U.S. v. Oladimeji Seun Ayelotan, et al. (AKA Scams R Us)


Operation Scams-R-Us involves a transnational organized crime enterprise operating numerous financial fraud schemes via the internet. This case involves mass marketing fraud over job and dating websites, including romance scams, re-shipping of merchandise purchased with stolen credit cards, using fraudulent U.S. postal and other carrier labels, counterfeit and fraudulent check scams, work-at-home and secret shopper scams. Victims believed they were conducting legitimate work such as at-home payroll services or remailing of electronic items for charities to South Africa and Nigeria. Victims were asked to withdraw money at ATMs using prepaid cards and forward money to others via MoneyGram and Western Union. U.S. citizens identities, personal information, bank and financial information were stolen and used to obtain credit cards that were used to take cash advances and purchase mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Scams R Us
USAO - Mississippi, Southern
Updated June 2, 2016