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Learning Agenda

Priority Questions Related to Strategic Goal 4: Ensure Economic Opportunity and Fairness for All

To help ensure an economy that works for everyone, the Department will prioritize robust antitrust enforcement; deterring, detecting, and prosecuting corporate crime; and combating public corruption.

We prioritize three questions in this area.  The first calls for a scientific approach to understanding the impact of cryptocurrency on bankruptcy proceedings.  The second involves investigating the potential to more effectively combat corruption of federal, state, and local government by making greater use of data from disparate sources.  The third is designed to optimize the Department’s own prosecution of financial crime.

Priority Questions:

  • How is a growing domestic and international cryptocurrency market impacting bankruptcy proceedings now, and how will it do so in the future?
  • What would be the impacts, benefits, and costs of combining the Department’s multiple datasets related to identifying public corruption?
  • How can filter reviews of prosecutions of complex, white-collar matters be optimized while following best practices and DOJ guidance and making efficient use of limited prosecutorial resources?