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Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee

The LECC (Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee) was established on July 21, 1981 in all 94 U.S. Attorney's Offices by order of the US Attorney General. LECC provides a networking focus for law enforcement executives committed to the ideal of cooperation and coordination at all levels of local, state and federal law enforcement. In addition, the LECC has undertaken activities and initiatives to promote crime reduction awareness and prevention programs.

Facilitation of communications is supported through committees and joint operations. The informal contacts made on these occasions substantially contribute to subsequent problem solving. State and municipal law enforcement officers are brought together with federal enforcement agents, regulators and prosecutors. This approach to problem solving has resulted in a number of task force operations directed at myriad violations of federal statutes ranging from narcotics to white collar crime.

In addition, the LECC sponsors or co-sponsors no or low-cost training seminars addressing various subjects pertinent to law enforcement officials. These seminars are made available to all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Topics include asset forfeiture and equitable sharing, interview and interrogation, clandestine laboratories, hate crimes, and many other contemporary issues.

The LECC of the District of Puerto Rico has provided a forum for the open exchange of ideas and information among agency members and will continue to lend support to facilitating cooperative and joint law enforcement operations.

The Department of Justice has supported the initial commitment of the LECC concept by continually upgrading the program, anticipating that the LECC initiative will become a permanent cornerstone of joint federal, state and local law enforcement efforts.

Questions or comments concerning LECC may be addressed to:
Lymarie V. Llovet-Ayala
U.S. Attorney's Office
Torre Chardon, Suite 1201
350 Carlos Chardon Street
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918
Tel. (787) 766-5656 ; 1-877‐872‐5656


Updated April 22, 2015