) Suspended - 90 days4/17/09 (PDF) No
John S. PomeroyMassachusetts7/15/05 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year & 1 day7/15/05 (PDF) No
Navron PondsDistrict of Columbia9/15/09 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years9/15/09 (PDF) No
Robert E. PorgesNew York5/6/02 (PDF) Disbarred*5/6/02 (PDF) No
Antonio Porras, Jr.Oregon/California4/16/12 (PDF) Disbarred4/16/12 (PDF) No
Alisha Ann PortilloMaryland8/1/22 (PDF) Disbarred8/1/22 (PDF) No
Jorge PortugalSan Francisco, CA2/5/07 (PDF) Suspended - 180 days2/5/07 (PDF) No
Avrohom R. PoupkoMaryland10/7/16 (PDF) Disbarred10/7/16 (PDF) No
Fabian PowellMassachusetts11/10/14 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months & 1 day11/10/14 (PDF) No
Julie M. PradoNevada5/5/09 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/5/09 (PDF) No
Keith A. PrettymanNebraska3/25/15 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years3/25/15 (PDF) No
John E. PriceMissouri/Kansas6/1/06 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years6/1/06 (PDF) No
Sabrina PriceArizona/New Mexico7/23/14 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension7/23/14 (PDF) No
Timothy Allen PriceTennessee6/28/10 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years6/28/10 (PDF) No
Michael PrimontWashington7/7/11 (PDF) Disbarred*7/7/11 (PDF) No
Florian Damaso PurgananWashington4/4/22 (PDF) Disbarred4/26/22 (PDF) No
Jon E. PurizhanskyNew York4/6/07 (PDF) Disbarred*4/6/07 (PDF) No
Edwin QuarteyMaryland2/10/17 (PDF) Suspended – 6 months2/10/17 (PDF) No
Mark R. QuinnFlorida10/23/07 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/23/07 (PDF) No
Jose M. QuinonesLos Angeles, CA------------Suspended - 90 days9/16/05 (PDF) No
Johnny P. RagasaHawaii7/10/02 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years7/10/02 (PDF) No
Manjit Kaur RaiSan Francisco, CA7/27/09 (PDF) Disbarred*7/27/09 (PDF) No
Anthony E. RamosDistrict of Columbia/Florida12/6/04 (PDF) Disbarred*7/25/05 (PDF) No
Fernando J. RamosTennessee8/19/09 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years8/19/09 (PDF) No
Guillermo H. RamosDallas, TX6/1/16 (PDF) ------------
Jose Louis RamosLos Angeles, CA7/31/01 (PDF) Suspended - 42 months7/31/01 (PDF) No
Carolyn K. RankeOhio11/17/11 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension11/17/11 (PDF) No
Kenneth R. RastelloMichigan8/10/00 (PDF) Suspended - 180 days8/10/00 (PDF) No
John E. Reardon Sr.Colorado8/26/16 (PDF) Suspended – 2 years6/15/15 (PDF) No
Maritza RegaladoFlorida2/7/05 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years2/7/05 (PDF) No
James Carlisle ReganLos Angeles, CA1/30/06 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years1/30/06 (PDF) No
Carolyn ReinholdtSan Francisco, CA4/6/10 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years4/6/10 (PDF) No
Vana RenejusteFlorida5/24/18 (PDF) Disbarred5/24/18 (PDF) No
Arcadio J. ReyesDistrict of Columbia7/23/15 (PDF) Disbarred7/23/15 (PDF) No
Veronica ReyesColorado10/6/22 (PDF) Suspended10/6/22 (PDF) No
Antonio Reyes-VidalSan Antonio, TX1/27/10 (PDF) Disbarred*1/27/10 (PDF) No
John W. RheeLos Angeles, CA9/14/07 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months9/14/07 (PDF) No
Nancy I. RhodesAlabama10/4/16 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension10/4/17 (PDF) No
Frank William RicciFlorida/Indiana9/28/00 (PDF) Disbarred*9/28/00 (PDF) No
John T. RielyMaryland3/9/21 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension3/9/21 (PDF) No
Patricia L. RiosIndiana6/30/21 (PDF) Suspended - 30 days6/1/21 (PDF) No
Stephanie A. RitlandColorado8/18/14 (PDF) Suspended – 3 years8/18/14 (PDF) No
Victor Juan Rivera-NievesVirginia/ District of Columbia3/10/22 (PDF) Suspended – 3 years3/10/22 (PDF) No
David M. RobatonMaryland/West Virginia6/28/10 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/28/10 (PDF) No
Alfred Lincoln Robertson, Jr.Virginia8/10/21 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year and 1 day6/25/21 (PDF) No
Wayne Anthony RodneyPennsylvania10/7/02 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year and 1 day10/7/02 (PDF) No
Juan Jesus RodriguezMinnesota4/7/11 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension4/7/11 (PDF) No
Rolando Enrique RodriguezFlorida6/29/18 (PDF) Disbarred6/29/18 (PDF) No
Rosaura Del Carmen RodriguezWashington9/14/11 (PDF) Disbarred9/14/11 (PDF) No
Steven James RodriguezLos Angeles, CA10/25/07 (PDF) Disbarred*10/25/07 (PDF) No
William L. RogersFlorida11/1/13 (PDF) Suspended – 18 months11/1/13 (PDF) No
Erika Lynn RomanCalifornia2/19/22 (PDF) Suspended - 30 days2/19/22 (PDF) Yes - 4/06/22
Hector M. RomanNew York5/22/07 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months5/22/07 (PDF) No
Terry W. RomboughDallas, TX2/23/11 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years2/23/11 (PDF) No
Douglas RomeroColorado2/15/17 (PDF) Suspended – 5 months2/15/17 (PDF) No
Queta RomeroWashington10/13/21 (PDF) Suspendid - 30 days10/13/21 (PDF) No
Julio Ferrer RooFlorida7/25/12 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension7/25/12 (PDF) No
Michael-angelo RosarioFlorida------------Disbarred3/26/14 (PDF) No
James L. RosenbergLos Angeles, CA10/9/08 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year2/27/09 (PDF) No
Harley RosenthalFlorida10/30/06 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/30/06 (PDF) No
Scot D. RosenthalNew Jersey7/26/13 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year7/26/13 (PDF) No
David L. RossLos Angeles, CA8/18/14 (PDF) Suspended – 3 years8/18/14 (PDF) No
Leonardo A. RothFlorida1/26/11 (PDF) Disbarred1/26/11 (PDF) No
Kenneth L. RotheyHouston, TX4/11/06 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension4/11/06 (PDF) No
Leon Rountree, Jr.San Francisco, CA1/25/01 (PDF) Disbarred*1/25/01 (PDF) No
Joseph Raymond RoweFlorida10/16/07 (PDF) Disbarred*10/16/07 (PDF) No
Alicia Ellen RowedderVirginia4/20/22 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months4/20/22 (PDF) No
Neil H. RubinFlorida12/12/16 (PDF) Disbarred12/12/16 (PDF) No
Adam RuizFlorida9/30/19 (PDF) Suspendid - 91 days9/30/19 (PDF) No
Guy Darius RutherfordOhio3/1/18 (PDF) Disbarred10/4/18 (PDF) No
Jeffrey S. RyanColorado4/23/14 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months4/23/14 (PDF) No
Sylvia Anita RyanDistrict of Columbia9/15/00 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year9/15/00 (PDF) No
David S. SabghirNew York------------Suspended - 6 months9/24/97 (PDF) No
Rostyslav SaciukIllinois3/28/17 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year3/28/17 (PDF) No
Stephen SacksMaryland4/23/18 (PDF) Disbarred4/23/18 (PDF) No
Jonathan Saint-PreuxNew Jersey5/18/07 (PDF) Disbarred*5/18/07 (PDF) No
Antonio SalazarWashington5/27/10 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years5/27/10 (PDF) No
Roberto SalazarArizona5/13/14 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years5/13/14 (PDF) No
Libby D. SalbergNew York5/30/01 (PDF) Disbarred*5/30/01 (PDF) No
Luis SalgadoMaryland/District of Columbia12/11/18 (PDF) Suspended------------No
Owolabi M. SalisNew York12/21/22 (PDF) ------------
Patrick P. SalleyMichigan11/23/04 (PDF) Disbarred*11/23/04 (PDF) No
Richard A. SamadDistrict of Columbia11/29/12 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years11/29/12 (PDF) No
Steven E. SamsTennessee3/20/15 (PDF) Disbarred3/20/15 (PDF) No
Paige Elizabeth SamskyGeorgia9/15/00 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years9/15/00 (PDF) No
Giselle M. SamuelyNew York1/26/11 (PDF) Disbarred*1/26/11 (PDF) No
Ruben Daniel SanchezLos Angeles, CA2/24/17 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year2/24/17 (PDF) No
Garland Montgomery Jarrat SandersonMaryland10/10/19 (PDF) Disbarred*10/10/19 (PDF) No
Jesus C. SandovalNew Mexico3/28/05 (PDF) Disbarred*3/28/05 (PDF) No
Jose A. SandovalMichigan6/16/10 (PDF) Disbarred*6/16/10 (PDF) No
Patrick Joseph SandovalLos Angeles, California------------Suspended - 3 years6/6/12 (PDF) No
Alfred G. SantosHouston, TX11/4/04 (PDF) Suspended - 14 months11/4/04 (PDF) No
Rene W. SanzLos Angeles, CA11/13/13 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years11/13/13 (PDF) No
Samuel SarfoAustin, Texas2/10/17 (PDF) ------------
James S. SarpongColorado4/25/17 (PDF) Disbarred4/25/17 (PDF) No
Katie May SarreshtehArizona3/12/20 (PDF) Disbarred3/12/20 (PDF) No
Gloria D. SaucedoLos Angeles, CA (PDF) Disbarred3/27/17 (PDF) No
Mario Sausville-MaciasNew York1/24/12 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension1/24/12 (PDF) No
Debbie M. SchellIllinois6/25/20 (PDF) Suspendid - 30 days6/25/20 (PDF) No
Paul A. SchellyLos Angeles, CA10/30/08 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/30/08 (PDF) No
Mark W. ScherNew York6/2/09 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/2/09 (PDF) No
L. Tod SchlosserIllinois9/15/11 (PDF) Disbarred*9/15/11 (PDF) No
Hiam David SchmerinLos Angeles, CA10/12/01 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/8/02 (PDF) No
Timothy SchoenrockWashington9/15/11 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/15/11 (PDF) No
Jonathan Stephen SchwartzFlorida4/19/22 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years4/19/22 (PDF) No
Jeffrey A. SchwarzFlorida9/4/12 (PDF) Disbarred9/4/12 (PDF) No
Michelle ScopelliteArizona/Texas------------Disbarred4/1/19 (PDF) No
Musa Petty SebaddukaConnecticut6/23/20 (PDF) Suspended - 41 months6/23/20 (PDF) No
Andrew R. SebokVirginia3/8/01 (PDF) Suspended - 9 months3/8/01 (PDF) No
Rene SegundoTexas7/30/18 (PDF) Disbarred7/30/18 (PDF) No
Jagdip Singh SekhonSan Francisco, CA7/27/09 (PDF) Disbarred*7/27/09 (PDF) No
Jagprit Singh SekhonSan Francisco, CA7/27/09 (PDF) Disbarred*7/27/09 (PDF) No
Gnoleba Remy Seri aka Gnolebi SeriNew York12/21/16 (PDF) Disbarred12/21/16 (PDF) No
Louis A. SerioRhode Island8/20/03 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years8/20/03 (PDF) No
Cameron ShahabPennsylvania/Georgia3/28/18 (PDF) Disbarred3/28/18 (PDF) No
Shahryar S. ShahmardianColorado9/21/09 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year & 1 day9/21/09 (PDF)
Saladin Eric ShakirDistrict of Columbia/ Maryland8/11/09 (PDF) Suspended - 18 months8/11/09 (PDF) No
Vahid A. ShariatiDistrict of Columbia5/7/08 (PDF) Disbarred*5/7/08 (PDF) No
Rohit C. SharmaOklahoma8/1/12 (PDF) Disbarred8/1/12 (PDF) No
Kenneth R. SheehanNevada3/16/07 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years3/16/07 (PDF) No
Catherine M. SheltonDallas, TX1/21/04 (PDF) Suspended - 90 days1/21/04 (PDF) No
Kevin M. ShepherdMichigan2/11/09 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year2/11/09 (PDF) No
Joseph E. SheridanLos Angeles, CA9/9/04 (PDF) Disbarred*12/7/04 (PDF) No
Hee Jung Jenny ShinVirginia10/4/17 (PDF) Disbarred10/4/17 (PDF) No
Matthew Aaron ShirkFlorida10/5/22 (PDF) Suspended9/24/22 (PDF) No
Melissa Anne ShomberOklahoma2/25/10 (PDF) Disbarred*2/25/10 (PDF) No
Isaiah Frederick ShotkinNew York/Connecticut2/21/19 (PDF) Suspended2/21/19 (PDF) No
Uzair Mansoor SiddiquiVirginia12/9/08 (PDF) Disbarred*12/9/08 (PDF) No
Vlad SigalovOhio9/24/12 (PDF) Disbarred9/24/12 (PDF) No
Joseph A. Silva, Jr.El Paso, TX9/1/11 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years9/1/11 (PDF) No
Zoilo I. SilvaNew York11/29/06 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years11/29/06 (PDF) No
Nick A. SimonNebraska11/5/12 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension11/5/12 (PDF) No
Claude R. SimpsonNew York4/12/11 (PDF) Suspended - 7 years4/12/11 (PDF) No
Karen Lee SimsLos Angeles, CA6/2/09 (PDF) Disbarred*6/2/09 (PDF) No
Mitchell L. SingerNew York2/13/06 (PDF) Disbarred*2/13/06 (PDF) No
Peter SinghSan Francisco/Fresno, CA------------Suspended – 16 months & no telephonic appearances for 7 years1/13/15 (PDF) Yes - with conditions 1/18/18
Raj Sanjeet SinghMaryland8/30/19 (PDF) Suspended - 60 days8/30/19 (PDF) Yes - 09/15/22
Aquah Moira Singh-MeneghiniNew York------------Indefinite Suspension7/6/12 (PDF) No
Gary A. SiplinFlorida1/30/07 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension1/30/07 (PDF) No
Christopher Glen SkippColorado9/3/20 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year and 1 day9/3/20 (PDF) No
Lila SljivarMichigan10/29/19 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year10/29/19 (PDF) No
Jeanette Elizabeth SmithFlorida12/20/04 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year12/20/04 (PDF) No
Ulrich SmithNevada/California4/30/18 (PDF) Suspended – 90 days4/30/18 (PDF) No
Michael H. SneedTennessee4/17/09 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years4/17/09 (PDF) No
John Roger SnowNorth Carolina9/18/01 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years9/18/01 (PDF) No
Albert R. SnyderColorado1/17/18 (PDF) Suspended – 3 years7/10/18 (PDF) No
Jae H. SoWashington6/18/14 (PDF) Disbarred6/18/14 (PDF) No
Andre R. SobolevskyNew York9/1/11 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years9/1/11 (PDF) No
Margarita SolisOklahoma1/16/18 (PDF) Disbarred1/16/18 (PDF) No
Curtis L. SolomonDistrict of Columbia10/23/00 (PDF) Suspended - 30 days10/23/00 (PDF) No
Ernest A. SolomonMassachusetts9/22/14 (PDF) Suspended - 15 months9/22/14 (PDF) No
Lavi Sholem SolowayNew York, Los Angeles, CA10/21/21 (PDF) ------------
Alex M. SonsonHawaii2/11/05 (PDF) Suspended - 90 days2/11/05 (PDF) No
Barbara S. SoukupSan Francisco, CA3/19/14 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years3/19/14 (PDF) Yes - 8/2/21
Victor SparrowDistrict of Columbia------------Suspended - 10 years6/22/94 (PDF) No
Judith SpornConnecticut2/3/17 (PDF) Disbarred3/1/18 (PDF) No
Gary M. SprakerIndiana5/7/01 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years5/7/01 (PDF) No
Harte Peary StaffordVirginia11/6/12 (PDF) Disbarred11/6/12 (PDF) No
Daniel O. StammIllinois6/25/20 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year6/25/20 (PDF) No
Charles V. StebleySan Francisco, CA4/12/11 (PDF) Disbarred4/12/11 (PDF) No
Regina D. SteeleSan Diego, CA8/11/05 (PDF) Disbarred*8/11/05 (PDF) No
Gary J. SternIllinois10/24/17 (PDF) Disbarred10/24/17 (PDF) No
Albert M. SterwerfLos Angeles, CA6/3/14 (PDF) Disbarred6/3/14 (PDF) No
Carol S. SteverPennsylvania10/19/06 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years and 6 months10/19/06 (PDF) No
Scott T. StrackHawaii8/15/11 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year & 1 day8/15/11 (PDF) No
Martin S. StreitNew York10/4/12 (PDF) Suspended - 7 years10/4/12 (PDF) No
Arturo Suarez-SilverioNew York9/30/15 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year3/27/15 (PDF) No
Soon-Mee SuhNew Jersey9/21/16 (PDF) Disbarred9/21/16 (PDF) No
Leonard B.SukhermanNew York2/9/22 (PDF) Disbarred2/9/22 (PDF) No
Kimberly Ogden SuttonTennessee9/30/20 (PDF) Disbarred9/30/20 (PDF) No
Abdoulai A. SwarehDistrict of Columbia9/13/06 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/13/06 (PDF) No
Richard M. SwartzArizona3/30/22 (PDF) Disbarred3/30/22 (PDF) No
Herbert J. TanNew Jersey7/8/14 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year7/8/14 (PDF) No
Jing TanMaryland11/23/16 (PDF) Suspended – 60 days11/23/16 (PDF) No
Marshall D. TandyArizona/ Florida6/8/01 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years6/8/01 (PDF) No
Terence Taniform(NEW)Maryland1/17/23 (PDF) ------------
Eric TarankowLos Angeles, CA1/10/05 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years1/10/05 (PDF) No
Ihab TartirNew York11/13/08 (PDF) Disbarred*11/13/08 (PDF) No
Andrew Whitney TaylorCalifornia12/3/21 (PDF) ------------
Winston TaylorVirgin Islands3/11/14 (PDF) Disbarred3/11/14 (PDF) No
Cassidy Ann TeaterKentucky/Tennessee/Texas6/8/21 (PDF) Disbarred6/30/21 (PDF) No
Wayne K. TeebkenLos Angeles, CA5/15/12 (PDF) Suspended - 60 days5/15/12 (PDF) No
Philip H. TeplenNew York9/4/14 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/4/14 (PDF) No
Toan Q. ThaiLos Angeles, CA/ District of Columbia1/27/10 (PDF) Disbarred1/27/10 (PDF) No
Sherin ThawerDallas, Texas------------Disbarred11/20/13 (PDF) No
Donovan E. ThomasMaryland8/11/11 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension8/11/11 (PDF) No
Gayton J. Thomas, Jr.Maryland4/15/15 (PDF) Disbarred4/15/15 (PDF) No
Marilyn ThomassenCalifornia------------Indefinite Suspension10/17/19 (PDF) No
Marie Gilberte ThompsonFlorida12/14/07 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years12/14/07 (PDF) No
Raymond B. ThompsonDistrict of Columbia------------Indefinite Suspension1/19/94 (PDF) No
Susan E. TingweiMaryland/New York10/31/22 (PDF) ------------
Eric J. TinsleyFlorida5/5/11 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years5/5/11 (PDF) No
James Harvey TiplerTallahassee, Florida9/14/07 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/14/07 (PDF) No
Francisco S. TiptonHarlingen, TX1/17/18 (PDF) Disbarred1/17/18 (PDF) No
Jose Angel ToledoFlorida8/31/21 (PDF) Disbarred8/31/21 (PDF) No
Barbara W.M. TomaszweskiWashington3/1/05 (PDF) Disbarred*3/1/05 (PDF) No
Alison G. ToomeyMassachusetts6/26/19 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/26/19 (PDF) No
Mario Ruiz De La TorreFlorida2/19/09 (PDF) Suspended - 18 Months2/19/09 (PDF) No
Kevin O. TorreyArizona2/24/15 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years2/24/15 (PDF) No
Patricia A. ToyWashington3/28/22 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year3/28/22 (PDF) No
Hoang N. TranHouston, TX10/22/04 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/22/04 (PDF) No
Vinh Chi TrieuAustin/San Antonio, TX7/25/12 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension7/25/12 (PDF) No
William R. TroianiLos Angeles, CA3/19/14 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension3/19/14 (PDF) No
Jose Luis TrujilloUtah11/6/02 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years11/6/02 (PDF) No
Mac TruongNew York3/19/04 (PDF) Suspended - 7 years8/11/05 (PDF) No
Anna TsirlinaNew York12/16/14 (PDF) Disbarred12/16/14 (PDF) No
John TuLos Angeles, CA3/25/15 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months3/25/15 (PDF) No
Alexander W. TuckerSan Diego, CA11/13/13 (PDF) Suspended - 4 months11/13/13 (PDF) No
Oleh R. TustaniwskyNew York/California2/23/21 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years2/23/21 (PDF) No
Kissandra L. TysmanArizona4/15/15 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension4/15/15 (PDF) No
Toussaint T. TysonFlorida------------Suspended - 3 years9/17/10 (PDF) No
Patrick G. TzeutonDistrict of Columbia3/11/09 (PDF) Disbarred*3/11/09 (PDF) No
Andrew UcheomumuMaryland2/14/17 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension12/15/16 (PDF) No
Ignatius Chukuemeka UdeaniMinnesota9/3/20 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/3/20 (PDF) No
John UdoMassachusetts7/3/08 (PDF) Disbarred*7/3/08 (PDF) No
Lloyd F. UkwuDistrict of Columbia10/16/07 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/16/07 (PDF) No
David P. UlinMassachusetts5/30/01 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/30/01 (PDF) No
Vanthan R. UnMassachusetts2/13/15 (PDF) Disbarred2/13/15 (PDF) No
Guillermo D. UriarteVirginia6/24/22 (PDF) Suspended6/24/22 (PDF) No
Emeka M. UyamaduHouston, TX10/20/10 (PDF) Disbarred10/20/10 (PDF) No
Ernesto ValdesHouston, TX5/29/03 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years5/29/03 (PDF) No
James R. ValinotiLos Angeles, CA7/24/03 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years7/24/03 (PDF) No
Nathan VanderhoofvenColorado10/18/17 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year & 1 day10/18/17 (PDF) No
Matus VargaNew York10/19/22 (PDF) ------------
Rogelio VargasSan Antonio, TX12/15/15 (PDF) Disbarred12/15/15 (PDF) No
Jose William VegaHouston, TX4/6/16 (PDF) Disbarred4/6/16 (PDF) No
Juan Antonio VegaSan Antonio, TX9/24/12 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/24/12 (PDF) No
William P. VelaSan Francisco, CA9/1/05 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year9/1/05 (PDF) No
Manuel A. VelascoHouston, TX10/4/12 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years10/4/12 (PDF) No
Rafael A. VelasquezFlorida------------Disbarred*3/1/05 (PDF) No
George A. VerdinLos Angeles, CA/Hawaii12/4/00 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension12/4/00 (PDF) No
Donald P. VernonNew York10/21/21 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months9/6/21 (PDF) No
Victor C. VictorHouston, TX10/25/11 (PDF) Disbarred*10/25/11 (PDF) No
Ricardo VidalSan Diego, CA1/17/18 (PDF) Disbarred1/17/18 (PDF) No
Angel Arturo ViladegutMaryland4/19/21 (PDF) Disbarred5/27/21 (PDF) No
Alfred N. Villalobos, Jr.Los Angeles, CA11/1/11 (PDF) Disbarred*11/1/11 (PDF) No
Rufino J. VillarrealNebraska4/10/03 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years4/10/03 (PDF) No
Jessica Torres VinalsPuerto Rico5/11/11 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension5/11/11 (PDF) No
Robert N. VohraVirginia7/16/12 (PDF) Disbarred7/16/12 (PDF) No
Douglas P. WachholzDistrict of Columbia5/13/14 (PDF) Disbarred5/13/14 (PDF) No
Patrick WakeColorado3/3/21 (PDF) Suspension3/3/21 (PDF) No
Wells Ted WakefieldUtah/Texas11/3/14 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years11/3/14 (PDF) Yes – 10/29/20
Michael A. WalkerColorado5/22/06 (PDF) Suspended - 6 months4/11/07 (PDF) No
Sheldon Irwin WalkerNew York9/15/00 (PDF) Disbarred*9/15/00 (PDF) No
John WangNew York2/7/14 (PDF) Disbarred2/7/14 (PDF) No
Zhen Xiang WangFengai, China/Los Angeles, CA11/22/11 (PDF) Suspended - 90 days11/22/11 (PDF) No
Christina J. Wanies-GuirgisHouston, TX1/5/17 (PDF) Suspended – 2 years1/5/17 (PDF) No
Ida Katherine WarrenIndiana10/31/00 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension10/31/00 (PDF) No
Paul Granville Watson IVVirginia11/8/19 (PDF) Suspended – 2 years11/8/19 (PDF) No
James R. WattWashington9/26/12 (PDF) Disbarred9/26/12 (PDF) No
Sydney M. WeaverSan Antonio,TX8/8/16 (PDF) Disbarred8/31/17 (PDF) No
Mark L. WeberLos Angeles, CA7/9/04 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years7/9/04 (PDF) No
Carl M. Weideman, IIIMichigan2/12/08 (PDF) Suspended - 4 years2/12/08 (PDF) No
Frank X. WeinertIllinois10/9/08 (PDF) Disbarred*10/9/08 (PDF) No
L. Ari WeitzhandlerColorado7/20/04 (PDF) ------------
Johnny L. WelchSan Francisco, CA5/7/12 (PDF) Disbarred5/7/12 (PDF) No
David K. WengerMichigan10/6/15 (PDF) Disbarred10/6/15 (PDF) No
Walter WenkoLos Angeles, CA3/8/01 (PDF) Suspended - 5 years3/8/01 (PDF) No
James Eduard WhiteOregon1/11/06 (PDF) Disbarred*1/11/06 (PDF) No
Wesley Steven WhiteNorth Carolina, Nevada8/11/21 (PDF) Suspended – 2 years8/11/21 (PDF) No
Max Ricardo WhitneyFlorida3/19/14 (PDF) Suspended - 1 year3/19/14 (PDF) No
Jinhee Kim WildeDistrict of Columbia11/6/19 (PDF) ------------
Garrett J. WilkesArizona4/23/18 (PDF) ------------
Robert A. WilkinsonGeorgia9/18/01 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years9/18/01 (PDF) No
Gregory L. WilliamsDallas, TX3/26/14 (PDF) Suspended - 3 years3/26/14 (PDF) No
Michael J. WilliamsDallas, TX4/14/10 (PDF) Suspended - 3 months4/14/10 (PDF) No
Richard A. WilliamsConnecticut5/29/03 (PDF) Suspended - 4 years and 9 months5/29/03 (PDF) No
Richard Lamar WilliamsFlorida6/24/21 (PDF) Disbarred6/24/21 (PDF) No
Arthur G. WilliamsonNew Jersey12/12/00 (PDF) Disbarred*12/12/00 (PDF) No
Catherine S. WillmoreWashington11/7/16 (PDF) Suspended – 18 months11/7/16 (PDF) No
Stacey Dawn WilsonFlorida/New Jersey10/27/20 (PDF) Disbarred10/27/20 (PDF) No
Rex WingerterMaryland11/14/05 (PDF) Disbarred*11/14/05 (PDF) No
Shelly Flowers WinnHouston, TX12/7/10 (PDF) Disbarred*12/7/10 (PDF) No
Frank D. WinstonSan Francisco, CA8/19/03 (PDF) Suspended - 5 months8/19/03 (PDF) No
Barton Carl WinterMinnesota9/15/09 (PDF) Suspended - 120 days8/6/09 (PDF) No
Milton Gary WolfLos Angeles, CA7/19/06 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension7/19/06 (PDF) No
Stephen C. WoodruffNorthern Mariana Islands3/20/13 (PDF) Disbarred3/20/13 (PDF) Yes – 04/05/22
Maria K. WorobyMinnesota5/11/11 (PDF) Disbarred5/11/11 (PDF) No
Adam WrightNew York2/14/12 (PDF) Disbarred2/14/12 (PDF) No
William Wright, Jr.New Jersey12/7/01 (PDF) Disbarred*12/7/01 (PDF) No
Michael G. WymanSouth Carolina11/6/12 (PDF) Disbarred11/6/12 (PDF) No
Valerie L. YaegerMichigan3/8/01 (PDF) Suspended - 180 days3/8/01 (PDF) No
Freddy Yalkowsky aka Fred P. YalkowskyNew York9/2/15 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension9/2/15 (PDF) No
Reynaldo O. YanaNorthern Mariana Islands6/26/12 (PDF) Indefinite Suspension6/26/12 (PDF) No
Jennifer YangDistrict of Columbia7/1/20 (PDF) Disbarred4/14/21 (PDF) No
Charles Darrow YatesMaryland5/19/20 (PDF) Suspended - 60 days5/19/20 (PDF) Yes – 9/29/20
John Xander YiMaryland/Virginia9/29/20 (PDF) Disbarred9/29/20 (PDF) No
Hock Loon YongLos Angeles, CA8/6/14 (PDF) Disbarred8/6/14 (PDF) No
Bonnie M. YounGeorgia4/2/16 (PDF) Disbarred4/2/16 (PDF) No
Sean YoungUtah11/20/17 (PDF) Suspended – 3 years10/22/18 (PDF) No
Mengfei YuNew York1/22/15 (PDF) Disbarred1/22/15 (PDF) No
Ryan YuNew York5/9/19 (PDF) Disbarred5/9/19 (PDF) No
Eugenia Zacks-CarneyMichigan/California10/2/14 (PDF) Disbarred10/2/14 (PDF) No
Robert C. ZanickyPennsylvania3/19/15 (PDF) Suspended - 2 years3/19/15 (PDF) No
Runan ZhangDistrict of Columbia/Maryland9/30/14 (PDF) Disbarred9/30/14 (PDF) No
Youry Ziankovich aka Youras ZiankovichNew York/Colorado3/21/19 (PDF) Suspended - 3 months11/21/19 (PDF) No
Denise M. ZingaleSan Francisco, CA10/30/15 (PDF) Suspended – 1 year10/30/15 (PDF) No
James C. ZinmanVirginia9/7/17 (PDF) Disbarred7/25/18 (PDF) No
Richard P. ZipserMichigan3/16/05 (PDF) Suspended - 180 days3/16/05 (PDF) No
Saqib ZuberiLos Angeles, CA10/24/16 (PDF) Disbarred10/24/16 (PDF) No
Richard H. ZweigNew York6/16/14 (PDF) Disbarred6/16/14 (PDF) No


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Updated January 30, 2023

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