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Working Groups

Social Problems Impacting Public SafetyLaw Enforcement Recruitment & TrainingRural and Tribal Law EnforcementPolice Officer HealthGrant ProgramsTechnologyRespect for Law EnforcementBusiness & Community DevelopmentReduction of CrimeCriminal Justice System Personnel Intersection | Juvenile Justice and Youth CrimeVictim ServicesData and ReportingRe-Entry Programs and InitiativesHomeland Security

Social Problems Impacting Public Safety

This group shall focus on how certain issues—mental illness, homelessness, and substance abuse—affect law enforcement.  The group should focus not on the social problems themselves, but how their prevalence affects law enforcement resources, capacity, and morale. In doing so, the group should assess how other government resources (e.g. education, business, and social services) can cooperatively tackle the social ills that contribute to crime.


Chief Mike Brown, Salt Lake City, UT

Brad Lemon, Kansas City, MO, Police Department

Christina Nolan, United States Attorney -VT

Sheriff Paul Penzone, Maricopa County, AZ


Chief Karl Jegeris, Rapid City, SD

Chief Will Johnson, Arlington, TX  Police Department

Chief Hank Stawinski, PG County, MD Police Department

Mayor Amy Bublak, Turlock, CA

Thomas Loving, Director, Warren County, KY Drug Task Force

Tim Shea, United States Attorney -DC

Mental Health


Sheriff Manny Gonzales, Bernalillo County, NM


John Milhiser, United States Attorney -C-IL

Sheriff Don Barnes, Orange County, CA

County Commissioner Mary Ann Borgeson, Douglas County, NE

Law Enforcement Recruitment & Training

This group shall focus on the issues affecting officer recruitment, retention, and training. The group should specifically evaluate how to improve and increase the enlistment, retention, and training of police officers across the country.


Chief Kristen Ziman, Aurora, IL PD

Shannon Baldwin, PG County PD


Chief Cynthia Renaud, Santa Monica, CA,  Police Department

Chief Billy Grogan, Dunwoody, GA,  Police Department

Russ Coleman, United States Attorney -W-KY

Colonel John Batiste, WA State Patrol

Erik Bourgerie,  Director, CO Peace Officer Standards and Training

Rural and Tribal Law Enforcement

This group shall focus on the major issues confronting rural and tribal law enforcement.


Sheriff William ‘Bill’ Brueggemann, Cass County, NE

Shannon Buhl, Cherokee Nation Marshal


Chief Bill Denke, Sycuan Tribal Police 

Robert Everett, Stark County, OH Sheriff's Office

Chief Dwight Henninger, Vail, CO,  Police Department

Sheriff Tyler Brown, Arapahoe County, CO

Bryan Lockerby, Administrator, MT Div. of Criminal Investigation

Kurt Alme, United States Attorney MT

Jason O’Neal, Acting Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs

Sheriff Kevin Thom, Pennington County, SD

Sheriff Tony Harbaugh, Custer County MT

Chief Michael Keller, Andover, KS Police Department

Police Officer Health

This group shall focus on the physical safety and mental health of law enforcement officers.


Commissioner William Gross, Boston, MA, Police Department

Corey Nooner, Oklahoma City Police Department


Chief Ernest N. Finley, Jr., Montgomery, AL, Police Department

Jeff Jenson, United States Attorney -E-MO

Chief Richard Biehl, Dayton, OH Police Department

Patrick Callahan, NJ State Police Department

Deputy Chief Chris Ciuci, Berlin, CT Police Department

Deputy Wesley McDuffie, Tarrant County TX, SO

Grant Programs

This group shall review the efficacy of federal grant programs in aiding state, local, and tribal law enforcement entities and constructively evaluate optimal use of federal funding for local law enforcement.


Chief Paul Williams, Springfield, MO, Police Department

Sheriff Andy Louderback, Jackson County, TX


Karhlton Moore, Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services

Chief Keith Kauffman, Redondo Beach, CA Police Department

Nicholas Trutanich, United States Attorney -NV

Chief Wayne Jerman, Cedar Rapids, IA Police Department

Chief Lou Dekmar, LaGrange, GA Police Department

Gerry Serrano, President, Santa Ana Police Officers Association


This group shall focus on how new, innovative, and developing technologies (e.g. encryption, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, unmanned air systems) affect law enforcement in terms of both challenges and opportunities.


Executive Assistant Director Darrin E. Jones, Science and Technology Branch, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Chief Thomas Ruocco, TX Department of Public Safety


Chief John Ortolano, Hobbs, NM,  Police Department

BJ Pak, United States Attorney -N-GA

Sheriff Al Cannon, Charleston County, SC

Chief Robert Tracy, Wilmington, DE Police Department

Chief Jimmy Perdue, North Richland Hills, TX  Police Department

Chief Richard Smith, Kansas City, MO Police Department

Respect for Law Enforcement

This group shall focus on the trend of diminished respect for law enforcement and the laws they enforce. The group should specifically evaluate how under-enforcement of the criminal law in certain jurisdictions affects:

  • Public safety;
  • Public perception of law enforcement and the laws they enforce;
  • Police resources and morale;
  • The rule of law.

The group shall also evaluate how to increase respect for law enforcement, how to improve community relations, and how a lack of respect for law enforcement impacts public safety and the rule of law.


Jonathan Blodgett, District Attonery, Essex County, MA

Rob Pride, Loveland, CO Police Department


Chief Douglas Shoemaker, Grand Junction, CO Police Department

Chief John Letteney, Apex, NC  Police Department

Sheriff Mike Bouchard, Oakland County, MI 

Erin Nealy Cox, United States Attorney -N-TX

Deputy Director Eric Brown, OH  Ohio High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Business & Community Development

This group shall assess the role and influence of commercial businesses and community development organizations in fostering efforts to cultivate prosperous and safe communities.


Chief Steve Anderson, Nashville, TN Police Department

President Rick Snyder, Indianapolis, IN Fraternal Order of Police


Chief Catrina Thompson, Winston Salem, NC,  Police Department

Chief Melissa Hyatt, Baltimore County, MD  Police Department  

Sheriff Dennis Lemma, Seminole County, FL

John Anderson, United States Attorney-NM

Reduction of Crime

This group shall examine and evaluate trends in crime and the current use of targeted deterrence approaches to reduce violent crime, new and developing methodologies, technologies, and approaches for combatting criminal activity, delinquency, and public disorder. This group shall also focus on the integration of education, employment, social services, and public health services into efforts to reduce crime and ease the burden on law enforcement, courts, and corrections systems.


Sheriff John Mina, Orange County, FL

Hillar Moore, District Attorney, East Baton Rouge, LA


Colonel Matt Packard, CO State Patrol

Deputy Randy Reave, Jacksonville, FL Police Department

Chief Justin Doll, Anchorage, AK  Anchorage Police Department

Sheriff John McMahon, San Bernardino, CA

Director Bob Schurmeier, NC Federal Bureau of Investigation

John Lausch,  United States Attorney -N-IL

Director Anthony Ambrose, Newark, NJ Police Department

Criminal Justice System Personnel Intersection

This group shall examine how police, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and correctional authorities intersect so that the system of criminal justice can enhance its ability to prevent and control crime and serve the victims of crime.


Jay Town, United States Attorney -N AL

Judge William O'Brien, Cook County, IL Circuit Court


Bo Burk, Public Defender, Memphis, TN

John Choi,  District Attorney, Ramsey County, MN

Joe Gamaldi, Houston  Police Department

Brian Moran, VA Secretary of Public Safety

Deputy Commissioner Brian Redd, Utah Department of Public Safety

Sheriff Kevin Schneider, Polk County, IA

Juvenile Justice and Youth Crime 

This group shall focus on juvenile and youth delinquency, which includes examining the causes of youth violence (e.g. family, socioeconomic factors, education) and law enforcement’s role as the initial point of contact with the criminal justice system.


Chief William Blair Anderson, St. Cloud, MN, Police Department

Stefanie Salavantis, District Attorney, Luzerne County, PA


Gregory Stuber, Legislative Vice President, Sacramento County Probation

Mayor Pro Tem Juan Villegas, Santa Ana, CA

Judge Tim Irwin, Knox County, TN

Tim Shea, United States Attorney -DC

Chris Bryant, Hoover, AL Police Department

Sheriff Scott Mascher, Yavapai County, AZ

Juvenile Chief Anthony V. Pierro, Ocean County, NJ Prosecutor’s Office

Victim Services

This group shall examine cross-system programs on the federal, state, and local level that leverage criminal justice system professionals to better address the needs of victims of crime (e.g. human trafficking, hate crimes, working with trauma, elderly victims of crime, homeless, youth, victims with limited English proficiency).


Bob Troester, First Assistant US Attorney, United States Attorney-OK


Chief David Porter, Dewitt, IA Police Department

Kirsten Pabst, District Attorney, Missoula County, MT

Darrell Basco, Pineville, LA  Police Department

Chief Ken Walker, West University Place, TX  Police Department

Paul Jagosh, Boise, ID Police Department

Don Cochran,  United States Attorney -M-TN

Data and Reporting

This group shall review current data being collected by the federal government as it relates to crime, the criminal justice system and law enforcement (e.g. National Incident-Based Reporting System, Use of Force, Hate Crimes, Uniform Crime Reporting) and evaluate the methodologies on how that data is being collected and how it is being used, and identify any gaps in needed data that is not being collected of relevance to the well-being of law enforcement and crime prevention methods.


Chief William Brooks, Norwood, MA, Police Department


Assistant Chief Kevin Hall, Tucson, AZ  Police Department

Chief James Craig, Detroit, MI,  Police Department

Christian Dorton, Houston, TX  Police Department

Scott Brady- United States Attorney -W-PA

Chief Sean Duggan, Chandler, AZ  Police Department

Chief Trudy Ford, Criminal Justice Information Services Section, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Re-Entry Programs and Initiatives

This group shall focus on how prisoner programming and post-custodial rehabilitation initiatives can reduce recidivism and improve the quality of life for criminal offenders and their communities.


Sheriff Peter Koutoujian, Middlesex County, MA


Sheriff Vernon Stanforth, Fayette County, OH

Mark Dupree, District Attorney, Wyandotte County, KS

Daniel Junior, Director, Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation

Matt Schneider, United States Attorney E-MI

Tim Shea, United States Attorney -DC

Homeland Security

This group shall study how law enforcement should address evolving threats to national security in the sphere of domestic and international terrorism.


Sheriff Mike Chapman, Loudon County, VA

AD Jill Sanborn, CT Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation


Ray Villanueva, SAC, Homeland Security Investigations

Sheriff Ted Jackson, Fulton County, GA

Rich Donohue, United States Attorney-E-NY

Sheriff Leon Wilmot, Yuma County, AZ


Updated February 24, 2022