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Report to the Deputy Attorney General on the Events at Waco, Texas: Appendix H. Intelligence on Sanitary Conditions Inside Compound

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Report to the Deputy Attorney General on the Events at Waco, Texas
February 28 to April 19, 1993

Appendix H. Intelligence on Sanitary Conditions Inside Compound


AS OF 4/17/93


4/17/93   LOUIS ANTHONY ALANIZ, left compound 4/17/93, advised that he- relieved himself in a bucket. Buckets of rain water were used to wash clothes.
3/21/93   JAMES LOUIS LAWTER (released from compound) advised bodies from inside the compound were moved to an underground area near the tunnels and bus. The bodies were buried in that area. The human waste from inside the compound was buried in the same area. LAWTER also advised that the bodies were buried in the dirt at the end of the building and that there was no odor from the corpses. The compound has no plumbing, insofar as toilets were concerned. Buckets were used for elimination purposes.
3/20/93   Analysis by SSA JOE BROSS, FBI, reflected that persons released from compound were in need of bathing.
3/15/93   BLANK
3/13/93   MARK SPOON, neighbor of Compound, advised that there are no toilets in the compound, so occupants use buckets in their rooms to collect human waste. There was a septic tank on the property, but it is no longer used.
3/10/93   SAMUEL HENRY has family members in compound and advised that when visiting the compound he was shocked to learn that there were no toilet facilities in the compound. He knew that they had to use buckets and dispose of the waste outside.
3/8/93   DONALD E. BUNDS, electronics technician at the Compound, advised that the compound has no underground utilities, sewers or drains. There are no inside restroom facilities or showers. men are required to use a outhouse and the women use plastic buckets, which are dumped on a regular basis.
3/7/93   JAUNESSA MARIE WENDEL, child released from compound, advised that there is a room on the second floor where individuals go to the bathroom. A wall dividing the room separates the males from the females. individuals use the bathroom in buckets which are normally emptied outside; however, now they just get more buckets. Odors are beginning to accumulate, but they have Lysol spray.

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