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Waco Special Counsel's FY 2000 Budget - Attachments

Office of Special Counsel Danforth Budget Backup Assumptions

Personnel Expenses

Attorneys: Currently, the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) plans to employ 17 attorneys (including Special Counsel John C. Danforth) in two locations: (l) St. Louis, MO and (2) Washington, DC. Some attorneys will be appointed as Special Assistant United States Attorneys (SAUSAs); others will be Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs) detailed to OSC on a reimbursable basis. Of the total, currently we are aware that 4 of the attorneys will be AUSAs (reimbursable).

Support Staff: OSC has plans to employ 18 support staff members (including paralegals). The St. Louis office will include 14 support staff positions, with 6 being contract employees. At this time, 4 support staff (including 1 contract position) are planned for the DC Office.

Investigators: OSC wil1 have 17 Postal Inspectors provided for the full year by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) on a non-reimbursable basis. A reimbursable agreement with the Postal Service will cover the cost of travel, and miscellaneous administrative expenses. This agreement will not include salaries or benefits for the Postal Inspectors. There will be 11 inspectors in the St. Louis Office, 3 inspectors in the DC Office, and 3 inspectors in Waco, TX. We anticipate that all of these will be detailed full-time to the OSC for the full year. In addition, the OSC will have another 15 inspectors in St Louis for a period of approximately 6 months. The OSC will have 1 non-criminal investigator and 1 DEA agent (provided on a reimbursable basis) in St. Louis.

Compliance Officers: OSC will have 1 compliance officer in the DC Office.

Office of Special Counsel Personnel
  St. Louis, Mo Washington, DC Waco, TX Total
Attorneys 13 4 0 17
Postal (Full-time) 11 3 3 17
Postal (Part-time) 15 0 0 15
Non-Postal 2 2 0 2
Support Staff (Including Temps) 14 3 0 17
Compliance Officer 0 1 0 1

Total 55 11 3 69

• All attorneys will be on the "payroll" of the U.S. Attorneys Office in St. Louis for administrative purposes. However, all costs will be reimbursed by the Independent Counsel (IC) appropriation. All support staff members, other than those detailed from USAOs, will be charged directly against the IC appropriation (as opposed to being on the 'payroll' of USAOs and having the IC appropriation reimburse those offices). Contract staff will also be charged directly against the IC appropriation

• Most government employees, with the exception of those on detail to OSC from other agencies, i.e., USAOs, will be hired on temporary appointments of less than one year. Consequently, OSC will not have to fund the cost of benefits, i.e., retirement contributions, health insurance, for most employees. Only the government's share of Social Security and Medicare taxes will be paid. All government employees will accrue annual leave and sick leave.

• It is anticipated that some cash awards will be paid to some support staff members. Presently, $10,000 is estimated.

• The OSC will pay overtime to support staff members, as appropriate. Ten percent of support staff salaries was used for our current estimates,

Non-Personnel Expenses

• Travel: The funding estimate for travel includes trips to St. Louis for witnesses, flights from St. Louis to Waco for staff, flights from DC to St. Louis for staff, and travel and extended temporary duty travel (TDY) for investigators. It is assumed that most travel will be accomplished on a same-day round-trip basis; so the estimates do not include costs such as hotel accommodations and full per diem

• Rents: The OSC will have an office in St. Louis (17,124 sq. ft.), Washington, DC (5,000 sq. ft.), and Waco. The office space in Waco is being provided by the U.S. Postal Service on a non-reimbursable basis. Rent (excluding parking) will cost approximately $560,000 for FY 2000.

• General Administrative Expenses;

Litigation Support: The OSC estimates that it will require contract automated litigation support (ALS) services amounting to approximately $1,223,000 for an estimated 1.5 million pages.

Furniture, Parking, Alterations, Overtime Utilities for Office Space, Telecommunications: The OSC will be charged for the cost of operating its office space. We currently have estimates for the Washington, DC and St. Louis Offices; and have made a rough estimate of these charges for the Waco Office. We assume that the OSC will only be responsible for furniture and other special equipment needed in Waco, i.e., telephones.

Overhead Charges to Law Firm: The OSC will pay "overhead" charges for two attorneys who will perform services for OSC from their respective law firms. In order to compensate the firms for the use of their facilities, OSC will pay Larry Hale's firm $47,000 and Stuart Levey's firm approximately $10,000 for overhead.

Office Automation: The OSC will operate a closed JCON (Justice Consolidated Office Network) platform. The OSC will have a few PCs that can connect outside via modems. We have included an estimate of $50,000 per quarter for operation and maintenance costs for OSC's office automation.

Postage: We currently have obligations on the books for approximately $5,000 to fund the cost of FedEx, Postage, and a courier service. We estimate future usage to be approx. $200 per month

Consultants/Experts: It is estimated that the OSC will require the services of consultants and/or experts, i.e., forensic specialists, etc. At this time, we estimate 7 experts at a cost of $100,000 per expert.

Equipment: The OSC will require copy machines for "quick copying," a high-speed copy machine, 14 automobiles, fax machines, pagers, cell phones, secure phones, safes, security equipment including X-Ray machines and magnetometers, etc. Most of the large equipment requirements will be leased. The mix of equipment purchases needed by the OSC may change as the nature of its requirements change.



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