Federal Bureau of Investigation Organization Chart

  • Director
    • Chief of Staff
  • Deputy Director
    • SACs
    • Office of Public Affairs
    • Office of Congressional Affairs
    • Office of the General Counsel
    • Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
    • Office of Professional Responsibility
    • Office of the Ombudsman
    • Office of Integrity and Compliance
    • Executive Assistant Director for Intelligence Branch
      • Directorate of Intelligence
      • Office of Partner Engagement
    • Executive Assistant Director for National Security Branch
    • Associate Executive Assistant Director for National Security Branch
      • Counterterrorism Division
      • Counterintelligence Division
      • Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate
    • Executive Assistant Director for Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch
      • Criminal Investigative Division
      • Cyber Division
      • Critical Incident Response Group
      • International Operations Division
    • Executive Assistant Director for Science and Technology Branch
      • Operational Technology Division
      • Laboratory Division
      • Criminal Justice Information Services Division
    • Associate Deputy Director
      • Executive Assistant Director For Information and Technology Branch
        • IT Customer Relationship and Management Division
        • IT Applications and Data Division
        • IT Infrastructure Division
      • Executive Assistant Director for Human Resources Branch
        • Training Division
        • Human Resources Division
        • Security Division
      • Facilities and Logistics Services Division
      • Finance Division
      • Inspection Division
      • Records Management Division
      • Resource Planning Office

Approved by Eric H. Holder Jr., Attorney General
July 14, 2014

Updated September 29, 2014

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