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Budget Authority and Positions, 2003-2013


Department of Justice
Total Discretionary Budget Authority and Authorized Positions, FY 2003 - FY 2013
Total Budget Authority Authorized Positions
Includes transfers to the Department of Homeland Security and from the Department of Treasury (2003 and 2004). Budget Authority includes only discretionary funding. Also excluded are rescissions associated with the Crime Victims Fund, and the Assets Forfeiture Fund.


2013 Discretionary Budget Authority by Organization
Discretionary Budget Authority: $ 26.7 billion

Discretionary Budget Authority
Scorekeeping credits totaling $8.8 billion are excluded in this pie chart.
"Other DOJ" includes: General Administration, National Drug Intelligence Center, Justice Information Sharing Technology, Law Enforcement Wireless Communication, U.S. Parole Commission, Office of the Inspector General, Working Capital Fund, National Security Division, Antitrust (net), U.S. Trustees (net), Community Relations Service, Interagency Crime and Drug Enforcement, Assets Forfeiture Fund, and Foreign Claims Settlement Commission.
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