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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Selects Northern District of Illinois to Receive Three New Assistant U.S. Attorney Positions to Combat Violent Crime

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, Northern District of Illinois

CHICAGO — Attorney General Jeff Sessions has selected the Northern District of Illinois to receive additional resources for the fight against violent crime.  The Northern District of Illinois will receive three additional Assistant U.S. Attorney positions to focus exclusively on violent crime.  Nationally, 40 new federal prosecutors will be assigned to 27 districts throughout the United States.


“Led by our 94 United States Attorney’s Offices, Project Safe Neighborhoods task forces are hitting the streets across America to apprehend and bring violent criminals to justice,” said Attorney General Sessions.  “I have asked Congress for additional PSN funding because I believe nothing will be more effective at reducing violent crime.  Under this program, I am asking a great deal of our United States Attorneys.  I am both empowering them and holding them accountable for results.  To put them in the best position to impact and reduce violent crime, it is my privilege to announce that through a re-allocation of resources, we will be enlisting and deploying 40 additional violent crime prosecutors across the United States."


“We welcome the additional resources,” said John R. Lausch, Jr., United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.  “Our Assistant U.S. Attorneys work tirelessly to prosecute violent offenders and reduce violent crime in Chicago and throughout northern Illinois, and these new positions will strengthen those efforts."


Under the Attorney General’s re-allocation, the Northern District of Illinois and the District of Maryland received the highest number of new Assistant U.S. Attorney positions.


New AUSA Positions by District

Northern District of Alabama - 1
Eastern District of Arkansas - 1
Northern District of California - 2
Southern District of California - 1
District of Connecticut - 1
District of Columbia - 1
Central District of Illinois - 1
Northern District of Illinois - 3
Southern District of Indiana - 1
Eastern District of Louisiana - 1
District of Maryland - 3
Western District of Michigan - 1
Eastern District of Missouri - 2
Western District of Missouri - 1
District of Nevada - 2
District of New Mexico - 1
Eastern District of New York - 2
Western District of New York - 1
Northern District of Ohio - 2
Eastern District of Pennsylvania - 1
Middle District of Tennessee - 2
Western District of Tennessee - 2
Eastern District of Texas - 1
Northern District of Texas - 1

Updated January 3, 2018

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