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Clemency case status is current as of July 2, 2024 at 11:35 AM

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The possible status dispositions of a clemency case are:

  • Pending – A clemency case has been opened and the petition is under review. The details about a specific case's review cannot be shared. How Clemency Works  
  • Granted – The President granted clemency.
  • Denied – The President denied clemency.
  • Administratively Closed – The Office of the Pardon Attorney closed the case without Presidential action due to the petitioner’s death, unresponsiveness, foreign residency, withdrawal of the petition, direct appeal, or if clemency cannot provide the relief sought.

If you search for a case but there is no match:

  1. You searched with the wrong name or case number.
  2. The person never applied.
  3. The petition has not yet been received.
  4. The petition has been received but a case number has not yet been assigned.
  5. The case database has not yet been updated.

Information is available for cases opened since 1989.