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Memo: Year 2000 Support



Office of the Attorney General
Washington, D.C. 20530

             March 26, 1998




SUBJECT:            Year 2000 Support to State, Local, Tribal, and Foreign Governements

    As we come closer to the Year 2000, we must continue to maintain our momentum in assuring that we are addressing all problems associated with the Year 2000 conversion. In my letter to you dated February 13, 1998, I raised concerns with you regarding the numerous tasks associated with assuring Year 2000 compliance. I encouraged you to conduct more frequent meetings with your senior management staff to assure that you remain current on any Year 2000 activities. I urged that during these meetings your staff share with you detailed updates on your organization's progress toward your component's overall goals and on any obstacles, constraints, or resource issues that might have an impact on achieving those overall goals.

    In establishing your organization's goals, I would like you to assure that efforts are being initiated by your organization to reach out domestically and internationally to your counterparts to increase awareness of the Year 2000 issue. I would like you to assist and cooperate with state, local and tribal governments as well as international law enforcement counterparts to address the Year 2000 problem. It is particularly important to pursue discussions where these governments depend on federal. information or information technology, or where the Federal Government is dependent on state, local, tribal or foreign governments to perform its critical missions. Our ability to maintain the electronic exchange of information with state, local, tribal, and foreign governments must not be lost on January 1, 2000.

    A lack of coordination with these organizations could impede the Department and the law enforcement community in accomplishing their Year 2000 goals. As a leader in the law enforcement community, the Department of Justice must be available to assist them in their Year 2000 conversion efforts.  Together, we will be able to achieve our overall goal: to share information in the Year 2000 and beyond without any disruption in service delivery to the public.

Updated March 8, 2017