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Overview of Department Law Enforcement Resources for Responding to Critical Domestic Incidents

When a critical domestic incident occurs, the United States Department of Justice stands ready to assist state, local, and tribal law enforcement partners with specialized investigative tools, subject matter experts, laboratory analysis, and other resources to identify the perpetrator and develop evidence to support prosecution. The Department can also support the immediate law enforcement response with additional personnel, tactical teams, vehicles, and other resources. Further, under appropriate circumstances, the Attorney General can authorize Department law enforcement agencies with specialized investigative purview or missions to enforce federal criminal law. Following an incident, the Department can assist the recovery through victims’ services and grant programs. Below is an overview of the Department’s law enforcement resources to support the immediate response to, investigation of, and recovery from critical incidents occurring within the United States. This overview is intended to serve as a guide, not an exhaustive catalog of resources. For additional information about these and other resources, please contact the local office of the relevant law enforcement agency.

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Federal Bureau of Prisons
Investigative and Intelligence Resources
  • Sacramento Intelligence Unit (SIU): The SIU is a BOP-sponsored, multi-agency intelligence unit that provides investigative, operational, and gang intelligence products related to security threat groups to other federal, state, and local law enforcement and correctional agencies.
  • Investigative Tools: The BOP has investigative tools to monitor, track, and deter inmates from continuing criminal activities while incarcerated by aggregating intelligence on inmates, including external communications, link analysis to other inmates, and gang affiliations.
Other Resources
  • Physical Assets: BOP has mobile bunk houses, mobile kitchens, mobile command vehicles, mobile showers, generators, tankers, transport buses, and a multitude of other equipment and resources maintained at all 122 BOP institutions nationwide.