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Waco Special Counsel's FY 2000 Budget - Attachments

Office of Special Counsel Danforth (Waco Investigation) Independent Counsel (Permanent Indefinite Appropriation) Summary of Requirements (Dollars in Thousands)



  1999 2000
Estimates by budget activity Actual Estimate
Special Counsel $1,063 $9,704(1)

The investigation by the Office of Special Counsel ("OSC") will cover events occurring over a period in excess of six years (January 1993 to September 1999 and possibly beyond). The investigation will Include interviewing and preparing interview reports for up to 1,000 persons who have personal knowledge of events relative to the Waco matter. The OSC will interview Branch Davidians, as well as present and former employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Department of Defense, the Texas Rangers, the Department of Justice in Washington, the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Texas, and the Texas and Alabama National Guard, among others. The OSC currently anticipates reviewing approximately 1.5 million pages of documentary evidence, all of which the OSC will scan into a computer system that will allow attorneys and investigators rapid search and analysis capability. The OSC will examine all physical evidence, including thousands of pounds of uncatalogued physical evidence located in large repositories in Waco. The OSC will review and analyze hundreds of hours of audio, video, and Forward Looking Infrared ("FLIR") tapes and other evidence with the assistance of qualified experts in the areas of FLIR interpretation, audio and video image enhancement and authentication, explosives, ballistics, pathology, toxicology, and fire. To accomplish these tasks in an accurate and expeditious manner, the OSC will employ a total of 69 persons, including 17 lawyers, 19 full time inspectors, 15 part time inspectors, two paralegals, and 16 support persons. These people will be located In St. Louis, Washington D.C. and Waco.

1. The budget does not include costs for grand jury proceedings should they be required.

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Updated March 3, 2017