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Commutations granted by President Gerald Ford (1974 - 1977)

Date Name District
10/9/1974 Smith, William Clinton  E/Mo.
12/18/1974 Kogus, Albert  C/Cal.
12/18/1974 Kogus, Harry (AKA) Harry Rockwell  C/Cal.
12/18/1974 Anderson, Anita  E/Mo.
12/18/1974 Richardson, Sears Oscar N/Cal.
5/22/1975 McFarland, Richard Logan  Md.
8/23/1975 Rimbaud, Edouard Louis  S/N.Y.
8/23/1975 Menchaca-Perez, Conzalo Olaf  S/Tex.
12/23/1975 Brown, Rhozier, Theopelius, Jr.   D.C.
12/23/1975 Taylor, James W.  D.C.
12/23/1975 Dace, Edward Eugene  E/Mo.
12/23/1975 Schneider, Vernon Henry  E/Mo.
12/23/1975 Rodriquez-Mendez, Andres Alfonso  P.Rico
12/23/1975 Smith, Paul Leonard W/Mo.
12/23/1975 Rogers, Robert Lowell  W/Ok.
1/29/1976 Parker, Fred Douglas  E/Mo.
3/29/1976 Hasty, John Wesley  W/Tex.
6/17/1976 Huston, Donald Laverne  C/Cal.
1/19/1977 Hagelberger, Richard A.  Army
1/19/1977 Hurt, Isaac Jackson  Army
1/19/1977 Lee, John Thomas  Army
1/19/1977 Schick, Maurice  Army
1/19/1977 Vigneault, John Francis  Army
1/19/1977 Gravitt, Sherman Filmore  USAF
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