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United States v. William M. Apostelos and Connie M. Apostelos


William M. Apostelos and Connie M. Apostelos, along with others, purported to manage multiple investment/asset management companies within the Dayton, Ohio metropolitan area. Hundreds of individuals were fraudulently induced to collectively invest $70 million.  Investors were falsely informed their funds would acquire stocks or securities such as through Ameritrade Stock Accounts, Land Deals, Short Term Bridge/Money Loans, Precious Metal Purchases, 401K Management, and/or to charter a bank.  W.M. Apostelos purported to hold a mathematics degree from Wright State University and a license to sell securities.  Investor funds were used to operate Coleman Capital and Silver Bridle - both owned by C.M. Apostelos, to supplement their household expenses and to further the ‘Ponzi’ scheme.  Investors lost collectively over $30 million.

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Updated June 2, 2016